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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Metallica Metalluca 10

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 22, 2010 01:13 | Go to Metallica Metalluca

-> RTS Page for Metallica Metalluca 10

Assumed that you all read what I said in chapter 9's t/l.

Please credit Galooza for proofreading.

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 10 "The Power of Treasures"

Pg. 1
** Coming together as one, they seek out their treasure!! **

Pg. 2
** The rare metal lay dormant in a pit of boiling magma!! **

Gatou - ...Is that...
The Rarity B metal?

Seriously? But why is it so easy to spot...?

The rarity, as judged by the Associates...
Doesn't only consider how hard it is to find one.

The difficulty of mining it...which is the primary cause for its rarity in the market, also plays an important role.
That Gransten is also in that category.
How do you think we can get to it in this pool of magma...?
-- Gransten, Rarity: B / A heat-resistant, extremely heavy rare metal. As it is found deep underground, making difficult to mine, it's known as the "Corkscrew of the Earth" --

Pg. 3
Zecke - Haha, so the Rarity B metal is a Gransten!?
Alright, then this Zecke-sama...

Will be the first of the first to mine it!
Luca - Ah!

Shino - He's using a single rope to get across the magma!?
Luca - Dammit, I'm going, too!
Gatou - Luca!

Luca - OWWW!!

Pg. 4
Zecke - Haha!
Will this make me the first to pass, then?



Wha...What the!?

Ciseaux - If there's no ground to stand on, then just make ground.

Pg. 5
That metal exists for this Ciseaux.
I'll be the only one to pass this exam.

Zecke - You're trying to have it all to yourself? That's bullshit!
I found that one first!

Luca - Gosh...it's so hot in here. What should we do...?
Gatou - Hey, you sure you're OK with this? They're going to get it before you do.

Shino - Fufu, to begin with, Gransten isn't something you can monopolize by yourself.
Just leave this to me.

But, what worries me more...

Ciseaux - Hm?

Pg. 6
Shino - [Is the geographical change from volcanic activity!]

Ciseaux - Ngh.

Zecke - Uh...

Pg. 7
Luca - You alright?
Zecke - Y...You...!?

Gatou - Luca!? What the heck are you doing?

Pg. 8
Why'd you help him!?
Luca - Eh...well, he might've died if I didn't...

Gatou - That's what the emergency device is for, idiot!
Luca – Oh yeah.

Zecke - ...No...

It was too sudden, I wouldn't have been able to press the button in time...
Luca - OK, that's good, then.

Ciseaux - Wahaha, saved by the kid, eh!? Some Minea you are!
Zecke - Sh...Shut up!!

You did save me, but...that was that...the exam is the exam!

Pg. 9
That Gransten'll be mine!

Luca - Ah, what the? That's dirty.

Ciseaux – You wish! I'll get it before you!

Ngh...not again!?

Zecke - We can't even get close to it, like this...

Shino - The transformation doesn't always put us at a disadvantage.

Take the slightest chance to accurately make swift and flexible moves!
That is...

Pg. 10
The essence of treasure hunting!!

Gatou - Shi...Shino-san!!

Pg. 11
Shino - Hah!!

Pg. 12
That's my real power that takes me to the treasure!
Gatou - Shi...Shino-san, you're awesome!! [But what's that "Power of Treasures"!?]

Shino - Hmmm, now I have to mine it with caution...
But wait, isn't that Luca-kun's job?
Zecke - Fuck, is there any other way I can get to it?

Shino - This heat...I knew it. There's quite some...
Trenka - Watch it.

Pg. 13
Shino - Eh?

Pg. 14
Trenka – Heh.

This Gransten is heavier than I thought. [It's hot.]
I planned to take the whole thing, but I guess I'll have to settle for a small piece of it.

Shino - Wha...

Tre...Trenka-san!? What did you just...!!
Trenka - Hm? Is it wrong for me to mine it first?

Pg. 15
Shino - I'm not talking about that! Gransten is the "Corkscrew of Earth"...!
Most of them weigh down magma, suppressing the pressure!!

If you break it like that, the pressure from the magma will release...!!

Trenka - Oh, so that's it. Eh, then that means...

Shino - This is bad!! Everyone, run!!

The magma's...

Pg. 16-17
Luca - Wow...
Shino - Hurry, Luca-kun!!
Gatou - Luca!
Luca - Be right there!

Ciseaux - Shit.
Zecke - We can't escape, anymore!!


Pg. 18
Bordeaux – Haha.
That's one awesome blow!

Examinees - What!? It's erupting!?
For real? But, I still can't find the rare metal vein...!!

The pyroclastic flow is coming. What should we do!? There's still time left, but...

Pg. 19
Gatou - We can't get out through here, either!
We've hit a dead end. We're quickly losing our standing ground, as well!

Shino – But, we still didn't get any treasure!
Gatou - Shouldn't you be more concerned with your life, right now? Even if we find a way, we won't get back in time. It's better to just use the ring.

Luca, let's give up this year!

What're you doing? Hey!

Bordeaux - ...30 minutes...

** Danger's closing in and time's running out!! **

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 10 / END
Next chapter, will the three escape!? What will become of this exam!?

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