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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 141

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 13, 2011 17:32 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 141

Before more people complain about "More CB! More CB!" I'm having severe RL problem. Problem is, my house has very high flood right now (2-3 m, the last I heard). I've evacuated, but the place where I'm right now has no internet, and I have to get online through internet cafe which is "25-30 minutes away by car" (yes, nearest already...don't even expect me to go by bicycle or walking. I almost fainted 1/4 of the way the last time I attempted since I do have to cross a mountain to get to the internet cafe). While I got up to chapter 151 on MH already, and currently working on both 152-153 (out of boredom), I do have a little difficulty getting in contact with Rena due to the inconvenience of getting online on the internet. Rena also has her problem which keeps her very busy right now. AKA, proofreading will be delayed due to those, and no, I'm not publishing any of my scripts unless they're proofreaded.

With that said, sorry for the delay.

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:141 "Miracle Taboo"

Pg. 1
Nenene - Hey, Magness, quickly finish the "Shibuya Mansion", okay?
Make it su~per fast.
Toki - Yeah, I got it.
Nenene - I need a soccer ball, a super car toy and video games too.
Toki - ...You like those kind of stuff, Fujiwara-senpai?

Nenene - And once it's done, I'll bring
my brother along too.
And the three of us can play together.
** Taking a short break after their death match... **

Nenene - I'll tell you, Magness.
[Fufufu, I do know, you know?]
My brother is actually an angel, but he hid that fact.

...We live separately,
so I don't get to meet him very often,
but I really like him... He's my beloved brother.

[You can sprout wings, right!?]
[I'm sure you're an angel.]

Pg. 2
Toki - All right... I'll wait for you.
** Dreams are to be fulfilled, not only to dream of... For that day to come, they have to race forth!! **

Sakurakouji - So senpai really is in her lost state.
"Only her mind returns to her childhood."

Because her mind is always that of her younger self, she never realized that Toki is her brother... For Fujiwara-senpai, Toki is just a little boy.
Yuuki - I don't know what happened, but she's always in her lost state due to "Pandora's Box", right?

Sakurakouji - As long as she's in her lost state, they can't remain siblings. Such a cruel fate...


Pg. 3
Toki looks more cheerful than he was before.
[I've never seen him smile like that before...]

Yuuki - I wonder what Nenene's scary self saw on December 32.
Too bad we didn't manage to ask her anything, right, Nyanmaru?

Sakurakouji - ...I'm sure we'll meet her again someday.

Lily - Hey!! Why are you slacking off?
Sakurakouji - Lily?

Lily - Didn't you guys come to "Eden" to see the Four Founders and find out the truth about December 32?
We just ran into one, didn't we!!?

Pg. 4
Sakurakouji - That's right!! Heike-senpai!!
Yuuki - [Go away.]
Heike - [I'm a century old]
[Ultra-Fresh Young Man.]
Sakurakouji - [He's one of the Four Founders...!!]

Sakurakouji - I still can't imagine Heike-senpai as one of the Four Founders.
Where are you, sen-...

Shion - GYAAAA

Sakurakouji - Eh...


Pg. 5
Heike - You want to know, don't you? My true intention... What I'm actually planning.

Yukihina - Not one bit.

Heike - ...Not being honest with yourself

as usual, I see.

Sakurakouji - Yukihina-san!!

Yukihina - I'll

Pg. 6
make you pay for turning me into this...

...I already know what your intention is.

Not only the Joker, you're planning to have Ogami regain his true power, aren't you?
...Everything's all planned out by you.

Pg. 7
Sakurakouji - Wha...

Toki - ...Now that he mentioned it.
[The one who took the blood of a rare kind and made me open "Pandora's Box" was Heike...]
[and when Ogami regained his Seven Flames during his battle against me, Heike ended up returning the part of the demon by himself, allowing Beelzebub to revive...]

Heike - You certainly have a very good insight, Yukihina-san.
...But, that's not all.

I'm merely sowing the seeds...
The rest is up to Ogami-kun,
for he's not an ordinary power user. He's the Miracle Taboo, the forbidden being.

Sakurakouji - Fo...Forbidden being...?

Pg. 8
Yukihina - And you'll cast them away once you're done with them, no?

Just like...what you've done to me...

Sakurakouji - Wha...

Heike - ...You were the one who betrayed me.
Even after a century, I remained completely the same...
I'm still that senior who you admired and yearned as a friend...
everything is for my "Eden"...!!

Sakurakouji - Ngh...!!
[What does he mean by that...!?]
[Is it different from the "Eden" right now!?]

Sakurakouji - We...We can't get close...
Ogami - Leave them be. Let them deal with their own stuff...

Pg. 9

Sakurakouji - [An...An ambush!?]
[Who was it? Where did they come from...?]

Pg. 10
Toki - Fujiwara-senpai!!

[I can't use my power very well with these wounds...]

Sakurakouji - To...

Rui - ...Ko-

Pg. 11

Rui - You've returned to normal?

Toki - ...Why?
Why are you
helping sis and me!?

"Back then", you were trying to kill...

Saechika - You got...

Pg. 12
You got
in my way for the second time now, Kouji.

Toki - Who's there!?

Saechika - Back then...

"Back then", if you didn't get in my way, Nenene and Toki would already be dead.

Pg. 13
Sakurakouji - Sa...Saechika!!

Toki - Huh...!? ...What
What are you saying!? Kouji got in your way...?

Hey, Kouji!! What's the meaning of this? Explain to me!!


Kouji - For now... Don't let yourself be disturbed, Toki.
...They're coming.

Toki - ...Eh!?

Pg. 14
Sakurakouji - Wha... What's this...!?
Ogami - Ngh...

Sakurakouji - The floor is turning into dust...?

Kouji - This is...

Yuuki - It's ash!!


Pg. 15
Saechika - Not just the rare kind's revival,

who would've thought that the Seven Flames would be revived as well...?

The yet...
The "yet to be seen threat" has finally become a "true threat", I see.

Pg. 16
Ogami Rei, Sakurakouji Sakura,
to prevent the massacre of December 32 from recurring,
we, the "Code:Names" shall execute you!!

Pg. 17
Yuuki - Shigure...

Sakurakouji - Aoba...

Rui - Saechika...!!

Nenene - Nyan...

Yuuki - [...This is bad. This is really bad,]

[Those on our side are either in the lost state or is severely injured. Even Kouji won't be able to hold out in this four against one situation...]
[We gotta do something, Ogami!!]
Saechika - Before this, you depended on the "Emperor" to gain control over the flames, that's why the "Emperor Hunt" would be enough for us...

but now that you've regained your Seven Flames,
you're no longer a normal power user,
but the forbidden being...

Pg. 18
Sakurakouji - Heike-senpai also said the same thing...!

Shigure - But I can't just kill him off...

Ogami Rei, why don't you join us once more?
If you kill off those trashes and the rare kind and come back to "Eden",
we'll forget about all your actions up till now.

Sakurakouji - Wha...!?
Ogami - ...Join you?

Sounds interesting.
I'll join with you guys then.

Sakurakouji - O...Ogami!?
Rui - Hey!? What are you-...

Pg. 19
Ogami - But I'm not going back to "Eden" though.
You guys will become my servants.

Sakurakouji - Wha...
Yuuki - Ogami...

Rui - Kukuku...
Toki - Hah!! That's interesting.

Shigure - Tch.
Saechika - You completely have no idea how special you are.

The Seven Flames is the only energy that doesn't really exist in reality, unlike any other powers.
Only the heir of the "Imperial Blood of Purgatory" is capable of controlling it. But even so, very rarely will anyone, even from that bloodline, is able to actually control the Seven Flames...
I daresay, not a single person after the "Emperor" is capable of it.

But how come you're capable of controlling it?
That's because...

Pg. 20
You're the one who everyone avoids ever giving birth to,
a child born between a power user and a rare kind,
a hybrid.
** The impossible origin of Ogami...!! The profundity to it is endless...!! **

next: Which came first; the chicken or the egg...!?
to be continued

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