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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

EXEcutional 6

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Oct 21, 2010 17:35 | Go to EXEcutional

-> RTS Page for EXEcutional 6

Sorry for one LO~NG wait... ._."

Please credit Galooza for proofreading.

Chapter 6 "The Afterschool Girl"

Pg. 1
– Ganda's school --

Classmate - Hey, Ganda.

So, are you going to become a GM like your brother?
-- Ganda. 17 yrs. The hero. --
Ganda - Huh?

No!! I'm not.
Classmate - Huh? Then, what do you play as?

Ganda - Well...I just play as something totally different,
since I'm in the Anti-GM army now.

Pg. 2-3
Classmate - Huh...but didn't you say you wanted to be a GM?
Ganda - Ah...
D- D- Don't mind me!!!
[Leave the trivial stuff be.]

They'd kill me if they knew I was part of the Anti-GM army.
Well, I'm off.
Classmate - Alright.
[Good, so I don't need to run from him.]
-- In the game, GM's are dangerous people feared by all the players. --

Ganda – I’m loving it...
I can become a hero even without having to be a GM.

So much happened yesterday.

Pg. 4

Pg. 5

Pg. 6
Waipoj - How the heck did you do that!?

Your destructive power is way over the top!
Passorn - Sheesh, quiet down.
Waipoj - And you dealt 7000 damage to them?

Ganda - It...It's the power of this weapon, I think.
How're those merchants now?
Waipoj - They're dead meat, that's for sure.

Since they only have 4000 HP combined...[You just 1-Hit KO'd them.]

Pg. 7
Asada - He really suits to be the captain of the 1st division [with that much strength.]
-- Asada, Captain of the Anti-GM Army's 2nd Division --
-- Kasem, Vice-captain of the Anti-GM Army's 2nd Division --

Kasem - I still don't get it, though.
How can a Lv.1 do that much damage?

Passorn - Ganda's skill really is a mystery.
Mr. Rabbit - Yeah.
Waipoj - No need to pick apart the details.

Hey, can I see your mace again? I want to do some investigating on it...
Ganda - Oh?

Pg. 8
What the? It's gone again?
I thought so,
since it just up and vanished last time, as well.

Waipoj - No problem!! You can just call it out again!!
Ganda - Yeah!!

Waipoj - You could just tell me it won't come out...[No need to be acting cool.]

We never know when you can call it out, then.
Ganda - But just now, I did call it out twice.

Pg. 9
Plus, this skill doesn't have any explanation to it.
Waipoj - Too bad.

Ah well. [I'll just wait for later.]
Passorn - Ah, my level just went up, though.

Ganda, take a look at your card. I bet your level already went up, as well.
Waipoj - Oh yeah, since you defeated those merchants.

Also, you're Lv.1, yet you defeat Lv.17 players. Your EXP must've skyrocketed.
Ganda - Ah.
-- EXP (Experience Point): Player get this every time they defeat monsters or other players. When added up, it may increase their levels. --

Pg. 10
Ganda - GAAH!!

Waipoj - 8-8-8500 EXP? For a Lv.1 player?
W...Why won't your level go up?

Pg. 11
How come your required EXP is so high?
You're still a Lv.1!

Hmm, so much I don't understand.
Kasem - Let's leave that for later.
We better get out of here before the GM's come.

Waipoj - Right. We did cause quite a few problems. [plus one massacre.]
Kasem - Anyhow, we'll be parting here.

Let's leave the investigation for later.
Waipoj - Agreed.

Pg. 12
Kasem - I'll tell everyone else about the new leader of the 1st division.
Oh!! But that doesn't mean I've accepted you yet, Ganda.

You can show me what you're made of when our general comes.
If she accepts you, then I will too.

Waipoj - That guy should've just said he can't accept it.
Mr. Rabbit - Well, I'll have to give this guy some training, then.

Don't worry.
Waipoj - We'll take care of ya.

Pg. 13
??? - Ganda really started playing this game,
but I never thought he’d join the Anti-GM Army.

Oh well.
I'll see you soon, my stupid brother.
[Play around all you want.]

Pg. 14
-- A market close to Ganda's house --

Ganda - But the Anti-GM Army is really fun, too.

that makes my brother an enemy. [What do I do?]

Nah, I didn't see him as often, anyway.
I only see him once in a blue moon.

Pg. 15

Pg. 16
But now that I became part of the Anti-GM Army,
I'm bound to see him soon.

I'll worry about it when the time comes.
[No sweat.]

Girl – Hey.

Ganda - Y-Yes?

Girl - Can you get me that water mimosa?
Ganda - Huh?
Girl - I can't reach it.

Pg. 17
Ganda - There you go.
Girl - Thanks.
Vender - Move it. Move it. Move it~!!

Ganda - Whoa~!!!

Grocer- Oh?

Ganda - Wah!!!

Pg. 18
Tha...That was close. Thanks.
Girl - You're welcome.

Pg. 19
Ganda - GAAAAH~!! MY GROCERIES~!!! [They’re all squashed, dammit.]
Grocer – You’re already lucky not to get hit...


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#1. by unok-kun ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2010
We're gonna need raws though...
#2. by Ju-da-su ()
Posted on Oct 22, 2010

You mean...you can't contact the old raw provider? .-.

I can scan them for you if you need it, but...my tanko is a mess...despite of actually already found it... ._."
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