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Last Ranker −Be The Last One− 1

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Sep 18, 2010 09:30 | Go to Last Ranker −Be The Last One−

-> RTS Page for Last Ranker −Be The Last One− 1

New series~ ^_^"

*kick herself*

Don't think the raw is out yet though, but I can be wrong, since I didn't check as much for the raw... ._."

Please credit Galooza for proofreading.

Last Ranker
Chapter 1 "Don't Turn Around"

== For those who didn't know, Last Ranker's chapter name (at least for this chapter) is "in English", so... ._."
Pg. 1
Narration – [The Combat Association, Bazalta...]
[People who work under this association are “ranked” by their strength.]

** The new series, starting with 62 pages and four color pages, "Last Ranker ~Be the Last one~" **

[As if strength was all there is to justice,]
[the high-ranked people will receive power, and even an ability to change the world.]

[And right now,]
[One young man is up for the challenge of the Bazalta “warrior ranking”.]

Pg. 2-3
[Be the last one!!]
[Aim for the “Last Ranker"]

** Rise to the highest peak! The unique RPG turns into a comic with the passionate art style of Ueda Satoshi-sensei, the author of “FLAGS”! **

Pg. 4
Zig - *hah*


Girl - I wonder if he's alright...
Man - He still seems to be breathing.

Girl - Oh, you're finally up!!

Pg. 5
Zig - ...Who are you?
Man - We're merchants, currently on a journey to Ghandoar.
We found you collapsed on the way, so we helped you out.

Zig - ...I see...thanks...
Man - Where are you from...?
I doubt anyone in their right mind would pass through this desert without water.

Zig - I...

Man - Wha...What're you doing!!?
Girl – KYAAAA!

Pg. 6
Zig - Move aside!!

Pg. 7
Madbull - GAAAAH!!

Girl - A Madbull!!

Zig - Tch!!

Monsters really are everywhere, huh...
Man - Hey, what are you doing? We better run!!

Zig - You two get to somewhere safe.

Pg. 8
[fight it!!]
[I'll never run away!!]
-- Zig --

Girl - He...He took down that giant Madbull in one hit...
Zig - [Certainly...since I left Cantalera to become stronger...!!]

Pg. 9
[To become stronger...!!]

People - Chief!!
We're back.

Pg. 10
Chief - You're unharmed, right, Zig?
you poor thing. Your only blood relative, your father, fell prey to those Fangwolves.

Zig...I'm really sorry about your father...
From now on, you're part of my family!!
You can think of this place as home, and live here in peace.

Faz - Yes, father!!

Pg. 11
Take care of this boy.
He's around your age.
Faz - Alright.

I'm Faz!!
Nice to meet you!!
Zig – [That was the first time I met Faz.]

Faz – Zig!!
Let’s go get some water.

You have to stand more firmly when cutting wood.

Wake up, Zig!!
Let's go fishing!!
Zig – [Since then, Faz has called me out on just about every little thing.]

Pg. 12
[I really hated him for that.]
He's being nice just because his father said to, no doubts there.

Father - Zig!!
Run!! You have to run!!


Zig - Dad!!


Pg. 13

Faz - Zig?

What's he doing up...
at this time of night...?

Pg. 14
That guy!!

Chief - Listen, Zig. As long as you're in this tribe,
there's one rule you must follow.
Zig - Rule...?

Chief - In Cantalera, all acts of fighting are prohibited.
That includes the acts of wanting to become stronger, as well.

Pg. 15
Humans who long for power will want to boast about it.
Their desire to prove that they’re stronger than anyone else will one day call forth opposition.

We, of Cantalera, love peace and harmony. Therefore, we view that opposition as something that must be avoided at all costs.
This is our traditional lifestyle which we must protect.

Listen. You must never break this rule, Zig!!
Zig - ...Yes sir...


Pg. 16
Faz - Why did you break the rule!!?

Pg. 17
What's wrong...?
Your hands are shaking.

I asked...why you broke the rules...

Answer me!!

Zig - I...
killed my own father.

Pg. 18
I was there back when my dad was attacked by the Fangwolves, yet I couldn't move a single inch.
He desperately helped me get away.
That's how I was saved...
all I could do then was run away, leaving my dad behind...

If only I become stronger...
If only I have more strength, I might've been able to save dad...

Faz - ...Zig...
[So that's why he comes out alone at night...]

Pg. 19
[The only thing I can do for him now...]


I'll be...
practicing with you, then!!

Pg. 20
Zig - You're OK with that...?
But if you do that...

Faz - What?
If they find out, we can both come up with something later!!
I'm not letting you get stronger alone!!

I'll become stronger with you!!
If I do, we can be best friends forever.

Zig - [Faz...]

Pg. 21
[Ever since then, the two of us started training secretly.]

Faz - Don't be so rough on me, alright...?
My hands are all numb, now.

[10 years had passed.]

Zig - Really? I was trying not to use too much strength, though.

Pg. 22
Haru - Ah, there they are...

Geez, where have you been!!?
We promised to eat lunch together today, didn't we!!?
Mysie - We were looking for you!!
-- Cantalera's girl, Haru --
-- Faz's sister, Mysie --

Faz – Shoot...I totally forgot!!

Mysie – Zig!! Your sleeve got frayed…

Give it here! I'll fix it for you.
Zig - I...It's alright. Never mind!!
Faz – Even Zig can’t do a thing when dealing with Mysie, huh?

Pg. 23
Wow, looks yummy.
You made all these, Haru?
Haru - Ehe!!

Faz - Alright, let's eat...
Haru - Not yet!!

Faz - What now~!?
Haru - You have to wash your hands first!!
Can't you learn a bit from Zig, now!!?

Zig - Wow, this is great.
Haru - He's already digging in.

Everyone - Hahaha.

Faz – Finally, our day of departure, huh...

Pg. 24
Need to take one last look at this scenery, now.
I really loved it, though.

Zig - You'll get use to the new place once you get there.
Faz - Right!!

Zig – [Cantalera is a wandering tribe. We move to new land after a couple of years.]
[That’s our tradition.]

Faz - No matter where we go, we'll always be with everyone in Cantalera!!
I really love our tribe with everyone together!!

Mysie - All you actually really need is Haru, no?

You brute.

Haru - I agree with Faz...
I really love our tribe...

Pg. 25
Here, I have Faz...
and Mysie with me...
I hope we can all be together, forever.

Faz - [Yeah!! We'll always be together.]

Alright!! We'll be sleeping here tonight!!
We'll be leaving early tomorrow morning!! So, get a good sleep.

Zig, you and Darlan are the lookouts, tonight.
I'm leaving that to you!!
Zig - Gotcha.

Pg. 26
Darlan - Whoa, it's freezing tonight...
-- Haru's father, Darlan --

But this is the first time we can speak freely together, hm...
Zig - ...Yeah...

Darlan - Hey,

you and Faz have been practicing sword fighting, right?

Pg. 27
Zig - How did you...
Darlan - Why? I’ve been interested in you two for some time, now...
I happened to see you practicing.

Don't worry! I won't tell anyone!!

what're you practicing sword fighting for?
Trying to become a Ranker, or something?
Zig - Ranker...?

Darlan - Don't you know?
In the capital of Ghandoar,
there’s a combat association, known as Bazalta. There, we’ll be ranked based on our strength.

The combat association, Bazalta:
The place where you can get unlimited wealth and fame, depending on your rank...
The phrase "Power is everything" describes it perfectly…That’s what that place is like.

Pg. 28
In the past,
I used to be a Ranker of Bazalta, as well!!

Zig - You were!?
You didn't grow up in Cantalera?

Darlan - I wasn't allowed to talk of my past here, after all...It's no surprise that you didn't know.
I was originally a wanderer from Ghandoar!

There are plenty of people in the same boat as me, here in this tribe.
But, we kept our mouths shut to fit in with the people, who took in wanderers like us.

this is no more, now...


Pg. 29
I'm leaving Cantalera.

Zig - You...You're leaving

Pg. 30
Darlan – I once gave up on being a Ranker after I being injured, and stumbled my way to this tribe.
But as time passed, the memories of my brilliant days at Ghandoar came back again and again.
That's why, this is my last chance. I want to test out my strength once more!!

Zig, your sword skills are excellent. Would you come with me?

Faz - [we can become best friends, forever…]

[I really love our tribe with everyone together!!]

Haru - [I hope we can all be together, forever...]

Zig - I'm...

Pg. 31
not going.
I'll stay here, in Cantalera...

Darlan - Tch.

Alright! Though, I thought you are the same as me, but...
oh well...everyone's different, anyway!!

But never tell anyone about this!!
We both hold each other's secret, so don't do anything stupid...

We'll be parting once we reach the north mountain in the next two days.
If you change your mind, you can come to me and I’ll take you along...

Pg. 32
[The next morning.]

Haru - Zig...

Zig - Haru!!

Haru - I heard that my dad invited you last night...
to "leave Cantalera"...

Zig - ...Yeah.
I refused, though.

Haru - I'm sorry about him confusing you...
I really want to apologize for that.

Zig - Never mind that...

But you're...
going to go with him, too?

Pg. 33
Haru - No...
I like Cantalera, with everyone around me. I don't intend to leave...

Zig - Will Darlan allow that, though?
Haru - I don't know, either...

Haru - I know that my dad was a Ranker in the city...
But that's far in the past...I doubt he'll be able to get his glory back at this age!!
That's why I’ll make sure to convince him to let me stay in Cantalera!!

But I'm really glad that you turned him down...
I'm sure Faz would be sad if you're weren't around...

Zig - Fufufufufu.
Haru - What?

Zig - You really like Faz, huh?

Pg. 34
Haru - I...I'm not...I just...!!
Zig - No need to hide it, now.

Faz, he’s...
really a good guy.

Haru - Yep...
People - We've got a problem!!

What? What's wrong!!?
The leading group we sent out to the north mountain a day earlier...

were attacked...
by monsters...

Pg. 35
Pitiful...those three were still young and lively people...
They said there's a monster den at the bottom of the mountain just ahead of us.
If so, how can we keep on? Are we going to stop here!?

Faz - Everyone, listen up!!

Due to this incident, we’ll have to change our route.
It might take us several more hours, but we'll detour to the west.
Map - Ghandoar
Current position.
Monster's Den. Off limits.
Alternate route.

Don't go by yourself!! Alright!

Pg. 36
People - What do we do now, Darlan!?
If we can't pass the north mountain, we won't be able to get to Ghandoar...

Darlan - Don't worry.

We'll stick with the plan, and get to Ghandoar through the north mountain tomorrow.

People - But they said there's a monster den at the north mountain...

Darlan - Listen. The reason those people were killed is because they were from Cantalera, and didn't even know how to use weapons!!
But that won't be the case with us!!

Pg. 37
We're going to Ghandoar to rebuild ourselves!!
If we're scared of the monsters here, then there's no way we are to become successful in Ghandoar!!

Knowing the danger,
those who've made up their minds can come with me!!

Zig - [Will Darlan...]
[really be heading out for Ghandoar, tomorrow...?]

[I wonder if Haru can persuade him.]

Pg. 38
[The next morning.]

Faz - Alright, time to depart!!

Zig - Faz!!
Faz - Hm?
Zig - Have you seen Haru?

Faz – No.
Now that you mention it, I haven't seen her today.

Zig - [Don't...Don't tell me...]
Woman - Faz!!

This isn’t good! My son told me that he saw
Darlan and some other men heading for the north mountain!!

Pg. 39
Haru - [I'm sorry, Zig.]
[I really can't leave my father alone...]

Darlan - Are you alright, Haru?
Haru - Yes...

Darlan - I'll protect you with my life, so don't worry!!

Haru - [Faz...]

Zig - Faz! It's not too late!
We'd better go after them, now! We've got to get them back!!

What's wrong, Faz!!?
We might be able to save them from those monsters!!

Pg. 40
Faz - You can't, Zig...
I won't let you go after them...

Zig - Faz...

What're you saying!!?
Haru's with them, too!! We can't just let our friend be in-
Faz - Those people!!

They chose..

to leave Cantalera themselves.
I can't sacrifice any more of our valuable lives for them...

We aren't even sure if the west route we're taking will be totally safe...
So, as the chief's son, I have the responsibility of securing everyone's lives!!

Pg. 41
All this is for Cantalera!!
Please understand!!

Zig - You...
might be right...


I don't want...
to run away, anymore!!

Pg. 42
Faz - Wait,
Don't go!!


People - *hah*

No...No more!!
There's no way...
we can fight those things...


Pg. 43

People - They already killed two of us, Darlan!!
Darlan - Don't mind that! Just focus on the enemy!!

Fangwolf - Grrrrrr.

Haru - Dad...

Darlan - You bastards...
don't you underestimate us humans...

Pg. 44
you monsters!!
Fangwolf - Grrrr.

Zig - [Darlan,]

Pg. 45
People - GWAAAAH!!

It's no use, Darlan!!
No matter how many times we slash them, they just won’t fall!!

Darlan - Don't give up!!
If we can break through here, we can get to Ghandoar!!

Haru - KYAAAA.

Darlan - [Haru!!]

[I won't make it in time!!]


Pg. 46

Zig - Are you alright?

Pg. 47
Haru - Zig!!

Zig - Haru!!
You run straight back in the direction I came from!!
I'll stop these monsters for you!!

Haru - Bu...But!!

Zig - Just go!!
You shouldn't stay here.

Faz is...

Faz is waiting for you.

Haru - Thanks...

Pg. 48
Darlan - Thanks, Zig!!
I almost lost my daughter due to my own selfishness...

Zig - Now, I can fight at full strength.
You're going to Ghandoar, no!!?

Darlan - Yeah!! I am!!

Let's go!!

Pg. 49
People - Faz-san, we'd been waiting for 2 hours, now!!
If we don't leave soon, there's no telling when those monsters might show up...

Faz - I know.
Let's go...

[Please be safe!!]

Pg. 50
Darlan+Zig - *hah*

Darlan - In the end...
we're the only ones left standing, huh...
just me and you...
Zig - *hah*


Pg. 51
People - Is something wrong, Faz-san?
Faz - No...No, it's nothing.

Zig - Ah...

Pg. 52
Darlan - Gah.

Zig - Dar...

Pg. 53
Hang in there!!
Don't die!! Darlan!!

What are you doing, dying in the place like this!!?
Why do you have to do this for my sake...?

Aren't you going to Ghandoar!!?
Wake up, Darlan!!


Pg. 54
Zig - [How should I...]
[explain this to Haru...]

[I wonder]
[if she made it back safely.]

[I hope she does...]

Pg. 55
Fangwolf - Grrrr.

Zig - *hah*


No way...

Pg. 56
[Haru dies in silence, 500 meters from Cantalera.]

Haru - [Here I have Faz, Zig, and Mysie with me.]
[I hope we can all be together, forever...]

Pg. 57
-- 1 month later --

Faz – So, you're leaving...
Cantalera no matter what, Zig...!!?

Zig - Yeah...
I'm not coming back again...

Pg. 58
You can protect the tradition here and keep this place a peaceful place, Faz...
I'll create my own future with my own two hands...

Faz - Looks like I can no longer convince you with words.

Zig – Fine, then...

Pg. 59
Faz - I'm Faz.
Nice to meet you!!

I'll be...
practicing with you, then!!

Pg. 60

[I'll become stronger with you!!]
[If I do, we can be best friends forever.]

Pg. 61
Zig - Faz...

Faz - Dammit!

Am I the only one who thinks...
we're best friends...!?

Pg. 62
Zig - [Thanks, Faz...]


[I'll enter Bazalta!!]
[And become the strongest of all!!]
** To grab hold on his future, he can never look back. **

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