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Metallica Metalluca 11

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Aug 12, 2010 14:06 | Go to Metallica Metalluca

-> RTS Page for Metallica Metalluca 11

One word of warning though: I'll let Metallica pass since it's a weekly, but...don't nag me to get something out ASAP. It'll destroy my hype. Only people who actually have their hands in the making of its scanlation have the right to rush me with translations. Leechers don't. Especially when I'm in the middle of my exam.

Please credit Galooza for proofreading.

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 11 "Roar of the Rock Dragon"

Pg. 1
** Mt.Volcano erupts!! The extreme second part of the Minea exam!! **

Pg. 2
** The magma rages, following closely behind the three!! But, what!? **

Shino - Hey, can we move a little faster?
The magma's right on our tail!

Gatou - But, you sure this is alright...?
Luca - I guess.
Gatou - You guess!!?

Luca - It's up to this guy, since he's the lead.
Rock Dragon - GWOON.
Gatou - Wha...

Shino - ...Well, if this really is the path connected to the Rock Dragon's nest,
then the magma shouldn't reach us there...so it'll be safe, I guess.

Pg. 3
Gatou - We might be safe, but there's no hope for the exam.
Just how long do you think it'll take us to get back up to the surface...?

Shino - Then we'll just do something to find some treasure!
Gatou - ...Won't the Associates disqualify us for that, though...?

Rock Dragon - GWOON.

Gatou - WAH!

Shino - Hey, are you two alright...!?


Pg. 4
The ground just collapsed all of a sudden…

Luca - MOGAAH!!
Shino - Ah...I'm sorry. [Hm...wait!]
Gatou - Hey, Luca! You bastard!!

Is this...a wide cave!?
Gatou – But, it's a dead end, here!? What should we do!

Pg. 5
Luca - ...No.

Up there!

Shino - I can see the sky through the smoke!
Gatou - We can use Luca's Fragorium to shoot ourselves up there...

Rock Dragon - GWOON.

Gatou - What? This guy just started shouting all of a sudden.
Rock Dragon - GWOON.
Gatou - Hm?

Rock Dragon - GWOON.

Shino - Eh?
This can't be...

Pg. 6
Rock Dragon - GWOON.

Pg. 7
Gatou - It...It-It...Its parent!!?
Shino - No way. Isn't this the same as the Neblaos...!!?

Rock Dragon - GWOOOOOO

Shino - ...It's not even close!
It's just way bigger! And there's nowhere to run, either...

Gatou - Ngh...

Pg. 8
Gatou - Even if you say that, we're dead if we don't run!!
Luca - Ah...

Gatou! Don't move...
Rock Dragon - *stare*

Pg. 9
Gatou - WAAAAAH.

Luca - Gatou!!

Grab on!
Gatou - Lu...Luca!

Luca - Phew, sorry...

Pg. 10

Rock Dragon - GWOON.

Pg. 11
Luca - Did he...!?

Rock Dragon - Gwoo?




Gatou - Wha...What the? Is he...telling him that Luca fixed up his wound? [Haha...]
Shino - Are you two alright?

Pg. 12
Rock Dragon - GWOON.
Gatou - That was scary~ Hope it won't attack us again, though.
Shino - So even that quick-tempered Rock Dragon can adore its child...?

Gatou - Luca...what're you!?

Don't provoke it, stupid!
Shino - Luca-kun, what're you doing...?

Luca - ...There it is!

Pg. 13
That orange sparkle! I've seen it before, with my dad!

A rare metal chunk...of luminium! Wow!
-- Luminium Rarity: A / A rare metal which emits a strong heat ray when hit with intense light of more than 5000 lux. Relatively hard. --

Shino - Luminium!? The rare metal that reflects strong, harmful light...but its rarity is A...!
Is that the one Bordeaux-san said was near the crater!?

Gatou - Is this even possible, though? Guess the eruption must've changed its geography...

Luca - Alright!

Pg. 14
Gatou - Whoa!

Luca - Wow!!
It's even cooler when I look up close!!

Yay! I can pass the second part, now!
Gatou - Shut up, idiot. What'll you do if the dragon goes on a rampage again!? Quiet down!
Shino - You too.

Luca - Hehe, then I'll just quietly mine it with my Mallet Hands...

Pg. 15
Rock Dragon - GWOOOO...
Gatou - GAAAH, told ya!! You just provoked it too much...
Shino - No...wait...!

Rock Dragon - OOOOO...

Shino - ...I knew it!

It's not Luca-kun...! There's something up there...

Rock Dragon - GWOOO

Pg. 16
Gein - I have to come down this far from the crater to mine luminium, hm...?
That sure took some time.

Gatou - Who's that?
Shino - He...He's floating!?

Gein - Whatever, I'll mine all this now.
Rock Dragon - GWOOO...

Pg. 17

Gein - A rock dragon. So this is your nest, hm...well,

Quiet down!

Shino - [He scared that quick-tempered rock dragon in just an instant!?]

Pg. 18
Luca - You sure are awesome!

But sorry, I found this Luminium, too!
I won't take all of it, though, so let me mine it first!

But you even scared that rock dragon, hm?
And that floating thing...looks interesting.

Hey, can you let me try-

Pg. 19

Gatou - Luca!
Shino - Lu...Luca-kun!?

Gein - That's not a metal one can divide himself...

** An enemy appears!! **

I, Gein,
Am claiming all of it.

Metallica Metalluca
Chapter 11 / END

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#1. by zetsubou.shin ()
Posted on Aug 12, 2010
you should read some of the emails i got asking about it.

anyway, i don't see why you should be rushed.

meh..leechers will always be leechers...now if i would only stop being lazy and start working on it >.>
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