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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 126

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Apr 30, 2011 07:45 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 126

Sorry for being late. I got a little too lazy to check the proofreading (Plus, have to study... ._.")

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:126 "The Earthbound Stars"

Pg. 1
Announcement - A large cave-in appeared in the underground tunnel under Shibuya Station, causing blackouts and electronic devices to not function in the surrounding area.
As the train has already stopped, there's no one injured...

Rui - Yuuki...!!
** What became of Yuuki's wounds after losing to Toki in their death match? **

Are you all right!? Yuu...

Pg. 2
Yuuki - ...Oh?
Fifth and Ogami? What's wrong?

Rui - Aren't you having a good time here!!? You're fine now, I see!!
Yuuki - I have some Nyan Bread~ Want some?
Ogami - Why are you here too, Sakurakouji-san?
Sakurakouji - Yuuki-kun wanted me here so I asked the nurses to move me.

Pg. 3
It's sad that Yuuki-kun and Toki-kun had to fight,
but it's a good thing that his wound wasn't serious.

Yuuki - No worries.

It's just a scratch. The Joker isn't that strong as well.
I'm gonna bring Fourth back, so get better soon!!

Rui - Just stay still already!!

...No need to act so tough.

You shouldn't move around too much with this wound, understand?

I know you don't want to worry Sakurakouji, but...

Yuuki - ...Meh, I'm perfectly fine.
It's just that...

Pg. 4
I'm going to stop Fourth for sure...
...That's what I swore, yet...

Rui - Yuuki...
Yuuki - He...doesn't even say anything.

Rui - What's so funny?
Ogami - ...I was just thinking that really is just like him.

I'll be the one to stop Toki...to stop that idiot.

Pg. 5
And you should get better soon and protect everyone.
...Got it?

Yuuki - ...Ogami?

President - Get well soon, Sakurakouji-san. Tell me if you need anything, and I'll get it for you. [I've already phoned Goutoku-kun, so he'll be here soon.]

Sakurakouji - ...Can I ask you something, President...?
President - Hm? Of course. If it's about bills, then no worrie-...

Sakurakouji - Are you also a rare kind like me?

Pg. 6
President - ...Eh!?
yeah, I am.

Sakurakouji - Then do you know anything about the Four Founders of "Eden"?
President - Eh!?

Sakurakouji - Not just Heike-senpai or "Emperor"-dono. Do you know something about my mother...?
Yukihina - Well, he sure knows. He's her ex-hus-...
President - Whoa-----!!

It...It's not possible for us to contact the Four Founders though. [Even Heike.]

Sakurakouji - I see...
C:E - Well, duh.

The rare kind has to live in secrecy, after all.
Sakurakouji - "Emperor"-dono!!

Please tell me!!
What happened on December 32...?
did I do...?

Pg. 7
You're one of the Founders. You must've known something...
Please tell me!!

C:E - Well...

I can't remember either.

Can't help it, can I? I'm just one part of his soul and a kid after all.
Ogami - What's so proud about that?
Sakurakouji - All...All right.

...It's a pity,
but guess it's good that you didn't know.

C:E - "Eden"...

Pg. 8
You have to sneak into "Eden" in order to get in contact with the Founders.
That's the only place that's connected to all of them.

Sakurakouji - E..."Eden"...
But we can't. "Eden" is after Ogami's arm right now. They're our enemy...

Ogami - Just as I wanted.

They'll just come at us if we sit still.
let's get both the "Hunt" and the thing about December 32 settled at once.

Pg. 9
Sakurakouji - Ogami...

Ogami - No need to worry anymore.

Pg. 10
Sakurakouji - [I'm the rare kind...]
[and we're heading for "Eden"... I still can't believe it.]

[Waiting for us there are Toki-kun, Heike-senpai and Aoba...]

[I never thought that things would turn out like this back then.]

Pg. 11
[Back then, we lived an ordinary life which even I had taken for granted...as though it's a miracle...]
[Can't we...bring those days back again anymore...?]

Yuuki - Hey, Fifth, Nyanmaru risked her life to protect Ogami, right?
Rui - Yeah.
Yuuki - ...Doesn't seem so to me though.

When Nyanmaru was abducted, he became extremely emotional. Not to mention, he always kept her away from harm.

Yet, he looked so calm today, as though nothing happened.

Rui - ...Now that you mentioned it...

Pg. 12
Where did he go...!?

Sakurakouji - Eh!?

Rui - Rei!!

Shit... He's gone!!

Could he...

Pg. 13
He's going
to do it all by himself...?

Are you nuts...!!?
No one would ever want that!!

["Eden's" attack at a time like this...?]

Pg. 14-15
Sakurakouji - Fire...works?

Yuuki - Fireworks!!
Rui - But who...?

Yuuki - You did this?
Sakurakouji - Not me. I can't move properly just yet, so...

Rui - Then...

Pg. 16
Ogami - Strange how fireworks still work just fine even in this rain.
Yuuki - Fireworks!!
Rui - Rei!! You...

...You did all this?
Yuuki - But Nyanmaru is all stiff now. She doesn't like fireworks.

Ogami - But I
got the feeling that she wanted to see it right now.

Pg. 17
Sakurakouji - ...Yeah.

Pg. 18
[Even though we're going to "Eden"... We'll overcome anything no matter what.]
President - Of course, putting them in a single line shows how dull your taste is.
Ogami - Shut it, shitty cat.
Sakurakouji - [And we'll get those days back for sure...]

Rui - [The glove, that uniform and that cold stare... He was in his part-time mode.]
[I thought he was going to go settle everything himself.]

[But why did he stop...?]

Pg. 19
Yuuki - Ogami really changed.

Rui - ...Guess you're right.

Yukihina - What's this? Some futile play?
Rui - It's not. Fireworks means a lot to us...

Yukihina - And that's why you decided to fire it in the hospital?

Rui - Shit!! They'll get angry at us if they find out!!
I'll keep watch at the hallway, so clean it up quick...


Pg. 20
** Everything in their background turns silent. Is this the enemy's plan to annihilate them all? **

Everyone's gone!?
An enemy attack!?

next: Color spread plus a large 29 pages chapter!!
to be continued

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