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Metallica Metalluca 6

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jun 23, 2010 02:59 | Go to Metallica Metalluca

-> RTS Page for Metallica Metalluca 6

Since I dislike PM...GAL~ What about Metallica? Are you taking a break off this as well? (Because I'm more worried about this than CB for the proofreading, seriously...since CB translations are reserved, and unok won't probably catch up to it so soon... .__.")

Please credit Galooza for proofreading.

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 6 "A Promise"

Pg. 1
** His eyes, always on that back, and one day!! **

Pg. 2
** The elegant Shino! What's with that!? **

Shino - I can't accept this!

Wasn't registration already over?
Also, letting a child take that harsh Minea Examination alone will already make people question the ethics of the Associates.

Bajeena - Just take it easy.
Shino - Why do you seem so relaxed!? You are a president, aren't you, Gramps!?

Luca – Come on. Just take it easy, okay? Nahaha.
Shino - [If things turn out like this, my plan of using Luca-kun's ability for my treasure hunting will be for nothing...]

Shino - Say something, Zuou!

Pg. 3
Zuou - President Bajeena has the right to make the final decision.
Now that he has decided, I'll not comment any further.

Shino - Yeah, since you've become so high and mighty, huh? You might be my childhood friend, but now, you're the great Minea-sama.

Aww, Zuou...

You're not going to listen to my dearest request?

Pg. 4
Zuou - Ple...
Please excooze me for now!

Shino - Hehe, his shyness just never changes.
Gatou - Excooze?

Hey, who's this perverted girl?
Can you introduce her to...

Hey, wait! What the heck are you doing, Luca!?
Luca - Nahaha, I'm already itched to take the exam.
Gatou – That’s one weird way of expressing that, though!?

Bajeena - You're the boy who often sneaks into that exhibition room, aren’t you?

Gatou - You knew about that!?
Bajeena - Hoho, and you seem to be very curious about the metal box, no?

Pg. 5
Inside that box is the sculpture...
Made by Balk, the SS-Rank Minea, named "The Angel's Grievance".

Gatou - Balk-sama...you mean...that famous hero!?
Bajeena - Even the news of his disappearance several years ago is also well known, yes...

Do you want to see that sculpture, then?

I'm sure I put its photometal somewhere around here...
Shino - You just do everything as you please, once again...
Bajeena - Oh, here it is!

Here it is, the “Angel's Grievance”.
Gatou - Wow...!!
-- Photometal, Rarity: - / A metal processed from Memorium, which captures images on its semi-lucid surface. Thus, called a photograph. --

Pg. 6
Shino - ...This sculpture looks depressing...
Gatou - It was an awesome sculpture, no doubt...but why would this need such tight security...?

Shino - Eh?

Tears just pour out on their own...!

Pg. 7
Bajeena - That's the strange power of this sculpture...
Anyone who looks at it will automatically feel for it...

Even a photograph of it has this much impact...
Some people who've seen the real thing even claimed that the sculpture was moving.
Gatou - The...The sculpture was moving!?

So...So even this can become possible if metalwork is pushed to its highest...
Bajeena - No...I doubt normal humans can obtain that...

Only the Metallica Tribe can have this skill.

Shino - The Metallica Tribe!?

Bajeena - Yes, it's a phantasmal tribe in the folklore of metalsmiths.

Pg. 8
The tribe that was believed to be demolished in the ancient Great War between nations...
Those people continued seeking for metals...always lived with them and had captured the esoteric doctrines of them.

Their hands were said to be mallets that can instantly transform any metal at will...
But, due to that...

Pg. 9
It's easy for their souls to be transmitted into the metals. Through their hands...
Their creations can sway the hearts of people, so they were rejected by the era along with the existence of their tribe.
As for their descendants...as far as I know, there's one remaining survivor...

Gatou - Now I get it...that person is the one who created this...
The hero Balk!!

His magnificence as a Minea doesn't only come from his blood, though...
And it seems that Balk wasn't the last one after all.

Pg. 10
Luca - Balk is...my dad.

Shino - Lu...Luca-kun is a son of the hero...!?
Gatou - Seriously...?

Luca - [Dad...!]

Pg. 11
Where're you going?

Wait for me, da...


Balk - Sorry, Luca...
But I can't take you with me any further.
You must walk your own path.

Luca - But...But why?
Balk - Where I'm heading is an S-class Danger Zone...
Even I won't be able to protect you here.

I'll...go find the metal as told of within the Metallica Tribe...
"The Ultimate Metal".

Luca - Ultimate Metal!?

Pg. 12
Balk - So to say, it's the rarest of the rare! I've heard that those metals are the core of our power...
Why is our tribe bound to this power?
If I can solve that, we might be of an even better use for humanity.

And for...
Your mother, as well...most certainly...

Pg. 13
Luca - Dad!!

I'll become a Minea and follow your footsteps, for sure!
So you don't have to come protecting me!!

I'll find every last Rare Metal,
And that Ultimate Metal as well...

I'll become an even more marvelous Minea than you are, dad!!

Pg. 14
Balk - [Geob Road!]

-- Geob, Rarity: S / An ultra-rare metal that can change heat to magnetic energy. Not much is known about it, even now. --
I see...then...

Pg. 15
Quickly get to where I’m standing.
And from there, the two of us can become rivals...!

I'll wait for you up ahead! Luca!

Luca - I'll...
I'll surely...

Pg. 16
Become a Minea!!
I'm in for the exam!!

Shino - Hah, I give up.

But even so, I still have a plan in mind.

Pg. 17
-- Metal City, Central Plaza --

Shino - Wow, so many people.
Gatou - That's obvious. I bet there're some thousands here.

Shino - But where's Luca-kun?
Gatou - Well...

There he is!

Shino - What's he doing there!!?
Gatou - Leave me out if he gets mad again...

Pg. 18
Bajeena - ...Everyone, I'm glad that you've all gathered here today...
However, only a handful of you will be able to become Mineas.

Nowadays, rare metals play an essential role in our lives, giving birth to the industry that has greatly driven our country's economy.
Mineas are to be credited for carrying those out!
However, with it, comes great risk! We cannot warrant your lives, even in this exam!

Zuou - To survive through this is also a big step towards becoming a Minea!

Pg. 19
And harness all your skills in seeking for, manufacturing, or making use of rare metals.

May the metals be with us!

I hereby commence the 122nd Minea Selection Exam!!
** The first step towards a dream!! Finally, the curtain has been drawn!! **

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 6 / END
A big surprise...about the details of the exam!? There, Shino and Gatou...!?

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#1. by Galooza ()
Posted on Jun 23, 2010
Still doing this.
#2. by unok-kun ()
Posted on Jun 23, 2010
Not catching up on CB? Didn't you see the two releases in two days for 87 and 88?
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