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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 138

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 6, 2011 11:15 | Go to Code:Breaker

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Beelzebub saves me lots...Though I laugh a little at Kamijo-sensei's lack of consistency in the English of this chapter (Why "I want to eat" then change it to "I wanna eat" in the middle of the chapter...? Should've just put the same thing throughout...>_<")

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:138 "In accordance with his first earnestness"

Pg. 1
Sakurakouji - Fu...Fujiwara-senpai,
...what did you say?

Nenene - I told you.
On December 32... Because the four of them took "those" away,

Ogami Rei won't be able to control the demon ruling over the Fourth Flame.
** The Fourth Flame, Beelzebub, reeks with the smell of danger...!! **


Pg. 2
Will devour him soon.
** Lord of Flies who devours all is now uncontrollable...!? **

Pg. 3
Ogami - Tch...!!
What are...
you do-

Beelzebub - I want to eat...

Want to eat...
I am hungry...
Ogami - Ugh...
Beelzebub - More,
I want to eat...
Chomp, Chomp,
Chomp, Chomp,

Sakurakouji - Ogami!!
Nenene - It consumes vitality... The source of special power.
Sakurakouji - What!?

Beelzebub - I want to eat...
Ogami - Ugh...

Nenene - ...If you consider the first three demons as little kittens, the rest are like wild tigers.
If this goes on,

Pg. 4
his life will be eaten and he'll die.
Beelzebub - Wanna eat more.
Ogami - GWAAAA
Beelzebub - Wanna eat.

Rui - Crap!! Why's that stupid demon attacking Rei!!
Yuuki - ...I've been wondering.

Aren't the demons themselves evil? But they're flames that incinerated evil...which is a good thing, so I was thinking that it's paradoxical.

So is what we're seeing here their true form then?

Heike - As expected of Yuuki-kun!! Excellent answer.
Rui - Heike!!

Sakurakouji - Senpai!!
Nenene - Masaomi!! Why are you here...?

Heike - Ogami-kun,

Pg. 5
the seven demons you're supposed to be in control of resemble the seven deadly sins...
Ogami - Ugh...
Heike - It's their nature to be rascal, instigating and alluring people to fall into the path of evil.

Heike - Beelzebub's deadly sin is "gluttony"...
It'll drain your power until the very last drop.
It's the second greatest ruler of hell, seconded to Satan.

Rui - The...The ruler of hell...
Yuuki - Huh? But he's just a noisy fly.

Heike - If you really insist on controlling it,

I will return this to you.

Lily - What's that!? A feather!?
...But it's so huge.

Heike - This is one part of Beelzebub.
...Back then,

Pg. 6
on December 32... We, the Four Founders of "Eden", took these into our custody from you.
Without that part of the demon, you won't be able to control them.

Sakurakouji - The...The Four Founders...!?

Heike - The four of us...hold one part of each of the four demons of the remaining four flames.
For the weak Chibigami-kun, the remaining four flames were just too dangerous.
Many people were after those flames as well.

Pg. 7
Nenene - Masaomi!! You're betraying "Eden"!?

And what's with that "custody"!! You guys merely stole those from Ogami Rei...
Heike - Nenene,

...no need to worry. Once everything's over, we'll all have tea together.

Now, Ogami-kun. Hand this over to Beelzebub and ask him to lend you his power.
...Easy deal, isn't it? That's all you need to do to get that powerful flame under your control.

Ogami - ...Sorry, senpai, but I will neither do as you say nor bow down before this demon bastard.
I'll defeat Toki with my own power,
so just get out of my...

Toki - What are you rambling about?

Pg. 8
I'll be the one to defeat Ogami.

Sakurakouji - Toki-ku...
[The amount of the Earth's magnetic field he's taking in is incredible...]

Toki - Senpai, if you don't move away, I'll finish you off along with...

Pg. 9
[My "Magnetism" is getting drained...]


Yuuki - Beelzebub!!
Rui - Not just Ogami, he's going for Toki as well...!!

Beelzebub - Eat...!!
Eat! Eat!!

Ogami - Ugh...

Toki - GWAH.
Beelzebub - I wanna eat more.

Pg. 10
Heike - Despicable, scandalous and covetous...
That indeed is the true demon of "Gluttony", Beelzebub.

will those two have a bad finale...?

Toki - You're getting on my nerves...
I really hate people that don't have any spirit at all.

Ogami - I have work to do, so excuse me.

Pg. 11
Toki - You just got on my nerves!?
You know!?
That's why I said so!!

Pretending to be an emotionless loner...?
Don't act so tough, dammit.

You're just scared of developing a relationship with people...
and creating something precious to you, coward...!!

Ogami - Toki is,

Toki is the only one I'll defeat by myself,

Pg. 12
Don't get in my way, you fly bastard!!

Lily - He...

Everyone - He punched it!?

Pg. 13
Ogami - Listen up, you shitty fly.

I'll be the one to take Toki out. Don't you fool around...!!

Beelzebub - Why...!? This guy should die, right?
I'll eat him.
I'll eat him up.
== Fixing Kamijo-sensei's English here a bit.


Ogami - ...Don't give me that shit.

Toki - You coward...!!

Pg. 14
Ogami - Toki might be cocky, but he's the first idiot to ever seriously punch me in the face...
That's why I need to take him down myself, or else I won't be satisfied.

Get it...!?

Sakurakouji - ...O...gami.
[That's...how he remembers Toki...?]

Beelzebub - Ha...

Pg. 15
HAHAHAHA!! Hilarious!!
The glaring vitality!!
Is it because of the heart!? The hot, glaring heart...!?

All right, then. I'll lend you my power.

But in return, let me eat that glaring heart when you die.
Until then, I'll lend you my power...!!

Lily - That fly!! He ate that giant feather...!?

Pg. 16
Sakurakouji - The fly-shaped flame!!

Heike - ...The contract
is made.

Toki - ...You said something very pleasant there, huh?

Ogami - Toki!!

Pg. 17
Toki - But you just got my nerves even more than before...!!

Vanish along with that fly of yours!!

Pg. 18

Pg. 19
[My...My "Magnetism" disappeared!?]
Fuck it...
It won't come out!? What's going on...?

No way...
You got to be kidding!

Ogami - Toki...did you know?
The lord of the flies was formerly a dweller of heaven,
but he was too overconfident of his power, turned against God and was cast to hell to become a demon.

Lily - ...So beautiful.

Ogami - Beelzebub...its former appearance is none other than the wielder of the most powerful flame of all, the flame of judgment,
the six-winged angel, Seraphim.

Pg. 20
The Achromatic Catharsis Flame of Purgatory, Beelzebub...
This is the true form of this flame...
** The fallen angel, Beelzebub, reveals his true form...!! **

next: Glancing at the blue sky after crossing the verge of death!!
to be continued

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