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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Tales of Vesperia 12

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 31, 2010 04:37 | Go to Tales of Vesperia

-> RTS Page for Tales of Vesperia 12

ToV AS MY 500TH TRANSLATION \o/ (as posted here...I have about another hundred or so that I did before entering MH... ._.")...though...DOWN WITH THE NUMBER!!! DDD<

And once again...I'M SORRY, RENA~~~ I failed at SFX, as usual. I'M SO, SO, SO SORRY, RENA~~~~ DDDX

Reserved for Eternal Scanlation Group.

Tales of Vesperia
Chapter 12 "Capua Torim"

Pg. 0
Due to mercenaries’ intervention, Ragou once again made his escape...

Yuri, who is searching for the cause behind the malfunction of the Aque Blastia located at the Imperial Capital, Zaphias, and Estellise (Estelle) who is searching for Flynn, set out together on their journey outside of the barrier.
During their search, the party, together with Karol and Rita, came to know that the thief who stole the Blastia core is at Torim Harbor. At Nor Harbor, the port town just across Torim Harbor, Flynn makes his appearance when Yuri was in danger.
Flynn was investigating on the evil doings of the imperial magistrate Ragou. Furthermore, it was revealed that the ongoing bad weather may be artificially created by humans with the use of a Blastia, and there was evidence that a Blastia was being into Ragou's residence. During their chase after Ragou, a person riding on a dragon suddenly appears and destroys the Blastia. In the midst of chaos, Ragou makes his escape through the ship. Awaiting for them onboard the ship are the guild "Blood Alliance" and Zagi.

Zagi’s unexpected ambush aboard the ship. Will they be able to catch up with Ragou once again?

Pg. 1-2
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Yuri - Zagi!?
Zagi - Yu...

Pg. 3
Karol - What's going on...?
*KEHOH* (cough)

*GOOO* (roar)
Estelle - KYAA.

*GOBO* (splash)
*GOBO* (splash)

*GURA* (lean)
Karol - Eh?
Could this mean


Pg. 4
*OOOOO* (smoke)

*OOOO* (smoke)

Ragou - That's your punishment for going against member of the council.

All oppositions will...
be sentenced to death.

Pg. 5
Yuri - Everyone, jump into the water.

Ioder - *GOHO* (cough)
*GOHO* (cough)

Is someone...

*DAH* (step)

Estelle - Yu...


Pg. 6
Rita - You can't, Estellise.

Karol – Quickly, into the water...


Pg. 7
Estelle - Yuri...

*ZAZAZA* (splash)

Pg. 8
*ZAZAZA* (splash)

Flynn - Are you alright, Lady Estellise!
Estelle - Flynn...
Karol - Tha...Thank God...

Pg. 9
Estelle - ...But
Yuri's still...

*ZAPAH* (zoom)

Pg. 10

Flynn – Master Ioder!

I'll pull you up right now.
Lend me a hand, Sodia.

Pg. 11-12
*BAH* (flap)

-- Capua Torim --

Pg. 13
Ioder - Thank you very much for helping me.

Yuri - ...And who're you?
Flynn - This man is...
*GACHA...* (open)

Ragou - ...Oh? Isn't that Master Ioder!?
How coincidental, to have met your highness in this place.

Karol - ...You!!

Ragou - Oh...and who are you, may I ask?
Have we met somewhere before...?

Pg. 14
Yuri - ...Whoa now,
Having some convenient amnesia from the trauma there?

Ragou - No, I did not...
This is our first meeting, am I not correct?

Karol - Wha...What're you saying!?
That's dirty.

I saw the people who became
preys to monsters with my very own eyes.

You were the one who did it.
No doubt about that!

Pg. 15
Flynn - Magistrate, we’ve clearly proven of your crime.
These people have seen it thorough.

Ragou – As I have said, there are countless people who claimed my name in attempt to dishonor me.
And my, they have caused me great problems.

...But even so, Sir Flynn,

Are you going to listen to these ruffians
more than to me, a member of the council?

Yuri - ...Flynn.

Pg. 16
Ragou - It is all done then.
Please do excuse me.
*KAH* (turn)

*PATAN* (close)

Rita - Damn!
*GUGUGUGU* (clench)
Just what's with that guy?

who's this guy anyway!?

*SU* (walk)

Pg. 17
Estelle - This person
Is the heir candidate to the throne, His Imperial Prince Ioder.

Karol – Haha. Very funny, Estelle.


Ioder – I indeed am one of the heir candidates.
Karol - Se-Seriously!?

Pg. 18
Yuri - ...Mind telling me why His Royal Highness got captured in some magistrate’s place though?
Karol - [I wasn't being rude to him, right~~~?]

Estelle - About that, we can't really...

Yuri - Not something us commoner are supposed to know, huh?

It has something to do with Estelle coming this far too, right?
Estelle - Ah...that's

Yuri - ...Well, whatever.
I'm not interested in the empire that sits still and does nothing while people are suffering right before them either.
Estelle - Yuri...

Pg. 19
Flynn - But what can turning your back away
from the empire like that ever change?

...The righteous laws as set by the empire are needed
to protect the civilians, assuring them of their peaceful lives.

Yuri - But those laws just let
Ragou get away and you saw it.

Flynn - And that's why we became knights;
in order...to make changes to it!!

Chapter 12 Capua Torim ~END~ Continue in next issue

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