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Metallica Metalluca 5

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jun 16, 2010 12:13 | Go to Metallica Metalluca

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Sorry for being a bit late...was busy with uni...>_<"

Please credit Galooza for proofreading.

You may not make any change in this script unless you comment with the change you want to make first. Otherwise, please PM me for the unproofreaded script. You are free to make any change to it. Be aware though, as I am fully aware that English, especially the grammar, is still my major flaw, I do not allow any of my unproofreaded scripts to be used for scanlation unless being proofreaded by someone and sent back to me to check that you didn't alter the context of the lines first.

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 5 "You sure it's okay!? The Great Infiltration Operation"

Pg. 1
Zuou - You made such a fuss over capturing a single kid!?
Keep in mind that your action represents the dignity of the Associates!
Officers - Ye...Yes, Zuou-sama!

Zuou - ...A kid, hm...?

** Luca's become a wanted criminal!! Where exactly is he headed...!? **

Gatou - It's this way. Come on.

Pg. 2
Luca - Hey, where are we?
Gatou - Hehe, a newcomer probably doesn't know about this.

Metal City is divided into four sectors: North, South, East and West...
It's five if we include the central sector, where the headquarters of the Metallist Associates are located, though.
This underground waterway spreads over the whole area like the mesh of a net.

Sure, there are security guards from the Associates down here too, but if we go about it carefully...

Guard - Hm?

Who's that? Someone down there!?

Pg. 3
Something wrong?
Naw...I thought I saw some big shadow moving down there...

Haha, you sure it wasn’t just some mice or cats?

Luca - Hey...

Will I really get to take the Minea exam if I follow you?
I'm starting to feel like a sneaky thief.
Gatou - Heh!

What's your name?
Luca - I'm Luca! What about you?

Pg. 4
Gatou - Listen, Luca! There are millions of things in this world that you can't get through proper means...
Especially in this city.
Luca - Hey, your name?

Gatou - Above us is the Central HQ of the Associates, which is off limits to commoners.
Luca - Hey.
Gatou - Articles of famous metalsmiths and the register of Minea examinees should be kept in one of the rooms there.

What that means is...

Just leave the matter to me, the great Gatou, and I'll make the impossible possible!
Luca - Ah, so you're Gatou!
Gatou - ...This guy's such a pain.

Pg. 5
Luca - Wow, this building's huge!
Gatou - Shh.

Be careful. This is the headquarters of all Mineas...! If we're caught, we'll be in for some major punishment, for sure!
Luca - Eh!? You mean there are tons of Mineas here!?


Gatou - What the hell are you doing, right after I told you not to!!?

Don't be so loud. Just zip it and follow me, stupid!
Luca - E~h, what's that?

Pg. 6
Gatou - We're here.

Luca - Wow, these're awesome!! So many metal statues in here...!!
Gatou - Shh.
See? Good to have me as your guide, right?

Here it is. Found it!

Pg. 7
Our target...this year's register of Minea examinees!
Piece of cake!!

Gatou - Now, just pick out a name...


Luca - You...sure it's okay?
Gatou - Heh! It's fine. Just leave it to me. Everything'll be fine and good!
Luca - ...I hope so.

But I'm surprised you knew this place. Isn't this off limits to commoners?
Gatou - Hehe...

Back when I was a kid...

Pg. 8
I came in from the front one time...


[I wanna try and make a wonderful statue like that, too...!]
[That impression immediately drove me to a gigantic factory in the city to learn about metalworking.]

Boss - [You have the skills, but still lack spirit.]
[Stop being so caught up in the beauty and just do what's in front of you!]

Gatou - [It's just pipes, pipes, and more pipes!]
Boss - [Fool!! Putting effort into ordinary stuff requires skill and devotion, too...]

Pg. 9
??? - [Statue, huh? So stupid.]

Gatou - [What's wrong with it? I just...]
??? - [You're annoying!]

[Don't be so full of yourself just because you're good with your hands.]

Gatou - Damn!

Well, whatever, this place is very important to me...

Luca - Hey, this is awesome. It's the super-hard Tantal.
Gatou - ...You didn't even listen to me!? For the love of God!

But there's one thing...
I seriously want to see...

Pg. 10
This one.

Luca - A metal box...!?

Gatou - "The Metal Box"! I'm sure there must be one awesome statue inside.
Hey, look at that.

They used metal rings to lock it.
It must be something valuable, for them to not even use a key lock on it...

I'll need your power for this, Luca.

Pg. 11
You can twist metal without making even the slightest sound...can't ya?

Actually, I was doubtful about what I saw, but! I didn't miss that ruckus you caused in town!
Would you help me, then?

Luca - This box...has the same smell as my dad.

Gatou - Your dad!? Did your dad smell that bad...?

Zuou – Now who would've thought you'd sneak in here?

Pg. 12
Gatou - Zu...

Zuou - Acting as if you're thieves...You being kids doesn't mean I'll let this go, though.

Gatou - Ugh...
Luca - Thieves...?

I only came here to become a Minea!
Gatou - Yo...You idiot!

Zuou - You? A Minea?
Gatou - I said to just leave this to me, alright?

Pg. 13
I'm sorry!! The truth is...it's all because...
He threatened and forced me here!

And if I resist, he'll punch and kick me...
Luca - Wha...Hey...? Somethin's wrong with that!

Zuou - Hmm, so you're saying that he's the one behind it all...?
Gatou - Ye...Yes, sir.

Zuou - I see...if that's the case...

Pg. 14
It's the death sentence for him.

Gatou - Eh...Dea...Death sentence? But, isn't that...!?
Zuou - Obviously.

Records of terrorizing or trespassing are undesirable for the one who aims to become a Minea.
He should already be more or less prepared to meet his end if he were to be caught.

Pg. 15
...Otherwise, he would need to be powerful enough to overtake us.
Gatou - Eh...umm...wai...wait a second, please!

I...I doubt he has any intention of that...
Luca - Hey.
Gatou - What now?

Luca - You mean, if I can take him out, I can become a Minea!?
Gatou - What!?
Are you nuts? What nonsense...

Zuou – And you can do that?

Luca - Umm, I'm not totally sure, but...
If that's alright, then maybe I should...

Give it a shot!

Pg. 16
??? - ...I already said, we can't...
Shino – Why not!?

I'm already on my knees! Just let me see him!
??? - The...The president is currently busy in his office...
Shino - I'm begging you...


Zuou - Ngh.

Who exactly is this kid...?

Pg. 17
Luca - Hehe,
How's that!

Gatou - "How's that", my foot! Damn you, Luca!
How dare you make the statue all soft like this!?
Luca - Meh, I was just...

Shino - Eh...Luca...!?

Pg. 18
Wha...What're you doing here!?
Luca - Oh, is that you, Shino?

Zuou - How dare you...
Hand - *pat*

Bajeena - That's enough, Zuou.

Zuou - Pre...President Bajeena.
Bajeena - Hoho, I've seen everything. Seems like we have a rather naughty guest here.

Luca - President? So you mean he's the big cheese?
Gatou - Isn't that obvious!? Just look, that Zuou's already on his knee...!!

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 5 / END

Pg. 19
Bajeena - You want to take the Minea exam that badly, do you?

Maybe I should permit it, then.
Luca - Really!? You're alright with that!?

Zuou - Pre...President!?
Luca - YAHOO!
Gatou - That...That's awesome...See! Now you're all grateful to me, right!?

Shino - Hold on a sec, grandpa.
I had my eye on Luca-kun first.
Don't just decide that yourself!

Bajeena - Hm!? Oh, Shino! He's your partner, then?
Luca - Huh?...Grandpa?

Shino - Yeah...Bajeena, the president of this Associates, is my grandfather.
You should've just told me if you wanted to come here.
Bajeena - Nice to meet you.
Luca - WHA~~T!?
** The young mistress!? **

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#1. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
later is always better than never :D
#2. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Jun 16, 2010
i'm done with the scan in case someone wants to check that as well
#3. by Cococrash11 ()
Posted on Jun 18, 2010
Its good.
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