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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 130

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on May 14, 2011 16:06 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 130

Translating while watching Gintama really doesn't work. Gintama is way too funny it completely distract me (and make me want to jump to Nico Douga to find the episode to watch with those floating comments...>_<")

Normally, none of the other anime I'm watching distract me from my translation much, but guess Gintama is completely different. The anime is too funny, and the casting is too awesome, I couldn't even concentrate on translating a single line while watching. >_____>"

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:130 "1232"

Pg. 1
Saechika - That rare kind... That rare kind, Sakurakouji Sakura, is slowly getting her memory back.

This is quite... This is quite a problem. We must take her on as a serious threat.
** The group approaches "Eden"!! The "Code:Names" have all their attention on Sakura!? **

Pg. 2
If Sakurakouji Sakura and Ogami Rei meet with the Four Founders of "Eden", the nightmare...
The nightmare of December 32 will repeat itself once again.
We, the "Code:Names"...of the current Eden must prevent that from happening at all costs.

Aoba - Sakura will never do something like that!!
We just have to eliminate Ogami and his "Seven Flames" to prevent December 32 from happening again, right!?
Isn't that what the "Emperor Hunt" is about...!!?

What's so funny!?

Pg. 3
Shigure - It'll be too late if we were to wait until someone dies before we judge the evil...
As we have already received permission, we are to kill Sakurakouji Sakura at once.

Aoba - You heartless fiend... Can you still say that if it's your friend!?

Shigure - I don't have any friends in the first place.

Hiyori - [Shi...Shigure...]
[Aren't they all comrades? Why are they fighting together!? I don't get it!!]
[Aren't they all comrades? Why are they all fighting!? Hiyori doesn't get it!!]

Saechika - It's decided...
It's decided then.

The rare kind is our enemy... We're eliminating Sakurakouji Sakura before she can become the true "threat"...!!

Pg. 4
Sakurakouji - "U"
== Rabbit

Yuuki - "Gi"...
Yukihina - ..."Zankoku"
== Cruelty

Rui - "Ku"...
== Bear

Lily - Masukatto
== Mascatel

Yukihina - Your turn, "To"
He said "Tokarefu".
Yuuki - Your turn, Ikurumi.
Shion - "Fu"..."Fujiyuu"
== Tokarefu = Tokarev, Fujiyuu = Confinement

Sakurakouji - "U"
"U", Ogami!! An "U" word that's not "Usagi"!!

Pg. 5
Ogami - ...And what are you all doing?
Sakurakouji - Playing a word game.
Ogami - I know that, but why playing it right now...?
Sakurakouji - ...Well,

if we don't, it'll be too scary to move on!!

Rui - It's really eerie here... This clearly isn't something newly built. I never thought there's this giant tunnel beneath Tokyo...

Ogami - ...Have you not heard of any urban legends?

Pg. 6
Like how they said Nagata Station was built deeper than necessary because of the emergency evacuation shelter for important people,
or about the secret underground tunnel connecting the parliament house and other important government buildings.

The illusive station...
The railway which no one knows where it leads to...
or how the Yuurakuchou Line is in fact for military use.

What if their existence were all erased by the government,
like with "Eden" and the "Code:Breakers"?

Sakurakouji - Oh!?

Pg. 7
Ogami - And all those legends are actually real,
like how "Eden" and "Code:Breakers" both exist!!

...Well, you can cheer yourself up with that so you won't be scared now, right? They're all just rumors anyway...

Yuuki - Let's go find the truth!!
Rui - I'm getting all excited now.
Lily - We'll see once we get there for sure.
Sakura - Faster! Run faster, Ogami!!
Ogami - Eh!? Wait!!

Pg. 8
I was just jok-...
Sakurakouji - You're awesome, Ogami!! We're going to witness one of the biggest discoveries in history!!
Ogami - Wait, I said...
Sakurakouji - Let's get some clear evidence and go show them to Toki-kun and Aoba...


So...Sorry, I didn't meant to... I always say it, so...

Ogami - ...Even now, those idiots are still friends to you.
"As they always are".
What made you believe in them that much, I wonder...

Sakurakouji - Eh...?
Ogami - ...It's better that you do take some photographs... Those people are full of doubts. They certainly won't believe you right away.

Pg. 9
Sakurakouji - Ye...Yeah!!
[...That's right. We'll tell them for sure.]

[Toki-kun will never believe it.]
[Aoba will just pretend that she does to please me.]
Toki - [Are you stupid?]
Aoba - [All right, I get it.]
Sakurakouji - [Heike-senpai will just put on his unrivaled smile again.]
[They might not do so now, but I'm sure the day when they'll all]
[laugh happily together again as "usual" will come once again.]

[I'm sure of it.]

Pg. 10
Yuuki - Over there!! The exit!!

Lily - Is it the headquarters of "Eden"!?
Rui - No, it'll be better if it's the parliament house.
Sakurakouji - The illusive station!!
Yuuki - No, it's the shelter!!

Sakurakouji - ...Eh?
A...A graveyard!?

Pg. 11
Shion - Are you guys nuts!? A graveyard!? You guys are completely off, hah!!
Serves you right, scums!

Woah!! I'm sorry!! No grave for me yet, please~
Yuuki - I know this place.

I came here back when we were investigating about the "Shibuya" key we got from Hitomi,
along with Nyanmaru.

I recall Nyanmaru already knew of this place back then too...

Yuuki - Right? Nyanmaru?


Sakurakouji - [December...]

Pg. 12
He - [Yes, this is Rei-kun's grave...]
[He died on December 32...]

Sakurakouji - [That's right...]
[I remember now.]

[I really,]

[killed Ogami...]

Lily - Hey...What's wrong!? Why are you frozen solid like that? Such a weird-...

Pg. 13
Yuuki - She lost her power!? She became a mosquito!!
Rui - No, she's a butterfly.

Yuuki - What's wrong, Laughs-...


Ogami - What's...

Pg. 14-15
What's wr-...

C:E - Rei!!

This ain't good...
Stand back, Rei...!!

Pg. 16

Pg. 17
Rui - Sakurako-...
[...What's this!? This...]

[makes me feel]
[strangely good...]

Yuuki - Wha...
Rui - What's this!?

[My power is weakening...]

Pg. 18
Ogami - Lost!?
Hey, prince!!

Rui - Ugh...

[I can't...breathe...!!]

C:E - Dammit...!

Pg. 19

Ogami - Ugh...!!
C:E - ...We got a real big problem now, Rei...

Ogami - "Emperor"!?
C:E - ...Guess she has already awakened...

Pg. 20
into her true...rare kind self!!

** The greatest danger has returned!? **

next: The blood-red winds wildly sweep as the blood-red waves roll in chaos.
to be continued

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