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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Persona 4 11

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 30, 2011 08:48 | Go to Persona 4

-> RTS Page for Persona 4 11

Chapter 11 RAW: MegaUpload

From now on, I'll upload the raw along with the translation just for convenience. I find it a little better to scan then t/l now, since I realized that I misnumbered the page in my t/l just after the raw is done (because I use batch scanning, so the page's automatically numbered... ._."), so in fact, I have chapter 12 scanned, but I'll upload that with chapter 12 t/l when it's done. :p

PS. Rena just taught me how to debind properly (because I complained about debinding this chapter...>_>") and it works really well in chapter 12. Sorry for tearing a couple of pages and the less than smooth border in this chapter. It won't happen again, I promise... ._."

You're allowed to use this translation for scanlation only if you proofread it and send it back to me for approval before using.

Persona 4
#11 "Sprouting"

Pg. 1
-- 04/30 SAT --
** With their peaceful days back, each of the members... **

Yukiko - Sorry for the wait. Yours is soba, right, Chie?

Chie - Thanks! Wo~w, smells delicious...

How much longer do we have to wait?
Yukiko - Just a little more.

Pg. 2
Chie - Alright, what's it again?
...Oh yeah, you're gonna ask Yukiko about the incidence, right?
Yosuke - Amagi, I don't want to push you into recalling anything bad, but let me ask you again.
You really can't remember anything about your kidnap?
Yukiko - ...Yes.

I thought I might remember if I calm down and think, but the more I think, the more I don't understand.
But I do recall hearing the door bell...as if someone's calling,
and when I realized it again, I'm already inside that castle...sorry.

Chie - No need to apologize. That visitor must be the culprit then!?

Yosuke - I don't know...If that's true, then that guy must be very daring.
Ringing the front bell like that. The polices are searching for any witness as well...can't put any hope on that though.
Don't think he'll go around and let everyone know who he is either.

Pg. 3
Why is he doing all this?

Souji - Only the culprit will know that.
But we know one big thing for sure now...

People didn't get to "that world" by accident.
Someone kidnapped them and threw them into the TV...and that guy
is the "murderer".

I didn't tell you yet, right?
The two of us are going to catch that culprit.
Polices won't be able to solve this case themselves. Plus, we have the "power."

Pg. 4
Chie - Count me in, too!
I'll kick his ass for throwing people in there for sure!

Yukiko - Me too...

Let me help you too. I want to know why he did this.
It's not just because Chie is in for this.
Also...if someone really hates me to the point of trying to kill me,
then I really have to know it. I won't run away anymore.

Chie - Yukiko.

Pg. 5
But how are we going to find the culprit? We don't have any clue at all.
Yukiko - I'm his third target, but I wonder if I'm also the last.
If we know who the next victim is, maybe we can prevent it, don't you think?
Chie - Prevent, hm?

The three victims so far are Announcer "Yamano Mayumi",
"Konishi Saki"-senpai,
and "Amagi Yukiko."

Chie - He's going after only the girls! Unforgivable! He's some pervert for sure.
Yosuke - If we just consider the announcer, I can see hatred as his motive. Probably of the wife of her illicit lover.

Chie - But Hiragi Misuzu has firm alibi, no?
Plus, she no longer lived with her husband,
the former secretary of the Congress, Namatame Tarou.

Yousuke - Konishi-senpai...was the first to discovered "Yamano Mayumi's" corpse,
so if it's the same culprit, his goal for targetting senpai woud be...

Pg. 6
to shut her mouth.
??? - Yeah, like for example, she got some kind of evidence.
But didn't the culprit just "throw them into the TV"?
I doubt there's any evidence enough for the police to catch the culprit...
You're right...
Then the culprit is after "girls who are related to the case of Announcer Yamano"...?
Chie - That's what we can think of for now,
and just my guess, but...If someone's supposed to be gone next...

won't they be on that on "that TV" as well!?
Yukiko was on it last time.
It's quite possible, since all the past victims were also on that "TV".
It might be blurry at first, but the main thing is they were on that program before they were gone.

Pg. 7
Souji - It's almost like a "warning before the kidnap".
We might not know what it is, but guess we have to depend on that for now.

Yukiko - We'll have to wait for the next rain to come...then?

Yousuke - ...But say

Isn't it cooked already?
Chie - Oh yeah, you're right!

Chie - Let's dig it!
Yukiko - I'm eating now.

Pg. 8
Chie - 'tis GREAT~

Yousuke - Madam Chie, may I have one sip!? Just one sip to know how it tastes!
Chie - Shut it! Go buy it yourself.
...Fine, but only one sip, OK?

Yukiko - You want some too, Seta-kun?
Souji - Yeah.

Yousuke - Whoa...'its so good...
Chie - Alright, that's your one sip. Now give it back.
Yousuke - Now I know exactly what a starved little lamb feels like~

Souji - I...I just can't stop taking more after the taste touches my empty stomach...!!

Pg. 9
Chie - Hey, you said just one sip...

Pg. 10
Not only the scallop but you ate down the whole thing!!?
Yukiko - My oage...

First my "Trail of Dragon" and now this...You know what's going to happen, do you...?
Yousuke - W-Wait, wait, wait!
Please, I'm seriously sorry! I just lost control of myself a bit...

I'll treat you back! I'll treat you with steak, OK!!?
Chie - Steak...!?

Yousuke - Yeah, steak!
He...Heard me, right?
Chie - S...Steak.
Yukiko - Oage...

Pg. 11
Chie - Don't mind that, Yukiko. We'll go for the steak! We can just eat cup noodle again any time, OK?
Yukiko - My oage...

Chie - ...We can just order one with less fat...
Alright, steak it is!

If we don't want fat, then we can go with fillet, right? Oh~ Fillet! I love that tasty ring it has!
Yousuke - Why does it have to end like this...

Pg. 12
Yukiko - I came to thank you, Kuma-kun.
Kuma - Are you alright now, Yuki-chan? Kuma is being a good Kuma as Yuki-chan said, you know?
Yukiko - Good boy.
Chie - Well, we're trying to catch the culprit for this guy's sake as well.

Yukiko - I'll be with you all now. Let's work hard together, OK?
Kuma - Got it! Kuma thought you'll say that too, kuma! So Kuma prepared one for Yuki-chan too, kuma!

Yukiko - Like this?

Pg. 13
Chie - But say, how come you have so many glasses?
Kuma - Good question! Kuma always want to tell you this.
Kuma made these glasses.
Kuma have always been here, so this is how Kuma made these to kill some time.
Yukiko - Oh, but you don't have to wear it?
Kuma - Coming at me with that question? Yet another good question!

Let me tell you, Kuma's "eyes" themselves are the lenses, kuma! You don't know that, kuma?
Yosuke - Like we'll know that...

Kuma - Awww, pretending not to care and being mean to Kuma, kuma? Kuma is very skillful, you know, kuma!?
Look here, kuma! Kuma can move Kuma's fingers so well, see, kuma!?
Yosuke - To hell with that!
Kuma - Oww!

Chie - Oh, did you drop something?
Kuma - Ah, that's the defective one, kuma.
Yukiko - Oh, this...

Pg. 14
Ahaha, how's that?

Souji - It suits you well.
Yosuke - Huh!?
Yukiko - Ahahaha, yippee!

Guess I'll take this one. It even has a nose guard on.
Chie - No, please!

Kuma - Kuma didn't put the lenses on those glasses though, kuma. Kuma should've done that, kuma.
Yukiko - Awww, what a waste.

Pg. 15
Now you try it on, Chie.
Chie - Huh?
Wai...Alright, fine...

What kind of trend is this...?

Yukiko - PFFFF!

Your...Your face...PFF....HAHAHAHA AHAHAHAHA!
Yosuke - A-Amagi-san...?
Chie - There it is. Amagi's burst of laughter...I thought no one else but me will ever see that though...
We can't do any investigation with these, can't we!? Plus, the nose clearly is the main spotlight of these glasses!

Pg. 16
Chie - Cut that out already!
Yukiko - Kuma-san...you should try it on, too!
Kuma - Kuma can't, kuma. The size is too small to fit on Kuma's face, kuma.

Yukiko - PFF!!

Pg. 17
Ri...Right on the mark...Pff, I can't breathe. My stomach's all twitched.
Yosuke - We...Well, at least it's good to see that Amagi's all fine and healthy.
Yeah, totally...
Yukiko - PFF...HAHAHA! That's so weird!

You know what?

Pg. 18
My mom is back into the business now.
Our employees really work hard too, so our inn becomes much better than before.
Maybe I really overdid myself...thinking that I have to take care of everything all alone.

Or maybe it has always been like that, but I never noticed it.

B-But...that was so embarrassing...
I never want to see it myself, and now, I went off showing it to everyone...
Chie - Ahaha, that's the same for me though.

Pg. 19
Yukiko - Ever since then...I was able to rethink more clearly about myself.

Chie - Yeah, me too...

Yukiko - [Inheriting the inn is just one of the many choices I have...]
[From now on, I'll follow my own wish.]
[I wonder how come I never realize something this trivial before.]

Chie - What?
Laughing to yourself?
Yukiko - It's nothing.

Pg. 20
[From now on, I'll...choose the path to my own life by myself.]
[So, guess I should start from something new to me.]

Chie - Yukiko.
What're you doing? I'll leave you behind, you know?

Yukiko - [That's right.]

Pg. 21
[Maybe I should start with some part times.]
Ah, wait for me!
** And there, Yukiko found herself and starts pacing forward! **

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#1. by Rorouni ()
Posted on Aug 3, 2011
Thanks a lot! If you need help with edition (language don´t matter), only let me know :)
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