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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code:Breaker 129

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on May 12, 2011 19:06 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 129

Well, clearly since both Rena and I seem to have something we want done but we can't do them, so we both decided to blow it out on CB and got flood of release done at the same time without any plan beforehands, both on the translation side and the proofreading side...>_<"

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:129 "The Frozen Time"

Pg. 1
Lily - So, Ogami, if there really is a secret route to "Eden" on Lily's way home, how will you reward Lily?
Ogami - What do you mean...how?

Lily - Boorish little boy.

Obviously, Lily would love for you to...
** They travel to learn of the past and open up their future!! But is something a little off here!? **

Rui - That's not funny!!

Pg. 2
How much longer are you two going to follow us!? You two can only barely stand!! We can't take you to "Eden" with us!!
Sakurakouji - I...I'm all right.
Rui - As if you are!

Sakurakouji - But I need to go to "Eden"
and ask the Four Founders about December 32...


Ogami - ...Even though you said so, she isn't the type to just sit back and wait, no?
"Eden" is currently after Yuuki as well.
It's best we take them with us so we can look after them.

Yuuki - Ogami...

Sakurakouji - ...I'll accept the offer then.

Pg. 3
Lily - Lily quit!! Lily is not going home anymore!!

Sakurakouji - What's wrong? If there's...something bugging you right now, then tell us.

Lily - Hmph, Lily just want to say, "keep quiet".
Sakurakouji - Lily...

Pg. 4
Ogami - But is it really all right for you not to wait for your mother to wake up first?

...I have the feeling that I'll start asking her questions without taking her feelings into consideration if we talked.
[Since when did you know this?]
[Shouldn't you just dump me since I'm the rar-]
[Do you know something about my real-]

President is looking after her right now and Father is going to be by her side. She'll be fine!!
Let's go find the truth from the founders and tell my mom later "not to hide anything anymore"!!
Rui - Yuuki!!

Hop on.
You can come too, Yuuki.

Yuuki - I'll be right on!!

Pg. 5

Yukihina - Let's not waste any more time. We already got the hint to where "Eden's" Headquarters...the Four Founders are.
...I'll finally be able to finish him off.

Yuuki - "Him"?
Rui - He means Heike. As "Re-CODE" and "Code:Breaker", he and Heike had been clashing with each other countless of times, none of which got settled.

Yuuki - I hate Second, too!!
He's all about righteousness. I never understood what he's thinking and that seriously got on my nerves.

He always puts on that priest mask.
Nothing but logic comes out of his mouth. He even knew that's all he did.
Yukihina - Well, he's always been a monster, after all.
Yuuki - And how he never says what he really means is what's pissing me off the most.
Rui - I don't know if they're talking about the same thing or not...

Yukihina - ...In fact, he just wants to know what's right.
And to carry out what he believes is right, he's more than willing to kill off his comrades or treat people as though they're objects.

Pg. 6
Rui - ...Yukihina.

Yuuki - ...You sure you just fought him a couple of times?
Seems to me as though you were long-time friends-...


Yukinko, you're so cool. Feels so good.
Not just your name, your body is like one freezing snowman!!
== Yuki in Yukihina = Snow

Yukihina - Once I kill Heike off,
I'll make his body as cold as ice, just like mine...

Let's hurry to "Eden" and meet with the Founders.

Ogami - That's unusual, for Yukihina-san to be talking about himself like this.
He must've taken a liking to Yuuki's naivety. I don't know what happened between Heike and him either.

Pg. 7
Sakurakouji - Nippon Budoukan!?

Rui - You're here for some concert or something?
Yuuki - Wrestling!!
Sakurakouji - This isn't funny, Lily.
Lily - Sh-...Shut up!!

I saw this building through the gap between my blindfold when they took me out of "Eden".
If you have a problem with that, go ahead and search yourself!!

Ogami - It's possible though.
Lily - Ogami!!

Ogami - The Edo Castle.

Rui - ...Hmm, Rei, let's not talk about your model right now...
Ogami - I'm not talking about plastic models.

Pg. 8-9
This area, including the Budoukan, is within Edo Castle's territory, right in the middle of the Capital of Edo.

Edo was the capital built on the basis Feng Sui. Several power spots in Japan are built as though they're spiraling around Edo, which is at the center.
The Four Founders built "Eden" during the Imperial Era. It makes sense that they'll build it near the center of the empire.

Lily - R-...Right!! I wasn't mistaken, see?
Yuuki - Yeah. There really is an entrance to "Eden" here.
Sakurakouji - Eh!?

Pg. 10
Yuuki - You can't see it, but I can hear that it's hollow inside here.
There's a door here.

Sakurakouji - Let's try going in!!

...We'll see what's inside!!

Sakurakouji - The-...There's nothing here...!?
What's that switch...?
Sign - Please stay still and watch. Stop the Passion.

Pg. 11
Rui - What!?

Lily - Let's get out...

The door is gone...

[a trap!!]

Pg. 12
Rui - Dammit!! They're shooting from all directions! I can't guard against all of them!

We need to turn off that switch...!!

This isn't good!! I can't get close!!

Yukihina - ...The light trap, huh? Must be Heike. Interesting...
So you want to test me out. I'm on then.

Pg. 13
turn it off.

Sakurakouji - Yukihina-san!?
Rui - Idiot!! Stop it!!

Pg. 14

Pg. 15
Sakurakouji - Yu...



Pg. 16
Yukihina - Yukinko!!
Sakurakouji - Yukihina-san!!

Lily - What...What exactly is he...?
Lily was sure he was completely chopped into pieces just now...
How'd he...

Sakurakouji - His wounds...
His wounds are all gone...

Wha...What kind...of power is that!?

Yukihina - This isn't a special power.

Pg. 18
don't have a heart.

Sakurakouji - What!?

Yukihina - I'm an undead.
My body won't die...or maybe it's already dead.
That's why my body is freezing cold.

Ogami - What do you mean...?

Yukihina - Heike Masaomi...
Took away my "life" and "living".

Sakurakouji - Wha...!?
Yukihina - I don't know how he did it, but from what I know,

Pg. 19
he seized my "life" from me, making me no more than his puppet.

Sakurakouji - Pup-...Puppet...? Why did Heike-senpai do this!?
Who exactly are you, Yukihina-san.

Heike - Yukihina-san...you are to follow me till your death.
This will be your atonement for betraying me.

If you object that, then try to beat me.
Yes, I shall be your opponent, whenever and however many times for however many years as you like.
That's if you can defeat me...though.

Pg. 20
Yukihina - I wonder too... That doesn't really matter anymore.
I'm just having so much fun I couldn't bear it.

Sakurakouji - Yukihina-san.
[How exactly...are those two related!?]

Yukihina - What I'll see ahead in "Eden" will be...

Heike kneeling himself before me in a pool of blood.
** The sizzling smile of the frozen man!! Those scorching feelings sends chills down the spine!! **

next: Ahead!! Further Ahead!!
to be continued

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