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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code:Breaker 132

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on May 17, 2011 19:01 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 132

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:132 "The Joker's Movement"

Pg. 1
Sakurakouji - [Toki is here for the "Emperor Hunt"...!?]
** The souls of the two howl out loud!! What'll be the destination of the two wanderers!? **

Yuuki - Fourth!! I told you that you can't do this even if it's for Nenene!!

Toki - It's~ trivia time~ <3
The Joker is the trump card of "Eden".
But what exactly is this "trump card" for, Sakura-chan?

Sakurakouji - ...Eh!?
Ho...How am I supposed to...

Pg. 2
** The clash between "Flame" and "Magnetism"!! Who will emerge victorious!? **

Yuuki - Ogami!!

Toki - ...Oh?
Want to fight me so badly you can't even wait, eh?

Pg. 3
Ogami - ...You've already lost to me.
Don't you show...
yourself to me ever again!!

Sakurakouji - Wah!!
Rui - Shit! Stand back!!
Such incredible flame!!

Pg. 4-5
Ogami - WOOOOOH!

Toki - HAHAA!!

Pg. 6
...Simply won't hold back as always, hm?
How cruel.

Rui - A...A draw!?
That's crazy...!! But Rei defeated Toki easily back then. Get serious, Rei...

Yuuki - No, he's already serious.
But Fourth is completely different from before... I can see that from our last fight.
[Fourth is now]

Pg. 7
["Eden's" ultimate weapon, the Joker...!!]
Toki - You got stronger too, huh? I wouldn't expect less from the one who has the same supreme special power as the "Emperor".
Well, I thought I wouldn't be surprised at whatever happened to you anymore, but

...I have to say, I was shocked when I heard about December 32.

Rui - December 32...?
Sakurakouji - You knew about what happened on December 32, Toki!? ...But how!?

Toki - How, I wonder? How exactly did I know?

If you can answer what the Joker is for, I might tell you though.
Sakurakouji - Ugh... [He's teasing us.]

Toki - The only thing I can say is,
December 32...is the day many power users were killed and it all started because Chibigami-kun, the holder of the ultimate special power, "The Seven Flames", met Sakura-chan, the rare kind.
Sakurakouji - Wha...!?
Toki - "Eden" is working to prevent that, by killing Ogami in the "Emperor Hunt", and if that fails, they'll consider killing Sakura-chan instead.

Pg. 8
Crazy, isn't it? I actually laughed at that. What good will killing that harmless stupid rare kind ever do...?

I saw the Sakura-chan just now.

Sakurakouji - Toki-ku-...
Toki - You in that state can kill countless power users easily, there's no doubt...
There's no telling whether we can stop you again the next time.

Sakurakouji - [Then I...really did...]

Ogami - ...Ku


Pg. 9
Ogami - Nay.
How the heck can THAT ever kill anyone? No way in hell.

Sakurakouji - Th-...That!?

Yuuki - That's right!! Nyanmaru is Nyanmaru. She will never kill anyone.
Rui - ...Let me ask you then, Toki. Why did you help her just now?

Toki - Don't get the wrong idea, Prince.
I just want to do <3 with girls~
I'm not the type to kill girls, that's all.

Rui - Stop joking around!! We don't have time to play along with your...
Toki - With that said,

Pg. 10
sorry, Ogami, but will you just drop dead?

Rui - Toki!! Enough with your farce...

Ogami - Guess you got that right.
Rui - Eh!?

Pg. 11

Ogami - ...Good to see that you didn't fall down to the point you'll kill an innocent girl just yet.

I'd say and do the same thing too if I were you.
...Bring it on.

Sakurakouji - O...gami...

Toki - ...I knew

you'd say that!!

Pg. 12
Ogami - Ugh...

I...I can't move!?

[It's getting heavier and heavier...]

[He's pushing me down to the ground!?]


Toki - You can't move, right? ...This is geomagnetism.

Pg. 13
If I can control the Earth's own magnetic field,
I can crush anyone or even float in midair using heme in our blood as the medium.

Ogami - Wha...

Toki - Sink down,

Pg. 14-15
Oersted Cannon Ball

Sakurakouji - Ogami!!

Pg. 16
[Is this...]

Toki - Huh? I missed? Guess I still can't control it well enough!!
Sakurakouji - [Is this what the Joker, Toki's true magnetism power, is like...!?]
Toki - I knew it. Geomagnetism is so big that it's hard to manipulate.

Pg. 17
Sakurakouji - Ugh...
Lily - Hey!! Why did you get yourself cut?

You're already severely injured. If you hang around here, you'll just get cut by scraps of metal!!

Ogami - ...I understand why the Joker is the trump card now...

Special powers are ineffective against the rare kind,
but any physical attack will work on the rare kind like it does for anyone else.
Magnetism is different from other powers, like flame, light or sound because it uses other objects as its media to attack physically rather than just releasing the special power. That's the strength of Magnetism.
In another words, you're the only one capable of killing the awakened rare kind with special power.

Pg. 18-19
The final and strongest anti rare kind trump card,
that's the Joker...which is you.

Toki - Correct~ I would expect no less from you, Ogami-kun.
I'm the final trump card to prevent the recurrence of December 32.

Sakurakouji - To...Toki-kun...
is going to kill me...?

Yuuki - Something isn't right!! Fourth, didn't you become a "Code:Breaker" to protect Nenene!?
But right now, you're only talking about December 32 and nothing else!!
Something isn't right. What's wrong!?

Nenene - Because there's no more need for that.

So we do what we're supposed to do.

Sakurakouji - Wha...

Pg. 20
there isn't just one Joker.
** Nenene is back to her past self!! Just what exactly happened!? Where will the atrocious point towards!? **

Sakurakouji - Fujiwara-senpai!?
[She...She seems different from before... She isn't wearing glasses either.]

Yukihina - ...So, you're back.

atrocious "Code:Breaker", Fujiwara Nenene.

next: The Joker who's buried in grief!!
to be continued

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