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Tales of the Abyss 23

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Aug 9, 2011 13:12 | Go to Tales of the Abyss

-> RTS Page for Tales of the Abyss 23

I'm rusting up on TotA...Best proof would be the fact that I don't even remember what is where in the story anymore...don't even mention the game's terms... ._."

I would need your help to look over these for sure, Miken...and sorry for the long, long wait... ._."

Reserved for Wings of an Angel Scanlation Group

Tales of the Abyss
EPISODE 23 "The Place Within One's Reach"

Pg. 2
EPISODE 23 The Place within One's Reach 003
EPISODE 24 The Future One's Entrusted with 041
EPISODE 25 What It Takes to be the Princess 069
EPISODE 26 Reunion 111
EPISODE 27 Lost Last Day 143

Atogaki 177

Pg. 3
EPISODE:23 The Place Within One's Reach

[The Watcher's Home, Yulia City]

Pg. 4
Tear - The Score...is off!!

Pg. 5
Guy - ...The-There were this many people in this city?
Tear - Grandfather.
Luke - How should I know? I was asleep the whole time.
Natalia - Shh.

Tear - You must've already been aware of what happen on the Outer Land,
so I'll get right to the point.

Is there anyway we can save the Outer Land?

Pg. 6
Theodore - I'm sorry to say, but it's not possible to raise the collapsed land back to the Outer Land.

if we descend the land to Qliphoth, then perhaps!!

Luke - We
We can do that!?

Pg. 7
Thoedore - Theoretically, it is possible.
If we weaken the power of the Sephiroth trees which support the Outer Land little by little...
it's possible for us to let the Outer Land gently land into Qliphoth's Sea of Mud.

this will require high precision. It won't be easy...

After all, you're descending something as large as the entire land.

Also, we still have one big problem.

Pg. 8
The device used to control the Sephiroth,
the Passage Ring,
isn't something anyone can manipulate.

Luke - Eh?

Theodore - We need the Seventh Fonon.

Pg. 9
Without the Seventh Fonon,
we cannot command the control panel of the Passage Rings to function!!

Pg. 10
Luke - ...If that's the case!!
We got 3 people who can use it.

Pg. 11

Pg. 12
Theodore - I see...

Van must've already predicted
that you'll come to Qliphoth and I'll suggest to you to descend the land.
He must've already forcefully place the seal on the Passage Rings.

Noelle - I can see it now!!
It's that island, right?

Pg. 13
Theodore - In order to make it move, you too will have to input the command by force.
As you can create the hyperresonance, the most suitable one for this task would be you, Luke-san,

only if you can control that power...however.

Pg. 14
[Qliphoth, Underground of Shurrey Hill]
[Passage Ring]

Pg. 15
Tear - Where is the control panel then?
Anise - He didn't say anything about that?

Ion - Wait...the Yulian Seal is still intact!!
Anise - Eh?

Ion - The Yulian Seal is one of the three seals which protect the Sephiroth, lying the furthest of the three.
Picture - [Daathic Seal -> Unlocked by Ion]
[Albertesque Seal -> Unlocked after the destruction of Akzeriuth's Passage Ring]
[Yulian Seal -> ?]
[Local Passage Rings]
Ion - If Van is to operate this place's Passage Ring, he would need to break all the seals, but...

Ion - I'm sorry, but...even I don't have the power to unseal this...
Luke - Eh!?
Anise - You mean no one really entered this place?

Tear - But...Van did operate it.
How...exactly did he...?

Pg. 16
Ion - What!!?

Pg. 17

Pg. 18
Tear - It's responding...to me?

Guy - Wha...What is going on?
Ion - I don't understand either, but...
the seal seems to be unlocked.
Anise - How...How come!? But even Master Ion can't get it to work!

Pg. 19
Luke - Tear...are you alright?
Tear - Yes...Yes, I am.
Anyhow, we can operate it now!!

Jade - It's exactly as Theodore had said...
Some new codes were inscribed into the fonic glyph...


Pg. 20
Right now, I would like you to overwrite those codes with your hyperresonance.
We probably cannot operate the Passage Rings through normal ways anymore.
The only one capable of operating it is you, Luke.

I'll give you the instruction.
Let's descend the land safely together.

Pg. 21
Mieu - Mieu!

Pg. 22
Jade - First, we'll delete the code that shuts off the Sephiroth.


Luke - [The Passage Ring]
[The Seventh Fonon]
[The Hyperresonance]

Pg. 23
[It's no different from back then.]

[Back then, it results in a tragedy.]

[...I'm scared.]
[But this time...is going to be different.]

Pg. 24

Pg. 25
[This time,]
[I have everyone by my side!!!]

Pg. 26
The Sephiroth that supports St.Binah and the whole of Rugnica Plain is this Third Sephiroth.
First, we'll open the valve of the Third Sephiroth.

Pg. 27
Please erase only the outer code.
If you touch anything else, there's no telling what will happen.

Luke - Gotcha...No need to scare me.

Jade - Alright,
it's functioning now.
Next is the Fourth Sephiroth.

Pg. 28
That's the Sephiroth that supports Chesedonia and the Zao Desert.
It's located deep down underground of the Zao Ruins.
Luke - The Zao Ruins...

That's where...I came face-to-face with Asch for the first time.
Now it seems...like it happened so long ago in the past.

Pg. 29
Jade - OK!! It all went pretty well.
Next is the command to descend...

Pg. 30
Luke - So-...Sorry, I got a little dizzy...
But-...But I'm fine though!!

Jade - This task requires large amount of concentration as it needs to be done very accurately. You can't really keep up with it, it seems.
Do you want some rest?
Luke - But...if we don't hurry...

Natalia - Let me handle it!!
Luke - Natalia?

Pg. 31
Mieu - Mieu!?
Luke - I don't feel dizzy anymore.

Natalia - Have you forgotten? I might not look like it, but I too am a healer.
Please let me be of some help to you!!

Luke - Great!!
Let's get going then!!

Pg. 32
Jade - We're getting to our main task now.
We'll descend St.Binah, which is on the verge of collapsing, into the sea of Qliphoth!!

But first...you don't know Ancient Ispanian, do you?
Luke - Of course, I don't!!
Jade - Alright. I'll say it in Fonic words and you follow that then.
The grammar is generally the same, so we should be able to operate with that.

Pg. 33
Please inscribe this command into the Third Sephiroth.
Tree Ascent.
Triple speed.

Luke - Tree Ascent.
Triple Speed!!

Pg. 34
[I still...want to believe in you deep down inside me.]
[I still think it would be good if all that was a lie...]

[what you're doing is definitely wrong.]

Pg. 35
[That's right.]
[I...want to save everyone on this planet!!]

Jade - ...What's with this...?
Luke - Eh...?

Pg. 36
Anise - How much longer are they going to take...?
Guy - Yeah...
Anise - Are they really alright...?

Luke!! Everyone!!
Mieu - Mieu, Mieu!!
Anise - How was it!?

Pg. 37

It...doesn't work...?

Tear - No,
the descending was successful.
St.Binah should already arrived to Qliphoth by now.

Jade - We've placed similar command for the Rugnica Plain and other towns on the continent as well.
They should land down gently into the Qliphoth without collapsing in a short while.
Mieu - That's great!!
Anise - Doesn't that mean we did it!!?

Luke - But!!!

Pg. 38
The Passage Ring is about to break!!
Everything we did was for nothing!!!

Anise - Wha...What do you mean?

Jade - The control panel alerted that the Passage Ring has reached its limit lifetime.
The Sephiroth being out of control...must've been the effect of that.

Pg. 39
Anise - The Sephiroth is out of control!? What!?
Guy - Wait!! But if the passage ring breaks,
don't tell me...it'll-

Ion - The Sephiroth Trees...will vanish.
Both the Outer Lands, and the land floating in Qliphoth will collapse
and everything will be sunk down into Qliphoth's sea of mud.

Pg. 40
Tear - Does the Score say anything about the Sephiroth going out of control...?
No...but even if something's said in there, it would've been the top secret even grandfather didn't know of.
What should...we do now...?

Luke - Dammit...

Ion - ...If there really is any hint to it, it would be there.
Let's go,
to the headquarter of the Order of Lorelei, Daath.

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