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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Blazer Drive 24

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on May 17, 2010 09:03 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 24

I'm not continuing with chapter 25 till I'm done with one chapter of BK, one chapter of FLAGS, one chapter of God Eater and one chapter of Basara at least. Hope that's OK, since there is no raw for the chapter except for RP's watermarked raw anyway, I assume. Not to mention, because of the political problem in my country, I can't go to get my June issue of Rival yet. >_<" Got them...

Please credit Galooza for proofreading.

Blazer Drive
24th BLAZE "The Fomenting"

Pg. 1
A depressing tune
Is being played.

Pg. 2
Sumiya - How do you feel, Kaine?
At least this is brighter than the cell, no?
Kaine - Ugh.

You brought me here again... so you're gonna use my body this time?
This isn't funny. Free me already.

Sumiya - I wouldn't wanna work my OT with you, either.
All because you'll just do whatever you want.
But we have to right now.

Kaine...you are to unravel the secret behind Daichi-kun.
He's important to us.
Mind where you're standing.

Pg. 3
This time, I'll experiment by activating my Enku and the Blue Shouko simultaneously.
Combined with the machine, you'll be forced into Blazer Drive mode.

Kaine - I'm not your guinea pig...
Get me outta here...

Sumiya - I've also placed your Jimmy on your body to help neutralize it.
When it looks like your body can't take anymore, I'll stop it immediately.

Kaine – GYAAAAA!

Pg. 4
[Help me!!]


[I'm alone, all alone!!!]

[What's this? Why do I see myself!?]


Pg. 5
[!! Who's that!?]
[That's not my sister!!]

[The Quilin's picture book...!?]

Pg. 6

Pg. 7
Sumiya - This is marvelous.
Just look at the atmosphere.

The flow of time is beginning to distort, as well.

Kaine - What's this...?
Don't look at my insides!

I'll...I'll see...

I'll see...the inside of your head~~


Pg. 8
Haha, I can see all your internals. I can see them.
With that good "badump badump" sound.

Sumiya - So it seems you've cleared both Enku and Shouko at once,

Pg. 9
??? - [Hide-n'-go-seek.]

Ginga - If you manage to hide from me in here, I'll give you 500 yen.
Daichi – For real? Deal!

Pg. 10
Makiura - Daichi's inside this sewer, correct?
If you value your life, then move,
Ginga - Li...Like I would!!

Makiura - You're just as foolish as your parents, I see.
What could a weak kid like you ever do?

Ginga - Makiura,
So the one who killed our parents is...!!

Makiura - Oho, hold on there. That was just an accident.
I also lost my own teacher, Professor Yan.

Those Mystickers the professor gave birth to spread throughout the world.
Solving the mystery behind it is my job as an assistant.
You should understand this, as your parents often took you to the lab.

Pg. 11
After that, the world relies on Mystickers, the eco-energy, as a power source.
Albert, who was also a fellow researcher, then founded the “Next Company”,
And will probably take over the world in no time.

However, I'll cover the globe with "another method".
And for that, I'll need Daichi.
You do understand, don't you...Ginga...?

If your parents are still alive,
I'm sure they'd say the same thing.

Ginga - Yeah...I understand...
Makiura - Very good.

Pg. 12
As you really lack persuasive power
When talking with a child.
[I kept telling Daichi we're playing hide-n'-go-seek.]
[It might not be much, but for now, I'll have to buy some time.]

Makiura - I shall change your heart...
via another method, then.

Ginga - You put Mysticker on your own body?

Pg. 13
Makiura - Guh.

I can draw out its power now. Hey...take me to Daichi this instant.
This place reeks.
Ginga - Ugh...
It's your mouth...that smells...

Makiura – Haah.

Pg. 14
Then how 'bout you...

Check it again!!!

Ginga - This seriously hurts.

I can't protect Daichi.
I don't wanna die. Someone, help!!

Pg. 15

[Who's that...?]

Pg. 16
Makiura - So you're fully awake now.

With this, Plan 2 is complete. Just a little more...


Pg. 17
Just a little more...a little more...

Sumiya - Quilin-sama.

I have good news.

Pg. 18
Gen – Seriously, what a waste,
given his hacking skills.
Melon - The one who deemed Godhand like you'd
Also let your skill go to waste, no?

Gen - Ugh.

Kyuuri, you better join the Guardians.
You can't just let your awesome skill go to waste!!
Sorry for poking fun at you.
Kyuri - It's Kyu-ri.
I acknowledge your apology, but you turned on my anger switch just now.

Sorry though, no one can bind my wings of freedom as a NEET.

I hardly care about the Guardians, myself.
Just call me if you've got more fun games.
Gen - He-Hey!

Pg. 19
Kyuri - Ah,
I forgot. One more thing...
Gen – Are you having second thoughts!?

Kyuri - I entered hard-coming information
I got while reversing their line in the folder on your desktop.

Melon - Hard-coming...

Kyuri - The location of Quilin Realm's base.

Well then, I'm off to rescue my Megu-chan with the money you gave me.
See ya.

Pg. 20
Gen - Ugh~ The more I think about it, the more wasteful I find it.
Melon - Don't worry, he'll be back.
He's bound to come back once he's out of money.

Tekojii - And I'll let Kyuri borrow my glasses anytime-ime-ime.
This battle had me excited after I reported to Granny-y-y.

Gen - Geez...and Daichi and Misora left for a mission straightway.

Well, just picking up Kuroki shouldn't be too hard for them.

Pg. 21
Tetsuji - Big Bro Tetsuo, look. My leg went in and got stuck.
Tetsuo - Did you get even bigger, Tetsuji?
You can't just jump on the car, like I do.

Tetsuji - E~~h, but I wanna be just like you.
Tetsuo - Tetsuji, you're such~

Tetsuji - Let's blaze out, big bro.
Tetsuo - Right, Tetsuji.

Pg. 22
Daichi - Why'd we have to run into this?
The taiyaki we just bought are all squished.
Misora - Their coordination is so good.

What should we do?
Daichi - We'll have to work together, then.

Tetsuji - Big bro, are those the bad guys?
Tetsuo - You bet. They're Kuroki's friends, after all.
And they're trying to split us up.

Tetsuji – I can't forgive'em, then.
Tetsuo - Our bond is the strongest of all, even stronger than our bodies.

We'll attack after I wipe away my tears.

Hardening checked.

Pg. 23
You do as your brother says, alright?
Tetsuji - Yup.

Pg. 24
Daichi - Are you alright, Misora?
Misora - Yeah, I barely made it.

Tetsuji - I'm coming too, big bro.

Pg. 25
Daichi - Holy~
Tetsuo - Go, Tetsuji.

Daichi - [Tamamayu!!]

Pg. 26
== God Hammer

Pg. 27
Whoa, he's rock hard!!

== Pico Devil Pierce

Pg. 28-29
Tetsuji - Big bro!!
[What's that!?]

Daichi - Misora!!
Nice timing.

Misora - I told you we'll fight as a pair, as well.
Tengoku - Nice, Misora-sama.

Pg. 30
Tetsuji - How dare you feed my brother
to that weird monster!

Daichi - Whoa!!

Pg. 31
Wha...What's with those fingers...!!?
The perspective seems a bit strange, though...

Tetsuo - Tetsuji, you're crying for your brother?

Tetsuji - You can finally use your Gulliver Mysticker, big bro!?

Pg. 32

Pg. 33

Big bro, I wanna use Gulliver, too.
Tetsuo - You can't use it, yet.

Just do as your brother says.

Tetsuji - But I wanna be just like you, big bro.
Tetsuo - Are you disobeying me? Alright, here we go, Tetsuji.

Pg. 35

...! They're gone.
Where'd they go!?

There's something on Tetsuji...
Tetsuji - Big bro...

Tetsuji – Aren't those taiyakis?

Pg. 37
Isn't this that idiot Kuroki's favorite?

I'll eat'em, then.

Tetsuji - You took all the good stuff, big bro. No fair.
Tetsuo - Stop complaining already, Tetsuji. Teamwork's important, alright?

Pg. 38
Daichi - We'll show you that real teamwork and forced teamwork are completely different.

Pg. 38-39
Tetsuo - Ouch.

Misora - No way!!

Daichi - My Izunagami!
== Lightning God

Tetsuo – What'd you just say? Your body and voice are so tiny
I can't even hear~

Now, crash down.
== Giant Brothers' Press

Pg. 40-41
Tetsuo - Huh?
Tetsuji - Huh?

Kuroki - The grudge for food runs deep.
That's what they said!

Pg. 42
Tetsuo - He cut...through our body...!?

Kuroki - I'll take it, then.

Daichi - Kuroki!!
Misora - Kuroki-san!!

Daichi - Oh yeah, Kuroki's Necromancer can cut through souls.
The hardness of the body doesn't matter.

Kuroki - Alright, let's get going then,
Daichi, Misora.
Misora - Welcome back.
Daichi - OK, we'll show you to the new HQ.

Kuroki - Nope,
We're off to buy taiyaki at the Shiba Shop.

Pg. 43
Makiura - I see.

So Kaine can withstand two of them now?

Sumiya - Yes...I would like to proceed to testing with three Mystickers.
However, all I currently have are my Enku and the Blue Shoukos. For that...

Makiura - No need to say it...Here, use my Quilin...

Sumiya - Thank you very much.
This trust you placed on me, I will not...

Pg. 44-45
** The unexpected betrayal puts an end to his evil scheme!! The great quake in the next chapter!! **

that I will honor it, though...

Makiura - Su...Sumiya,
You bastard...

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