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Blazer Drive 25

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Oct 16, 2010 06:52 | Go to Blazer Drive

-> RTS Page for Blazer Drive 25

So, since some leechers decided to "prompt" me to drop this series (yep, very clearly as well...since he actually told me to "give it to someone else and tackle different mangas"), I'll make it this way then. This will be my last chapter, for both the raw and the translation, at least until I get the translations of at least 5 chapters of Buster Keel, 2 chapters of God Eater, and...at least 2 if not completely catch up with Last Ranker. (Last Ranker just merely got its second chapter...can't tell the exact number -_-") BD will be put on hold until then, and if another group actually pick up their own raw provider and translator for it, this series is dropped.

Why is that? I want to see if I "give this manga to someone else", would it actually speed up the process, or would it be the other way around. If it does work, then great. Good job with it. If not, tough luck for you all then.

Though, one word of warning regarding the raw of this series, even though I'm telling you to go look for another raw provider, Rena isn't someone who you should be asking though. Rena actually blacklisted BD way before she posted that update at her twitter. She never likes the series, unless you didn't know, to the point of hating it. I was the one who initially asked her to provide the raw of this, since I don't like scanning and translating the same chapter of any manga. Got into lots of problems with other people in the process, so...Rena's clearly not an option of someone who you should ask for the raw of this series.

I don't want to bother Gal too much with the proofreading either, especially when the scanlation group seems to be able to find their own proofreader, now. However, I can't let my translation be used without proofreading either. So, let's make a deal. I won't release the raw until a proofreaded script (by proofreading, it means only the English part though. If you want to fix things on the Japanese half, you may put it in the script as well, but you don't have to) of this chapter, may it be from the group or from other people, is sent to me for approval. You can ask me to reserve the proofreaded script for the group, or tell me to post it up as normal, and I'll request for the scanlator to credit you for proofreading as any other translations I've done. Either, unless at least one proofreaded script is sent to me for proofreading, I'll hold out the raw for now...

PS. No need to tell me that I'm a bitch though, since I've been since long ago. I'm fully aware of that. :p

You may only use this translation after I approve your proofreading. Send a proofreaded script to me via PM and wait for me to say OK to it before using.

Blazer Drive
25th BLAZE "hellfire"

Pg. 1
Incineration to all oppositions!!!

Pg. 2
Makiura - ...How could you've done this to me...?
I had even saved your life...Why...?

Sumiya - Saved my life?
What? Didn't you teach me this yourself?

Pg. 3
Loaner – Your wife’s hospital fee and surgery must've cost you a lot, huh?

Makino - Tch, nothing's left but worthless trashes.
Loaner - We too didn't want to do this to you, Sumiya-san,
But you failed to meet the deadline of your repayment...

Makino - Oh!
Found something good now~

Pg. 4
Great, a branded...watch for women.

Sumiya - No!! That's my mom's watch.
Don't take my mom's treasured watch!!!

Makino - ...'da hell?
Sumiya - Dad, but that's mom's memento.
Get it back, dad!!


Pg. 5


Makino - Whoa, now! 'tis you guys' own fault, OK?
Sumiya - Ugh.
Makino - For borrowing our money, but didn't return it...

It's all because of your dad.

We don't care if 'tis your mom's memento or what.
All we care is whether we can change it to money.
Get it?...This is...

Pg. 6
what they call business.

But guess you're still too young to understand it. Haha.
Loaner – That’s it, Makino. We're taking that kid with us.

Pg. 7
Well then, we'll be taking your kid as said in our “contract”.
That’s what we’re here for from the very beginning.

Sumiya - [Contract!?]

Loaner - Kids around this age are getting popular recently, as well.
The supply just couldn't satisfy all the demands.

Makino - Hey, kid. Betcha wanna live in a big house with lots of spaces,
more than this small, empty room, eh?

Bye, then. We'll take good care of 'im.
Sumiya - What're you doing? Stop!!
Help me, dad!!

Help me!!

Pg. 8
Makino - Huh?
Sumiya's dad - Please wait!!!
I'll give you anything, but please, don't take away my son!!

Loaner - Alright.
Then, after you get your life insurance,

we're going to have you die.

Give us your insurance payout.
Should be an easy deal if it’s for your son, am I right?


Pg. 9

Pg. 10
-- The politician, Chief Misawa's house --

Misawa - Welcome.
I've always wanted to talk to you
regarding the future of our country.

You must've felt some delicacy about working hard for this country, I presumed.

Pg. 11
If you want to blame anyone, then blame your dad and your own fate.
This is business. This is what makes the world goes around.

Pg. 12
Sumiya - Number 13, entering.

I highly thank you for choosing me.

Anything as you ordered,
my lord...

Makiura - "Lord", hm...
Warder Misawa
must've discipline you really well then...

Sumiya – [How did he know my name?]

Makiura - Well, I'll ask you for one favor...
That is

Pg. 13
Kill your warder,

Sumiya - Eh!?

Makiura - You're the chosen one. I know you can do it.
This Enku will unleash the flame smothering deep inside your heart.

That person is best gone.
What do you need to hesitate?
You should've known this best, shouldn't you?

Pg. 14
I would like you to kill him.
I want to free you.

This is what I call a business.

Pg. 15
Sumiya - Like back then...

Pg. 16
this is what I call a business.

I already have my next dealing partner, now. That's why.

Pg. 17
-- Section III Guardian, inside the division --
Daichi - Seriously!? Then, you called all of us here today
because we’ve located the Quilin Realm's bases?

Melon - That's right. Everyone will break up into teams,
and strikes each and every one of their HQ and subdivisions.
Misora - It's easier to locate them than I thought.

Melon - You're all thrilled now, aren't you?

Guardian - Ye-Yes, ma'am.

Pg. 18
Daichi - [I really can feel the thrill.]
[We might finally be able to save Ginga.]

Alright, let's sneak into their HQ, now!!
Yuyuka - I want to go to the HQ, as well.
I'll be in the same team as you.

Kuroki - Ah, Daichi.
You'll be heading for their subdivision.

Yuyuka - Ah...Guess I want to go to the subdivision more, now.

Daichi – What the fuck, Kuroki!?
But Ginga is probably somewhere in their HQ!!

Pg. 19
Kuroki - The one they're after is you.
We can't let you wander off to them, like that.

So said the head~
[Where did that come from?]
Dog - Warf.

Daichi - When I was young, I saved the little Shiro from bullies.
Ginga praised me, saying that that's excellent.

Ginga risked his life to protect me, and saved me.
I know that he must've wanted someone to praise him, as well.

With my very own hands,
I'll certainly

Pg. 20
rescue him myself,
and won't let anyone complain about it.

Pg. 21
Melon - Fuh...
as you wish then.

But I'll whip you if you let them catch you.

I dare say, this will be...
our last battle with the Quilin Realm.

Pg. 22-23
That goes for all of you, too. I'll kill you if you ever drop dead, so be prepared for it.

Guardian - Guess we can't die in this, then.
We'll avenge for your old base.

Daichi - Alright!

Pg. 24
Sumiya - There you are.
But how did you unlock the pod...?

Pg. 25
Your memory...also have Daichi-kun in it with you.

Both of you are in the same age as you are now...
But I thought you two merely just met in your recent battle...

This shouldn't even be possible.

And...that picture book...!?

[Kaine, who exactly are you...?]

Pg. 26
Kaine - Ah.


Sumiya - The effect of putting on 2 Quilin Mystickers simultaneously just takes place?
Kaine - Ah.
Sumiya - I guess your memory is revert back too far now.

Pg. 27
Kaine...Your favorite toy
should be here soon.

If you don't quickly try out the third Quilin,
that toy will hate you, alright?

Kaine - Kya,

Pg. 28
Quilin Realm - How did you know our base?
Who are you guys!?

Guardian - We're from Section II Guardian Division,
the division that you just crushed.

Pg. 29
Quilin Realm - Don't you intervene while I'm enjoying my music!
If so,
then I'll avenge for Shuga-sama, right now.

Vent CDK

Guardian - Resist Mysticker,

Pg. 30
Quilin Realm - He bounced them back?

Pg. 31
Damn, they just kept on coming.

Guardian - I'm not done yet.

Pg. 32

Quilin Realm - Ngh.
That Mysticker can rebound anything?

Won't be good if I fight with all three of them.
I better use this repulsion force to dive into the sea and hide down there.

Pg. 33
I have an Oxygen Mysticker with me, too.

Guardian - Yeah.

Quilin Realm - GYA.

Guardian - Farewell.

Pg. 34
Nice one, Knob.
You too, Kagekyu.

[You seriously are just Kagekyu.]

Lo...Looks like this...is as far...as I can go...
Daichi...take care of the Quilin Realm...HQ for me...

Pg. 35
Daichi - [Dammit. We couldn't even see where the enemy is]
[or even fighting back at all...]

[Where exactly is he!!?]

Pg. 36
Quilin Realm - I can clear~ly see all of you,
from 1 km away, that is~

My Cyclops is both Supporting Type and Weapon Type. It's the Mysticker which integrates the eyes with the rifle.
You can't run away from me~

Let's not shoot at the heart and the head~

Pg. 37
Alright, one do-...

He's still standing!?
What the? Did I miss!!?

He's pointing this way!!?
Could they possibly...!!?

Pg. 38
Tenjik - Yeah, already know where you are.
Quilin Realm - What's this rat!!? When did it get here?

Tenjik - You're surprised at THAT?
Shouldn't you be more surprised that I'm talking!!?

We have all the info about you.
We already took picture of Daichi getting shot long before this.
[This is my communicator.]

All I need is to hold it in front of the scope.

Quilin Realm - Damn, so that's what it is!!?
Tenjik - You can see miles away, but can't see what's in front of you, huh?

Quilin Realm - Then you too are a Guardian!?
How did you know where I am!?

Pg. 39
My nose is peculiar, after all.
I can distinguish the unique smell emitted from activated Mystickers,
in 800 m distance, for the time being.

Quilin Realm - [I never knew that the Guardian also have this kind of rat!!]
[I didn't even notice his presence!!]

Tenjik - But I bet you'll be more surprised
to know that I'm a Blazer, too.

Quilin Realm - What!!!?

Tenjik - BLAST PLUS!!!

Pg. 40-41
??? - Who would've thought that the Quilin Realm's HQ is inside a dam?
Yuyuka - YAHOO

Pg. 42
Echo - YAHOO~~~
Kuroki - It's really huge.

Yuyuka - Wow. The sound got echoed as well!!

Tenjik - We did not come here to play around.
How disgraceful of you, Yuyuka-sama.
Misora - I was thinking of trying that too, though...
Yuyuka - What's wrong with that?


Pg. 43
Sumiya - Yahoo~

Pg. 44
It's rude to come in without any appointment, but I'll let that slide this time.
Let's talk about our business now, shall we?

I'll be waiting upstairs...

Pg. 45
Daichi - No need for the wait.
This is our last battle. Let's settle it quick.

** The time for their decisive battle has come!! **

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#1. by Galooza ()
Posted on Oct 16, 2010
We're cool on the proofreading area for 24. Just miscommunication. And ya, heck if I have time for this right now.
#2. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Oct 16, 2010
...Still, the group did get its own proofreader that edit your proofreaded (and didn't credit), no?

Also, I bet so...:p I mean, I got kinda reluctant of asking you to proof just about every series as well. Plus, you did say that you have lots of proofreading to do already... .-.
#3. by unok-kun ()
Posted on Oct 18, 2010
Ju-chan, you're not a bitch. It's people who ask you to give them raw/TL or drop it who are bitches or dicks. They just get what they deserve (that is, nothing).
#4. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Oct 19, 2010
Well...I already dropped this series once, as well (with the conflict with IEM's translator and Heiji), and stated pretty clearly that, if another person ask me to drop it, I'll drop it once and for all, or probably throw it to the other side and start working on the Thai translation of it instead (I checked everyday...still no regular Thai translation of BD from what I saw, and Thai community is kinda in demand for it as well...and if the Thai one gets to the latest chapter, I'll just scan the raw exclusively for them or something like that instead.)

It's actually quite amazing already how I still give BD some kind of chance though...with putting it on hold until I'm done with other series that need updates more than it. BK needs update at least till chapter 19 and some Last Ranker for Ala Atra (and helz0ne). I doubt God Eater will have any group picking it up immediately, since last update was since January for that, I think, but still, worth putting my bet on than BD. Plus, I need to get some TotA out for WoaA as well...So, come to think of it, it's actually just an obvious action I should be taking, I guess. >_>"
#5. by Chakra ()
Posted on Oct 19, 2010
Thanks for the translation! ^^
#6. by skull_order ()
Posted on Oct 30, 2010
hey you!!
why don't you just scan and translate BD continuosly??
you just made the readers upset because they cannot read this manga..
don't think that you dislike this manga,you can made the readers waiting for this manga to pop-out every week.
the readers really want to know about this manga on the next chapter.
please do the scanlation and made everyone happy reading BD.
#7. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Nov 1, 2010
For your knowledge though, BD IS A MONTHLY MANGA! Don't even talk to me if you said you expect a chapter every week. >:S

One, I don't see why do I have to work myself out to make you guys happy, especially when you guys, English-speaking leechers of BD, are the ones who prompted me to drop the series the most. No joking. Last time, it's those impatient leechers that make the matter that's already bad to become even worse. This time, a leecher actually told me directly to "drop the series and let the other group take care of it." I'm actually very surprised myself of why I'm still giving this series another chance, when I should've just kicked it out already like Rena did. :S

Two, by the standard of majority of the leechers, as far as I've seen, raw and translation mean nothing without the scanlation of them. How long had I posted my raw and translation of chapter 24 already? And how long does it take for a scanlation group to actually pick it up (don't get me wrong though. I've very grateful that Muda decided to pick it up, even as temporary type of thing)? BD is probably the "old-time" series in Rival with most recent release already (by "old-time", I mean series that had been running in the magazine for at least a year...since if you count the newbies, Last Ranker is closest to the actually release at the moment...well, though BK just got a batch of raw updates recently, so in term of raws, BK is closer to the real release than BD, but still...-_-")

BK has AAS and helz0ne as their regular scanlators, plus there's another group asking me if they can use my BK translations for English scanlation. GE, I don't know yet. I didn't update the translation for it for more than half a year now, and Rena just recently uploaded the raw of its second chapter. The release was hold out, not because there's no scanlator to take it like in BD case, but with the raw and translation delay. FLAGS...AAS is on it, though I didn't update the translation with the last chapter yet. Last Ranker...will do it sometimes. Now, BD? Guess what? I saw ABSOLUTELY NO sign of interested scanlator until last month (in contrast to BK, where I saw...I have to say, too much signs of interested scanlators that I had been asked by Gal to reserve the translation for his group...People who think BK is less popular than BD should rethink right now...-_-") So, if I were to choose, why not? I certainly will choose to prioritize BK the most, more than any Rival series. I totally don't see why I should waste my time trying to catch up with the series that don't have stable scanlation group, when I could've got some more release out and ready for the one that have regular scanlators on them. :S

Three, I have my life too, you know? Even if you said you want me to release BD once a week at least until the most recent chapters available, I do have other stuffs to do as well, like university or real life things. BD, like any other monthly, is around 45 pages per chapter. I don't have that much time to work on that amount every week, especially when I have other mangas to translate, plus RL to deal with. -_-"
#8. by Galooza ()
Posted on Nov 5, 2010
I hadn't checked back after my first comment, but this just crossed the line. Skull, if that's your attitude and I was the TL, I would be happy dropping it altogether. Readers don't deserve crap if they can't be patient.

And Ju, they just had a miscommunication about the credit page. They were using my proof.
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