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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 131

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on May 17, 2011 08:29 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 131

132 is actually already proofed, but Rena requested that I don't publicize it until she's finished with 133, so...As of the translation side, I'm almost done with 140, if anyone wants to know. :p

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:131 "The First Hug"

Pg. 1
** Sakura's power went out of control without a single warning!! **

Rui - GWAH!!

Ogami - Sakurakouji-san!!

Shion - WAAAAH!! A monster...!! Is that girl a monster!?
Yukihina - She dispelled all special power, even the fragment of "Emperor's" soul... As expected of the rare kind.

Pg. 2
C:E - The power of the rare kind is a power which depletes vitality, the origin of special power.
If we don't do something, those who had already lost their power will get their life completely drained away...

Ogami- Sakurakouji-san!! Please stop!!

Sakurakouji- ...

Yukihina - How bewitching.

Pg. 3
Her heart is so pure and innocent...as though she's back to being a child again.

Everyone had killed bugs before when they're young just out of curiosity, no? There's no good, no evil, no understanding of what life is.
The rare kind right now is just like that... She's merely playing around,

making her so cruel,
so heartless,
so covetous...
so dazzling and bewitching.


Pg. 4
Rui - Rei!!
Shion - Has he lost his mind!? He's digging his own grave!

Rui - Go!! Rei!! Stop Sakurakouji!!
She would never wish for this to happen!! Since...
Since she's always so considerate of us...

Lily - Tha...That's right!! That girl even risked her life to protect someone like Lily...!!

Yuuki - Let me go, Kouji!! I'll stop Nyanmaru!

Pg. 5
She's the one...
Who's in the most pain
for hurting all of us like this...!!


Pg. 6
C:E - Rei!!
Rui - Crap!! Is it really impossible to go near her!?

[My...My power is weakening... I can't even move...]

[Something...is being drained out from me...!!]

Pg. 7
Shion - She stopped!!
Yukihina - The rare kind's power is gone.

Ogami - Wha...?
Toki - ...Slacking off there?

Pg. 8
You just can't do anything without me, can you?
Rui - Toki...!?

Ogami - Why are you here...?
Toki - Go.

Pg. 9
We'll leave our battle aside for now. It'd be boring if either of you died.

Ogami - You won't get any gratitude from me for this though!!

Please come back to your senses!! Sakurakouji-san...!!

Pg. 10
Rui - Rei!!
C:E - Shit!! She's releasing her power again...!!

Ogami - GWAAAAH.
[Stop it...!!]

[Stop it.]

Pg. 11

[I said, stop it!!]

Just stop already!!

Idiot, what are you doing?

That bug is alive!! You can't just kill it!!
You don't even know that? You're really stupid then.

Pg. 12
What's so complicated about it!? Here. Both of us are warm, right!?
Anything that can move are the same as us, so we can't just kill them.

I'm off now, so don't kill anyone anymore, all right?

Interesting. You like to hug that much? You're weird.
Fine then. I'll be your friend... What's your name?

Sakurakouji - Sa...
Ogami - [This memory... Then I'm...]

Pg. 13
[actually the one who taught you how to hug...!?]
[And that's how...you came to like to hug so much!?]


[at least remember this...!!]
stupid woman!! Come back to your senses already!!

Pg. 14
Sakurakouji - O...

Everyone - [She's back to normal!!]
Rui - Sakurakouji...!!

Are you all right, Sakurakouji!?
Yuuki - Nyanmaru!! Nyanmaru is back!!

Sakurakouji - Ah...I'm fi-...

Pg. 15
Do...Don't touch me...!!

...I...I remembered everything...
I just did something horrible to you all...

Shion - Yeah, you're plain terrible!! You can kill everyone and anyone just like that? You're one real creep!!
What a monster you are!!

Sakurakouji - [Mons...ter...]

Rui - ...He's right.

Pg. 17
You're the true monster.
Yuuki - Seriously gives me the spooks.
Ogami - You're a whole lot worse than any killer.
Lily - So frightening I won't even dare to touch.

Sakurakouji - [...That's right.]
[Since I was really horrible to everyone...]

Lily - But then,
so what?

Pg. 18-19
We too are monsters.

Yuuki - You always throw yourself in to save us.

Rui - You've chosen to be with us.
...Now, we will choose to be with you.

Ogami - Not to mention, you think that's enough to change our minds?

Let's get everything settled and head back to "Shibuya Mansion".
Yuuki - Don't underestimate us "Code:Breakers"!!
Ogami - We can't move on without you.

Sakurakouji - Eve-...

Pg. 20
Thanks... All of you!!

Toki - Well...then,
enough with the farce.

Back to the "Emperor Hunt" matter now, shall we?
** The life-changing death match is back right after their brief team up!! **

next: The tragedy brought about by December 32.
to be continued

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