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Buster Keel 16

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Sep 6, 2010 18:21 | Go to Buster Keel

-> RTS Page for Buster Keel 16

Yes, call me an idiot...I still have another 14-21 days of school straight, with two exams, yet I chose to finish at least one chapter of this before going to bed...since I'm pretty much driven by either mood or the overall status of the series...and since Rena just put up all the raws till chapter 19...:(

And one more thing...I'm not big with reserving stuff, but...

Reserved for Ala Atra Scanlation Group.

Not proofed...

Buster Keel
Burst 16 "My Funny Crem (Part 3)"

Pg. 1
** The climax of Gokuraku Hot Spring Village's Arc! A color opening with 47 pages!! **

** The girl's honest feelings as entrusted to Keel... **

Pg. 2
Gold - Alright, let's go all out then.

Keel - You're from Ayakashi!?

Lavie - Albra-san and Yanses-san are...
Mippy - They turn into baddies and members of Ayakashi...just what's going on here, oink?

Pg. 3
Gold – Your strength explains how you’ve defeated those lots...
Silver - If Big Brother Gold and I get serious, there's no way we're losing~ Kyakyakya.

Keel - What was that!? Aren't you just a well-dressed man and a kid!!?
Silver – Who’re you calling a kid!!

Gold - Do you know why do we even have to disguise ourselves, Keel-kun?
Keel - Huh!?

Villagers - [Dis-Disguise?]
Gold - Of course, one of our reasons is to trick the villagers, but...
Villagers - [That woman with big breasts turned into a lolita.]

Gold - it wouldn't be exciting if that's our only reason.

If we two get serious, the show will just end too soon.

Pg. 4
Keel - Get back!!
Lavie - Eh!!

Gold - "THOR HAMMER"!!!

Silver - Way to go, Big Brother. An One-hit KO, kyakya~

Gold - ...Don't think it'll end that easily though.
Silver - Yeah?

Pg. 5

I don't care if you're monster or members of Ayakashi, right now.
Give that treasure back!!

Gold - ...Don't wanna.

Lavie - Mippy, Crem-san, are you two alright?
Crem - Ye-Yes!


Silver - You've fought me pretty well just now.

I'm not gonna pull back just because you're the handsome one, though.

Blue - Hmph.

Pg. 6
Silver - GO DIE!!


Blue - Hmm.
Silver - Shishishi.

It's dancing time~!!


Pg. 7
Blue - Ngh!!

Silver - Now, hustle on~!!


That water's so~ annoying~!

I know where the Suiki's weakness is, though.
Blue - What!?

== Hair fan

Blue - Ugh!!?

Pg. 8
Silver - Suiki becoming powerless when the horn is dried is really true.

No different from Kappa, then? Though you seriously got me hooked.
Blue - Shit...

Silver - BOOM~!!!
Blue - GWAA!!!


Silver - SO~ weak.

Yet you're going to go revenge on Kurokiri Secchan?

Blue - Ngh...

Pg. 9
Gold - HAH!!
Keel - FIRE!!

Not a chance. Your attack ain't gonna hit me!!
Gold - Fufu.

I see...Well, I'm thinking of a way to land a hit on you, but

you didn't notice the fatal weak point of that movement, did you?


Pg. 10
Keel - Think you can hit me just by shooting more at me? Too weak!!

Gold - That movement...is done through the blast from your arm, right?

If so, then my problem is solved without much thinking...
Keel - FIRE!!



Gold - You'll move only to where you arm takes you...
Keel - GWEH.

All I have to do then is to grasp your arm movement then shoot.
Keel - Ugh...

Pg. 11
Gold - You're no different from a moth flying into flame...

Or I should say stupid monkey instead. Kukuku.
Keel - What'd you say!!?

Mippy - Lavie!!

Those two are pushing Keel and Blue now, oink!!

Lavie - [Those two's moves are being disturbed and overwhelmed because they are at loss.]
[On the other hand, Mippy and I would only burden them...]

Shiro - [Monster users have to always remain calm.]

Pg. 12
Lavie, you tend to be overly kind to your monsters.
Lavie - So-Sorry.

Shiro - No need to apologize. That's actually a very good thing.

However, during battles, monster users must remain the calmest, and must never let your feelings overwhelm you.

How will you let your monsters fight?
Which melody must you use to support them?
Sometimes, you do have to make a very ruthless decision.

Keel is self-indulgent and will always run out by himself.
Keel - [Dumbass!!]

Shiro - Blue might look cool on the surface, but his teamwork is still lacking.
Blue - [Nothing...]

Shiro - And Mippy is still a baby.

In times of danger, you'll have to skillfully give them your lead.
Even if they refuse,

you must always keep your calm. That's what monster users are.

Pg. 13
Gold - Is that all? How boring.
Keel - Ugh...
Silver - Kyakya. You seriously are weak~

Keel - Don't get all cocky yet, you jerk.

Gold - Awww, don't be so heated up like that.
Silver - Weirdo~, kyakya.


Keel - What!?

Pg. 14
What're you doing, Lavie!!?
Lavie - Calm down, you two. Don't go along with their pace!!

Keel - Shut up! You stand back!!

Lavie - Keel, Blue, switch your opponent!!
Keel - Huh!?

Gold - [Hm?]
Lavie - Blue, you fight with Gold.
Silver - [What's that all about?]
Lavie - And Keel fights with Silver.

Keel - What the hell? That guy is mine!!
Lavie - Is this the time to be saying that!!?

Our priority is to retrieve the treasure. We can’t be fighting as you pleased, right now!!

Pg. 15
Keel - Huh...

Mippy - Lavie...
Crem - Lavie-san.

Blue - OK.
Keel - Blue.

Blue - I can't be heated up forever, as well. Don't wanna be equate to some idiot around here.

Keel - WHAT'S THAT!?

Lavie - "COOL DOWN"
Keel - Ugh.

Gold - What? You're going to switch...and run away?
Silver - Kyakya, that's not gonna work.
Keel - Shut up, dumbass!!

Pg. 16
Gold - Even if you switch, the result won’t change!!

Lavie - Blue, use your water!!

Blue - Now, I get it...


Gold - What!!?

[He uses water to conduct my lightning away.]
Not bad.

Pg. 17
Keel - "BURST BULLET"!!!

Silver - "WIND STAGE"!!!

I'm not going to lose to a brainless chimp like you!!

Keel - That's my line, flattie! Like hell I'll lose to one stupid brat!!

Silver - Who're you calling flattie!!


Pg. 18
Keel - I'll crush that annoying wall!!

Silver - KYAAA!!


Keel - Your breeze won't stand a chance against my blast.
Silver - Don't be so caught up, you stupid chimp~!!

Pg. 19
Gold - "THOR HAMMER"!!!

Blue - "AQUAFORM"!!

Looks like...your chemistry doesn't go with mine.

Gold - Ngh...

== Drizzling Moon

Pg. 20
Gold - GWAH!!


Mippy - Oink!!

Lavie - Nice catch, Mippy!!

Gold - Ngh...

Pg. 21
Keel - Wha!!?

What the!?

Gold - Is this...

Villagers - [What's happening?]
Lavie - Crem-san, could this be!!?
Crem - Yes! It's about to erupt!!

If we don't hurry and return the treasure to the pedestal, the volcano will...!!

Mippy - Leave it to me, oink!!

Pg. 22

Keel - Wha!!

Lavie - The pedestal...!!

Mippy - It's destroyed, oink!!

Gold - It'll be a waste if you stop our long-awaited show.
Mippy - Oink!!?

Gold - That treasure means nothing without the pedestal, right?
Silver - Kyakya, tough luck~

Keel - You bastards!!

Pg. 23
Lavie - Wha!!

The volcano's pressure...
If we don't do something, it'll...

Keel - This volcano is gonna erupt...!!

Gold - This looks pretty bad.
Silver - Sca~ry, kyakya.
Keel - Ngh!

Gold - I'm reluctant about leaving before the battle is settled, but
Silver - You can all die together now~!!

Pg. 24
Keel - Wha!!

Wait, you jerks!


Villagers - HEEKS. RUN~!!

Keel - Ngh...

Pg. 25
What should we do, Crem!?
Crem - Keel-sama,

with that pedestal gone, there's no more way...we can stop that immense energy...

Keel - Alright...simple enough.
Crem - Eh?

Keel-sama, what're you...!?

Lavie - Keel!?

Keel - I just need to stop this, right?


Pg. 26
Lavie - KEEL!?
Crem - Keel-sama, what're you doing!!?

Keel - You guys run while I'm stopping this thing!!

Lavie - What're you saying, Keel!!
Keel - I SAID GO!!

Lavie - What's that? You can't possibly stop the whole volcano!!

Keel - Shut up!!
Lavie - What...

Pg. 27
Keel - Don't you belittle this Keel-sama...the Dragonape!!!

Just run already, you idiots!!
Lavie - But...

Keel - UWA!!
Lavie - Keel!!

Keel - NGGGGH...


Pg. 28
Blue - If it's fire, then use water...right?

Keel - Heh, give it more force then!!
Blue - Back at you!

Keel - What're you doing, Lavie. Just go!!
Mippy - Lavie.
Lavie - But I can't just leave you two behind!!

Keel - GWOH!!

Blue - Kuh!!

Keel - UUGH...

Pg. 29
Crem - I'll stop it!!
Keel - Huh!!?

Crem - Keel-sama, Blue-san, please run away!!

Keel - What're you saying? What can you possibly do!!?
Crem - If...

...If I...

If I die, the volcano will stop.
Keel - What!?

Crem - If I can take this energy into my body...

Pg. 30
I'll die...but I'll be able to stop the eruption...

Lavie - Crem-san!!?
Keel - What're you saying!!

Crem - KYA.

Keel - Like hell I'll leave someone who says she's about to die alone. That's bullshit!!!

Crem - It's alright.

Keel - Huh?

Pg. 31
Crem - I'll revive back.

Keel - Huh?

Lavie - You-You mean...
Keel - Lavie...

== Rebirth

Keel - What's that!?
Lavie - It's an ability to revive oneself back after death...I've only read about it in books though.

Crem - Large amount of energy is needed for me to be reborn.

If I take in the energy of this volcano...

Pg. 32
I'll be able to reborn back to life, and stop the volcano.
So, it's alright, Keel-sama.

Keel - What...

What the hell!! "You'll be reborn", you said...?
Are you even 100% sure that it will actually work!!?

Crem - That's...


How can I let you die when you aren't even sure that you'll come back!!?
Just run away already, stupid!!

Pg. 33
Crem - Keel-sama...

Mippy - Oink~

Keel - UWOH!!
Mippy - Oink.

Keel - GWAH!!
Lavie - Keel, Blue!!



Pg. 34
Crem - Keel-sama, this is our only way to stop the eruption, now.

Lavie - Crem-san!!
Keel - Hey, Crem!!

Crem - Keel-sama...

Keel - Hold on!!!

Crem - please trust me!!

Pg. 35-36
Keel - CREM!!!

Lavie - Crem-san!!
Keel - That idiot!!

Blue - Ugh.

Keel - What the hell are you doing!!?

Pg. 37
Blue - You want to die or what? What can you ever do by jumping into that fire!?
Keel - Ugh...

Shut up!!


Blue - You seriously are one brainless chimp, are you?

She made her decision and jumped in.
Right now, all we can do is to trust her, just like what she said!!

Mippy - Oink~

Pg. 38
Keel - ...Ngh...

Blue - Let's get going. We better get out of here.
Mippy - Oink.

Lavie - Keel...

Keel - Blue, you jerk...what the hell, dammit!
What the hell...dammit...

...Come back, Crem...
...That's our promise...

Pg. 39
Crem - Thank you, Keel-sama...

I'm sorry, Keel-sama...

Pg. 40
Lavie - The tremor stopped shortly after we escaped from the volcano,

all thanks to Crem-san, risking her life for us.

After that, we explained everything that happened to the villagers.
Villagers - Such an impressive girl...
She really is a Guardian deity, after all.

Lavie - With that, our first day at Gokuraku Villager ended.

And the next day...

Pg. 41
Keel - You really had found Crem!!?

Villager - Yes, we found her in front of our door early this morning.

Keel - Where's she!!?
Villager - She-She's over there,

on that table.
Keel - Huh!?

Crem - COO~

Pg. 42
Keel - What...
Mippy - She got smaller~

Keel - Hey, what's with you getting a whole lot smaller now?
Crem - COO~

Keel - Hehe, but looks like your rebirth went on pretty well.

Now, what's with that?

It's me, Keel!!
Crem - COO!!

Keel - He-Hey!

Crem - COO~
Villager - Now, now, Crem-sama. Please don't make my head into your nest~

Keel - ...What the...

Lavie - Keel...

Pg. 43
The reincarnated Paradise Bird will forget
about everything that happened before their rebirth...both of herself...

and of the people around her...
Keel - What...

Then why didn't you tell me earlier!!?

Lavie - Because I know you'll stop her...
Crem-san decided on this, even knowing that she'll die...

I...can't bring myself to tell you...

Villager - Fofofo, you're eating that again, Crem-sama?

Mippy - She's having a meal, oink?
Villager - Yes...

Pg. 44
Somehow, she takes a special liking for bananas.

Crem - ['tis good...]

Keel - ...What the hell?


Pg. 45
Lavie - Keel!!


Lavie - ...I know.

Pg. 46
Crem - [You're such a nice person.]
Keel - [Eh!?]

Crem - [Keel-sama.]

Pg. 47
Keel - Ugh...

It's salty~
** His banana today has the taste of tears... **

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