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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 139

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 11, 2011 14:14 | Go to Code:Breaker

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You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:139 "The Bewildered Heat"

Pg. 1
Rui - Wha...
Lily - So beautiful.

Yukihina - The wretched demon who's as graceful as an angel...huh?

Heike - So you can control Beelzebub now...
Will you be able to master it, Ogami-kun?

** The fallen angel, Beelzebub descends with his old six wings!! **

Toki - Dammit... My "Magnetism" is gone!?
[So this is Beelzebub? ...But not even Belphegor, the flame which burns special power, can delete the geomagnetism instantly like this. Just exactly how did this flame...]

if that's the case,

Pg. 2
then I just need to gather more magnetic field...!!

Lily - KYAAA!!
Yuuki - This is bad. He...He's bringing out more of the Earth's magnetic field.

Heike - As expected of the Joker. Wonderful, indeed.
Toki-kun can endlessly suck in the Earth's magnetic force, so right now he will never lose his power.

Sakurakouji - Toki-kun!!
Yukihina - At this rate, the Joker will die.

Pg. 3
More than 60% of the human body is made up of water, which is the diamagnetic substance, the substance which resist "magnetic force"...
If he continues to absorb the "magnetism" in, his body will burst due to that water.
Sakurakouji - Wha!?

Sakurakouji - St-...Stop it, Toki-kun!!
Why are you doing this much...?

Nenene - Losing only means "death". Even if he wins, our future belongs to "Eden".
...Just let him fight on as he pleases.

Sakurakouji - Senpai...

Toki - Ogami...you're

going down!!

Pg. 4


Rui - No...No way!!
He can't burn that down without getting hurt for sure...


Pg. 5
Ogami - ...You're up now,

Lily - It...It faded away!?

Toki - You failed? Ogami,
just give up and go to hell...

Pg. 6

Lily - The...The attack... The "Magnetism" just stopped!?

Toki - [...What the fuck!? He erased the geomagnetism again!?]
[How is that even possi-...]

Pg. 7
[The...The steel...is melting!?]

Are you kidding me!? Steel only melts after it's almost 1500°C...

Does this mean...

Ogami - ...You got it right...

It's just...as you anticipated,
[This is]

Pg. 8-9
[Beelzebub is the Catharsis Flame of Purgatory... A scorching flame, so hot it doesn't even have a color, making it invisible.]
[In the past, the flame of judgment of Seraphim transforms everything into a fiery sanctuary.]

Ogami - The only weakness of "Magnetism" is extreme heat...
Isn't it, Toki...

Toki - He exceeds the "Curie temperature"...?
[Once the temperature rises beyond a certain point, "Magnetism" will quickly lose its magnetic property... And that process is irreversible...]
But that's just absurd! There's no way you can create a flame with that high temperature in a short period of time...

Ogami - I won.

Pg. 10
Burn to ashes!!

Pg. 11
Yuuki - No, Toki!!
Rui - He's falling down into that sco-...

Toki - [It's not over yet.]

[Withstand it!!]
[Endure it, my feet!!]
[My muscles!!]
[My blood!!]

[I've given up everything]
[just for this moment.]


[Just to inscribe the victory with my very own hands!!]

Pg. 12
Yuuki - He...
He withstood it!!

Yes, that's right... Toki's strength doesn't come from obtaining the power of the Joker.
It's from the never-wavering spirit, only possessed by the one who rose up from the deepest pit again and again,
the spirit of steel!!

Sakurakouji - Toki-kun...
Toki - ...That wasn't so decisive, Ogami...
Are you

already...at your limit?

Pg. 13
Lily - Ogami...!!
Is...Is Beelzebub going out of control!?

Heike - So, he couldn't control Beelzebub completely just yet, I see.
Not only the attack is incomplete, he couldn't draw out its true form like with Mammon.

Rui - ...First Mammon, then Beelzebub... It's already strange enough how he hasn't lost his power yet after all that,
but this is...

Sakurakouji - Ogami...

Ogami - Burn...

Flare up, my soul...
The heat!!

Until I defeat him,
I'm not going to...

just let it end like this...!!

Pg. 14
Rui - Toki!!
Lily - OGAMI!!
Rui - HEY!!

Lily - No more!! Please, that's enough...!!
I can't take this anymore.

Rui - ...No one can stop them now.

If we can stop them... If we can put an end to this... We would've already done so...
But... We can't stop them.

Pg. 15
Shibuya - Yo...You two, that's enough! Enough!!

This isn't training anymore, if you two don't stop it!! What's the matter!?

Rui - I know you two are competing, but why did you go all out at each other all of the sudden!? You'll die...!

Toki - Why do I even need a reason?

[...I just]
[don't want to lose to him.]

[I get pissed off just by looking at him.]

[The arousal is enough to make my hair stand on end,]

[as though something is bubbling out from inside.]

[And this]

Pg. 16
[can only be satisfied]
[by defeating him...!!]

Lily - Nooo!
that's enough!!

Sakurakouji - FIGHT!! OGAMI!!

Pg. 17
Yuuki - Nyanmaru!?
Rui - Sakurakouji!? What're you...

Sakurakouji - Both of you...

don't lose.

Sakurakouji - The both of you had gone through so much already...
So, don't lose, neither of you!!
Fight on!!

Yuuki - She's right.

That's right!! Don't lose, you two!!
Rui - Be the men, both of you!! Don't just lose!!

[Do it, Rei.]
Yuuki - [Don't falter, Fourth.]
Sakurakouji - [Fight on.]
Yukihina - Huh...

What are they doing...!?
Shion - They're cheering for both their friend and enemy? ...Did those guys hit their heads or something!?

Pg. 18
Rui - Rei...!! You've lost so many things!!
"Shibuya Mansion"...
Your friends,
your home,
and the "Emperor"!!
You can't lose here!!

Yuuki - I do know, Fourth!! I do know that you really
didn't want to destroy your beloved "Shibuya Mansion",
or even want the power of the Joker at all.
You even have to lie just so you can stay on your feet. Hang in there, Fourth!!

Heike - ...Yes, I do understand that neither Ogami-kun nor Toki-kun can afford giving up in this fight.

[And I know]

Pg. 19
[of the determination to stand strong, never turning their backs at one another,]

Heike - [and that they can't afford losing to each other,]

[because they accept one another more than anyone else.]

Pg. 20
** The battle concludes calmly and quietly!! Who will the Goddess of Victory smile upon!? **

next: The Tearful Judgment...
to be continued

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