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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 140

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 11, 2011 17:01 | Go to Code:Breaker

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Before someone ask...don't ask me when am I going to release the next one, and of course, don't ask me whether I dropped it yet or not either, since as you can see here, my part for now is done and I lack motivation to work on further than that since I'm waiting for proofreading to catch up. Rena is busy, so don't bug her with your questions either, please. -_-"

PS. And don't ask me to unprivate my unproofed translations either! I don't care what your reason is, readers, I'm not unprivating any of my unproofed translations until they get proofreaded. :S

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:140 "The Everlasting Memories"

Pg. 1
** A nostalgic memory of the "Shibuya Mansion"... **
Toki - Dammit... They still won't move.

[Is it really useless...?]
[Does this mean I should just accept that]
[there are some things I can never overcome no matter how much I try...?]

??? - Looks like Toki's arms aren't good anymore.

Rui - Yeah... Heike said Toki really tried hard to put up with it.
...What do you think of that, Rei?

Ogami - Isn't that a good thing? I mean, we have one less annoying guy now.
Rui - Rei!? You.... [You can say that with a straight face, huh?]

Toki - ...Fuck you.

Pg. 2
Ogami - ...But, too bad for me.
He isn't the type to just let it end like that, isn't he?

Toki - [Yeah,]
[he's right.]

Pg. 3
[It's not over yet...!!]
** They put their entire soul into their last blow...!! **

Sakurakouji - O...

Pg. 4

Rui - Rei!!

Yuuki - His flame is gone too...
Sakurakouji - Then Ogami...

Pg. 5
Sakurakouji - Hang in there, Ogami!!


Yuuki - Fourth...

Pg. 6
You...already lost consciousness?

Sakurakouji - Even...Even though he's still standing...!?
[What...What's this?]

Pg. 7
Just how strong is your...
[So, your spirit of steel is really this solid...]


Ogami - Toki... This is just like you.

Rui - Rei...
[There is no glory or admiration in a victory for a "Code:Breaker", not now, not ever.]

Pg. 8
Ogami - There's no meaning in defeating weak trash.
[That's why it's necessary for us to have the courage to progress on in that darkness.]

[The spirit of steel that supports that determination.]
Because it's you I'm fighting against... That's why I can never afford to lose...

[If we can't overcome that,]
[then there's no reason for our existence.]

Pg. 9
Toki - Oww...

[That's right...]

Yuuki - ...Fourth, how's your wound? Want me comfort you?]
Toki - ...Why are you guys here?

...Stop bothering with me already.
You guys are annoying. Just leave me alone.
Get lost...!!

Pg. 10
Rui - Sa...Sakurakouji!!

Sakurakouji - ...Why!?
How can you say that...!?

Do you know how much we're all worried about you...!?

Apologize to them...!! To Ogami, Yuuki and everyone...!! Or else I won't let you come back to us...!!

Toki - Hah.

Pg. 11
Toki - Are you stupid? Why do I need to go back with you guys?
It's none of your business.

Sakurakouji - Wha...
Yuuki - Fourth...

Picture - Sorry.

No matter what your reason might be, the fact that you've hurt what's precious to others doesn't change.
...Though I can't repay you for what I did to you, I still apologized to you
Just apologize and come back to us, Fourth.

[I'm doing all these because I want to help you, dumbass!!]

Toki - Gosh, how much more are you going to babble!? You're getting on my nerves!!
I'm not going back, EVER!! You know how glad I am to not have to go back to that filthy mansion and play house with you again!!

Pg. 12
Rui - See this?
Rei made this for Sakurakouji
with the remnants of the "Shibuya Mansion" you destroyed.

...Just think of how he felt when he made this.
If you're serious about not coming back, then crush this and get lost...
We'll forget everything about you... Every single thing.

Toki - Hah!! So stupid. This is all I need to do to break away from you guys forever? Piece of cake...

[Let's forget all about it.]
[I blew up this "old mansion".]

Ogami - [...Fuck that.]
[I'll never forget,]
[not a single thing.]

Pg. 13
[Not a single thing...]

Toki - ...Why?

Why...can't I crush it?

...This is just a model made from scraps, isn't it...?
Why can't I destroy it...?

Nenene - Wow, that's awesome.

Pg. 14
Magness, this "Shibuya Mansion" model is so well-made.

Toki - Si-...
No, Fujiwara-senpai!?

Yuuki - She has her glasses on!! She's back to the non-scary one now.
Sakurakouji - Fujiwara-senpai!!
[She's back... No, she lost her power!?]

Nenene - Nenene knows
that Magness really likes the "Shibuya Mansion".
Nenene really likes it, too.

Hey, Magness.

Pg. 15
Let's go back to Magness's home,
to "Shibuya Mansion".

And play with fireworks in our garden together again,
and hide-and-seek,
right, Magness?

Pg. 16
Sakurakouji - Toki-ku...

Toki - I want to go back... I really do want to go back,
But I was the one who took it away from everyone...

I'm sorry.

Pg. 17
[I'm so stupid. Like they'll forgive me just by apologizing...]

Sakurakouji - Six mats.

This time, I want each room to be six mats wide.
Yuuki - With a veranda too.
Rui - And a system kitchen, of course.
Nenene - Yeah!

Toki - Wha...
What are you...
Sakurakouji - What...?
These are what we need for our steel-framed reinforced "New Shibuya Mansion" that you'll be building by yourself, of course.

We can rebuild our home as many times as we want,

as long as Toki-kun is still with us.

Pg. 18
Welcome back, Toki-kun...!!

Toki - Are you guys nuts...?

Ogami - ...It won't end just like that though.

Toki - O...
Ogami - I don't care if you're my friend or my enemy.

Pg. 19
...Just climb up to me from that pit again.

I...won't run away either.

Toki - You're just scared of having relations with people
and creating something precious to you...!!

Pg. 20
Toki - ...Fuck that. There's no pit that I can't climb up from.
I'll win next time for sure. You just wait.

Rui - With that said, it's time for you to pay for what you've done to us all those times then.
Nenene - Yeah!
Toki - Eh?

Wa...Wait, wait, wait. But you just "welcomed" me...

Rui - Yeah... We'll have one hell of a welcome party.

Toki - No...
I'm sorry,
I'm seriously sorry...

[I seriously shouldn't have come back~~~]
** He smiles briefly before heading to the next battle!! **

next: The equivalent compensation and the one who holds the key
to be continued

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