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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Metallica Metalluca 2

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on May 28, 2010 01:41 | Go to Metallica Metalluca

-> RTS Page for Metallica Metalluca 2

In before I'm off for 3 days...-_-"

Please credit Galooza for proofreading.

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 2 "A Chance Meeting with a Big Butt"

Pg. 1
Dash through the infinite sky
with your giant dream!!

Pg. 2
** Three people spotted atop the misty mountain...!? **
-- Mt.Welt, the misty hill --

Man - ...It's almost time, right?
Shino - Yeah...Now's our chance while the parents are away.

Man – But, are you seriously going?
Shino - Of course! Isn't that why we've been waiting for it to hatch all this time?

We're lucky to be able to monopolize information on the Neblaos.
Our target's the eggshell!!

Man - But...it's too risky! We'd best stop...
Bird - SQWARK.

Pg. 3
Man – Hey...are those the thing's parents!?
Bird - SQWARK.
Man - They've already noticed us!?

Th...The neblaos is sensitive to smell and sound, as well! If they found us, we'd be...
Shino - Wait!

...That's a six-winged bird...
Bird - SQWARK.
Shino - But we'd be in trouble if it's that loud...
Maybe it just caught some prey.
Bird - SQWARK.

Shino – Th...There's no way we can get it! I'm heading back.
I'm outta here.
Shino - Wa-Wait, you two're my bodyguards, aren't ya!?

Bird - SQWARK.

What kind of men run and leave a beautiful woman behind!?

Pg. 4
I'm not letting...this chance go to waste!

Sorry, but...
Please quiet down and go to sleep for a while...


Pg. 5
Bird - SQW...

Shino - Alright, got it!

As expected from an anesthetic powerful enough to put even a dragon to sleep! Good thing I brought two of'em.


It really is a person...Did it just snatch this guy up somewhere...?

Rest in peace...

Pg. 6
Luca - *yawn~~*

Huh...guess I fell asleep. Where am I, now?
Shino - Eh...
He...He's not dead...and what's more, he was just sleeping!?

Who exactly is this kid...?

No, this isn't the time for that!!

Pg. 7
It already started to hatch! I need to grab it fast.
Luca - Oh? The Neblaos's nest? Nice job finding it.

Shino - Wah!! Wha...What're you...?
Luca - Hm? Me?

I'm Luca! I'm on a journey to become a Minea.
Shino - Luca?
...Wait, I didn't even ask that!!

You're in the way, so stop following me!
Luca - Oh, come on. I wanna watch it when it hatches, too.
Shino - ...Just who are you, really...?

Luca - The egg!!
Shino - Shhh.

Luca - Oh...?

Pg. 8
Wow, it hatched!! Its butt's so big!
Shino - Watch out!

Luca - Eh? What's that?

Shino - Will you quiet down a bit?


I did it!! The Neblaos's eggshell is all mine.

Luca - What're you gonna do with the eggshell?
Shino – Fufufu.

Pg. 9
This isn't just any normal eggshell.
It's trea~sure!

There's not much known on how the Neblaos's body works, but...
This eggshell is mostly made up of a rare metal with the characteristic of stretching indefinitely...Phylomium.
This is a lot easier than searching for ore veins, isn't it!?
-- Phylomium Rarity: C / If put in fire, it can stretch til it becomes as thin as soft hair. --

...Though I doubt you get anything I'm saying. I wonder if this'll rake in a couple mil. [Niheehee]
Luca - Phylomium!!

Shino - Oh, so you knew!? I totally didn't expect that, you still being a kid, and all.

Luca - Share some with me...wait, why're you eating it!?

Pg. 10

What're you doing?
Shino - What're you gonna do if it calls for its parents!?
Also, the eggshell's nourishment for baby Neblaos!

You can only get it for a short...

Luca – A parent?...Looks like it's right next to its nest, though. You can't see it in the mist?
Neblaos's child - Gweeh.

Pg. 11
Neblaos - GREEAGAAAH!!!

Shino - GYAAAAH.

This is all your fault! Look what you just did!!

Luca - Hey, could you be a Minea?
Shino - Huh!? What're you saying now!?

Pg. 12
Kuh...Let's hope my remaining anesthetic hits the mark, then...!

Luca - UWAH.

Whoa, the Neblaos's hip stomp...!! That was really powerful.
Shino - Tch.

Pg. 13
Just go to sle...


Why's its tail here...?

Luca - Heeh...?

Pg. 14
Another one...!!? Both parents're together now, eh?
Shino – They've got us cornered!!

Neblaos - GRRRR

Shino - Ne...Neblaos raise their children in pairs...!?
I never heard that before...

Luca - They seem pretty mad, too.
Shino - How can you be so calm?

Pg. 15
[Kuh...If I still had those guards, I could use them as a decoy to get away if worse came to worst...]
[But this kid won't...]

Neblaos - GROAAAAR
Luca - No good...

We can't run away anymore...!!

I...I don't wanna die...
in a place like this!!

Pg. 16


Wha...What'd you just...!?

Luca - You don't seem like a Minea, after all. [Hup.]
Why're you searching for rare metals, then?

Shino - Ah!
MY TREASURE! [How did you!?]

I'm just a freelance treasure hunter.

Pg. 17
With this alluring body...
My keen mind collects all kinds of information.

I'm traveling the world over for any valuable treasure, not just metals!
My dream is to have a grand, celebrity-like mansion.
For that, I won't lose. Not even to the Minea!


What's with this shameful sight!?
I don't wanna die yet...! Wake up already!

Luca - ...Then...

Pg. 18
You can tell me the way to Metal City, can't you?
I have to go there.

Shino - ...Metal City?
Hmph! Even if you knew, how're you gonna get out of this...

Luca - With this!

Shino - [Wha...!?]
[He's stretching the Phylomium with his bare hands...!?]

What... What're you doing!? [My treasure...]

Pg. 19
Luca - I belong to the Metallica Tribe!
With these "Mallet Hands"...
I can transform any metal instantly!!

Shino - ...Me...Metallica Tribe!?
You...You mean the tribe in folklore passed on between metal artisans?
It isn't just some make believe story...?

Luca – See for yourself...
If this is make believe, or not.

Pg. 20
Shino - [A Phylomium...]

Incredible...!!...How is this possible...

But...But even a baby dragon can break through this shell, right!?
It'd be a piece of cake for them to break it...

Neblaos - GRAAAR.

Shino - No...

Pg. 21
Luca - You didn't know?
When phylomium is stretched real thin, it becomes harder than steel!
Shino - I...I know that. I just pretended like I didn't, you know!

Luca - Sorry for messin' around with your nest!
Neblaos - GRRR...

Shino – Eh...
Don't tell me...

Luca - They won't follow if we get outta their territory, right?
Shino - Wait...but that-

Pg. 22
It can't...
It can't...

Pg. 23
Ugh...I feel horrible...
Luca - Are you okay?

Shino - You should've said you could do that earlier. [Ugh.]
Luca – It would've be too sudden for me to say that.

Shino - ...But, I just can't believe it. The Metallica Tribe...? [Hah.]
Luca - There, I changed it back. Now tell me the way to the city.

Shino - Fufu, I wonder if I should.

Luca - What the, no fair! Just tell me.
Shino - Wah! Let go of me, you stupid, pervert kid!

Pg. 24
Shino - Hmph, I'm going to Metal City, as well.
Luca - Heh!?

Shino - I need to go there to sell this.
Plus, there's lots of information about treasure there.

Luca – I don't wanna go with you, though. Women's legs are so slow...
Shino – Guess you don’t know what a girl's legs are like, huh?

This is special, alright?
You startin' to want to come with me more, now?

Luca - ? What's that? You gonna fart?
Shino - No!
Alright, you got it. We're goin' together!
[Tch, so he's just a brat, after all!]

[Anyhow, I can make use of his power!]
[Good. I’ll make a real fortune if I have him help me on my treasure hunt!]

Pg. 25
I'm Shino.
Nice workin' with you, Luca.
Luca - Hmmm, can't help it, then.

Shino - Ah...this isn't good. If I can't prove this Phylomium is from the Neblaos' eggshell, its price'll go down. [Uuuh~]

Luca - It'll be fine!
You've got the same butt as that Neblaos!

Shino - Do that again and I'll kill you!
Luca - ...Sorry.

** A trustworthy, traveling buddy!? **

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 2 / END
Next chapter, while headed for the city, Luca and Shino break up so fast...!? A special, 23-page chapter!

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#1. by Cococrash11 ()
Posted on May 28, 2010
So it will release new chapters ever week right?
#2. by Galooza ()
Posted on May 28, 2010
It's a weekly.
#3. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on May 28, 2010
awesome..now..only if i knew a fast, awesome way of doing greys >.>
#4. by SeuneuCaang ()
Posted on May 31, 2010
Thank you, Ju-da-su.
We are offline on saturday & sunday. This Friday are a holiday, so, We are uploading on Monday.
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