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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 143

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Aug 4, 2011 12:18 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 143

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:143 "The Guardian, the Murderer and the Strong"

Pg. 1
Toki - [That masked bastard...]
[can use the blue flame just like Ogami!!]
** He possesses the same power as Ogami!? All stunned by the masked "Code:Name"!! **

the heck are you!?

Show me your face!!

Pg. 2
[I lost my power...!!]
It just had to come at a time like this...!!


Ogami - Belphegor.

Pg. 3
Kouji - Don't!! Ogami, that guy's...

Kagerou - Bel

Ogami - What...?

Toki - He...He can use Belphegor too...?
[...I see, Belphegor is the flame which burns down special power.]

[That's how he deleted Kouji's "Void"...]

[Is he]

Pg. 4
[really capable of using the Seven Flames, just like Ogami!?]

Dammit!! Ogami...

Kouji - Don't hustle, Toki.
Our chance will come.

Ogami - Black Nyanmaru mask, huh...? Such a joke.
Well, I don't care who you are, but...

Pg. 5
Kagerou - My name is Kagerou.

Sakurakouji - Wha...What's that!?

Yuuki - Kagerou, you said!? Nonsense!! Are you fooling with me, scum!? Answer me!!
Rui - Hey!! Stop it, Yuuki!! Why're you taunting him...?

Kagerou - I am not fooling.
Everyone - [He...He replied!!]

Yuuki - That style, Kansai, huh!?
You're from Kansai!!

Kagerou - No, I'm not.
Yuuki - Liar!!

Sakurakouji - That...That "Code:Name" is really a strange person. Who exactly is he!?
Yuuki - Who the hell are you!? [Yell it out!]

Kagerou - He knows.

Pg. 6
Rei knows
We were together
since long ago.

Sakurakouji - He...He's Ogami's acquaintance!?

Ogami - That's not funny!! I don't know...

Yuuki - His...His mask spins like a pinwheel...!!

Pg. 7

Pg. 8
??? - Please don't look at him, Rei-sama...!!

[He's "Kagerou"... The one who was raised to protect and also kill the hybrid.]
[If you're judged as dangerous, he'll follow you to the edge of the world to kill you.]

[To the edge...]
[of the world!!]

Pg. 9
Kagerou - SATAN BLAZE.

Yuuki - This...This is bad!!
Rui - Shit...
we'll all get hit too!!

Kouji - Not so fast.

Pg. 10
Shigure - Hmph, too easy.


Saechika - No more...
No more failures next time.

Hiyori - Shigure... How come he's saying it as though Kagerou failed...?

Pg. 11
Shigure - They turned into lockers!?

Hiyori - They became lockers!!
Could this be...

Aoba - The Special Power, "Exchange".

The power to "switch" the places of two things which are separated from one another.
Uesugi - ...
Aoba - Uesugi Hajime of the "Re:CODE", the only one capable of using this power...

Pg. 12-13
helped them get away safely.
Student - Eh!?
A mermaid!?

Sakurakouji - Thanks a ton, Uesugi!! You're our life saver!!
Uesugi - ...Yeah!!
Everyone - But...But can you choose a better location!?
[...Don't give me that "...Yeah!!"!!]

Pg. 14
Student - Wow!!
Are they cosplaying!?
Aren't they Ogami-kun, Uesugi-kun and Sakurakouji-san from Class 1-B!? [And Fujiwara-senpai.]

Even their wounds look real!!
That butterfly figurine is really erotic, don't you think?
Yuuki - Shut the fuck up!!
Student - That mermaid is really badass!! Just look at those scales!! [How did you put those together?]
Toki - Well, I'm good at ventriloquizing. [The cat looks as if it can talk.]

Student - [KYAAA, SO COOL~]
Toki - Just...
Kouji - Hahaha!! Looks like you're a big hit. One cheer for you, Rui.
Rui - Kouji!!

Just don't come near us!!
Student - [That's amazing-]

Pg. 15
Sakurakouji - We should be fine here for now.

Rui - My mermaid form... They all saw it...
Sakurakouji - But somehow, I get the feeling that everyone weren't surprised though... Could they have misunderstood something?

Yuuki - Hey, Ogami!!
Where're you going!?

Toki - You're not thinking of going back alone, are you!? ...Calm down!!
Rui - You can't go in that condition. We still have time, so just take a rest for a bit!

Hey, Rei!! Why are you in such a hurry!?

Pg. 16
Ogami - Wha...

Lily - Oh...
Toki - Sa...Sakura-chan!?

Ogami - Wha...!?
Wait!? Let go...
Let go of me!!
...I have

I have something I need to confirm...

Pg. 17
Sakurakouji - Don't hustle, Ogami.
The truth isn't going to run away.

I understand that you're in a hurry to learn of the past you didn't know of,
but the truth isn't going to change just because you rush it.


Sakurakouji - [I'm adopted,]
[so I have no memory of before I was five.]

[Let's find the truth from the Four Founders,]
[and tell it straight to my mom that "she doesn't have to hide anymore".]

Ogami - ...You're
Sakurakouji - Hm?
Ogami - strong.

Pg. 18
Sakurakouji - Also, I bet Heike-senpai will be willing to tell us everything if we asked him nicely.
Toki - Yeah, that weirdo is justified down to the very core. But first, we need to know where he is though.

Heike - I'm glad. You certainly have the ultra premium heart, Toki.


Sakurakouji - Heike-senpai!?
Yuuki - You came to kill us, "Eden's" underdog!?
Rui - Wha...What happened to Yukihina!?

Heike - The "Eden" right now is no longer my beloved "Eden".

Not to mention, "Eden" will no longer be a fun place to be with all of you gone.

??? - ...Eh!?
Heike - Have you forgotten?

Pg. 19
I'm the judge... The one who oversees the performance of you all, the "Code:Breakers".
Where there's a "Code:Breaker", there's me.
Paper - Report Card
CODE:05 Hachiouji Rui
0 pt
Report Card
CODE:04 Toki
40,000 pt
Report Card
CODE:06 Ogami Rei
50,000 pt
Report Card
CODE:03 Tenpouin Yuuki
8,000 pt
Report Card
Sakurakouji Sakura
500 pt

Sakurakouji - Eh...!? You mean you were in "Eden" to oversee Toki-kun!?
Yuuki - Obvious lies.
Rui - I only get 0 points?
Toki - Just how much fishier can you get...

Ogami - Heike, I'm definitely not trusting you. First the matter about the Founders, and now things about me... You simply hide too many things from us.

Heike - No problem. I don't expect you to agree with me right away either.

...That aside, shall we move on then?
Sakurakouji - Eh!?

Pg. 20
The secret and the truth which I, Heike Masaomi of the Four Founders, holds...
I shall tell you about December 32 and the Hybrid.
** One of the mysteries the Four Founders hold is about to be revealed!? Ogami's and Sakura's wheel of fate is turning forth!! **

Rui - And what about Yukihina?
Heike - He'll come to kill me soon enough.
Oh, but I chopped him up into many more pieces than ever before, so I guess it might take him a while though.
[Not to mention, I have the speed of light.]
Toki - I know we can't trust him...

next: It's a spree, heave-ho!
to be continued

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