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Translations: Gintama 678 by kewl0210 , One Piece 900 by cnet128

Tales of Graces f 2

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Aug 15, 2011 14:31 | Go to Tales of Graces f

-> RTS Page for Tales of Graces f 2

Yeah, I forgot Asbel's mom's name...:S

...And I hate SFX...-.-"

Reserved for Eternal Scanlation Group.

Tales of Graces f
Chapter 2 "The Pledge"

Pg. 1
** Greatly Enlarged! 46 Pages! **
** The story is stirring! **

Asbel - I want to become stronger,
I want to be a knight of the Kingdom of Windol.

Aston - Once you grow up, I believe you'll understand
that being the one in command comes with corresponding amount of responsibility.
You can't protect anyone with that childish thought.

Sophie - My...

Asbel+Hubert - [Could this be...amnesia?]

** The second chapter you can't miss!! **

Pg. 2
Asbel - I'll take responsibility and find out who she is myself!

Your name will be "Sophie"!

Nice to meet you again,


Pg. 3
Chapter 2 "The Pledge"
** The feedback comes pouring! From their childhood to the last of "To the Future Arc". The 46-pages long second chapter that you can never miss!!!! **
Tales of Graces f

** Everyone gathering apples together. Are they going to make some apple gels? **

Pg. 4

Asbel - What's that?
Hubert - Maybe it's that guest from the capital father was talking about.

Looks like they're heading directly to our house.
Asbel - Let's go see!

Aston - ...Yes, that's all.
If there's anything more you need, feel free to tell me.
Bias - Thank you for your consideration, Lord Lhant.

Pg. 5
Aston - I'll take my leave then.

Bias - Now...let us proceed to our training.

Sir Richard.

Hubert - That boy's our guest from the capital...?
Cheria - He's just around the same age as us...
Asbel - His name is Richard, huh?

Hubert - "Richard"...
I think I heard that name somewhere before...

Richard - I'm not feeling well.
Let's not do it today, Bias.

Bias - You can't let your feeling get better of you.

Now, take your sword.

Asbel - He said he doesn't feel well.
Don't force him!
Bias - And you're...?

Pg. 7
I'm the son of the Feudral Lord of Lhant, Asbel.
If you want to practice sword, I'll be your partner.

Bias - Oh...?
You're the son of the feudral lord?

Well, now that you came, let have it that way.

Hubert - He doesn't use any weapon...?
Asbel - I'll not fight with an unarmed person...

That's the disgrace for knights...

Pg. 8
Bias - I won't use weapon against an amateur though.

Yes, that's it.

let's fight!


Pg. 9
Cheria - Asbel!

Asbel - Ugh.

Bias - Not as good as said!

Asbel - UWOOOO

Bias - Ugh!?

Pg. 10
I see...
So, you do have some experience in training.

Asbel - *huff*
Bias - Then

I shall get serious too...!

Knight - Enough!

It's disgraceful for you to provoke him like that, Sir Bias.

Asbel - The real knight is so strong.

Cheria - Asbel!
Hubert - You really frightened me~

Pg. 11
Richard - That's awesome...
He can fight on par with Bias...?

Asbel - Thanks for fighting with me,

I apologize for my rudeness!

Hubert - You're so mature...
Cheria - What's wrong?
[Don't mock with me.]
Asbel - Manner is important among knights too!

Knight - You're
interested in knighthood?
Asbel - I want to become a knight when I grow up.

Knight - I see. Once you grow up, enter the knight order.
You have the talent.
Asbel - Really?

Pg. 12
Cheria - Oh, Asbel!
Isn't that just great?
Asbel - [Not really...]
Hubert - That's awesome, Asbel!

Asbel - I feels bad for losing, but
it's all good since Richard doesn't have to push himself now.

Richard - You...

Asbel - Since you don't need to practice anymore,
I'll guide you around!

Richard - ...If you're going to flatter me...
then forget it.

Pg. 13
Asbel - Eh?
Richard - You just want to do me a favor
so you can make use of me, didn't you?

Asbel - No need to be shy!

Hubert - Where are you going, Asbel?
If father knows about this...!
Cheria - It's getting dark now though.
Asbel - [I won't go too long.]
Just fake something up to dad for us, OK.

Cheria - Sophie! Can you go with Asbel?
And make sure he doesn't do any harm to the guest.

Sophie - Harm...


Pg. 14-15
Asbel - You're coming too, Sophie?
Alright! Let's go together then!

What do you think?
This is our best scenery.

Pg. 16
Richard - So beautiful...
Asbel - You bet!

You came all the way here from the capital.
Gotta see the our top hit spot!

Richard - Is that all...?

Asbel - How's it then?
You like it?

Richard - ...You're incredible...

Pg. 17
Sophie - Richard.

Richard - Eh?

it's so pretty.

Bias - ...You came all the way here without any bodyguard with you...?

Oh well, I actually prefer it like this though.

Your Royal Highness Prince Richard.

Pg. 18
Asbel - Prince...? You can't mean...

Bias - This is just the perfect place.
Just perfect for Your Highness...
to be Prince Richard's
grave...I mean.

Pg. 19
Your Highness...
Prepare yourself!

Asbel - Stop it!



Richard - Argh...

Asbel - Richard!

Pg. 20
Sophie - The cliff...
is dangerous.

Asbel - Sophie!
Bias - My, my.

It would be a better for you to leave the prince and run for your life though.

Let me warn you, this won't be like the practice though.
This is the battle with the risk of lives.
Asbel - [The bloodlust...!]

His attack was really heavy just now...
[The real battle]
[is nothing like in training...]

Pg. 21
[I'm scared...]
[but if I don't fight, Richard will...!]

Aston - [You can't protect anyone.]
Asbel - [I want to become stronger,]


Asbel - I'll...
protect Richard!

Sophie - Protect...

Pg. 22

Richard - You...
Asbel - Sophie!?
It's dangerous. Stand back.

Bias - Pretending to be Prince Richard's knight?

While you're just a bunch of kids!?

Pg. 23
Asbel - Ugh...!!


Pg. 24
[knows how to fight?]

[No, for now,]
[I need to concentrate on the fight!]

Bias - ...Tsk!



Pg. 25

Richard - Uh.

Asbel - Richard!?

Bias - An opening!

Pg. 26
Richard - Asbel!?

Bias - Die!!

Asbel - [I will]

Pg. 27

Bias - Ugh...
Yo-You bastard...!

Asbel - We...did it...

Sophie - Asbel?
Richard - Asbel!

Pg. 28
Asbel - [Huh...? What's happening to me?]
[My body feels warm]

[as though I'm covered in light...]
Richard - Asbel!

Thanks God.
You're finally awake...
Asbel - Richard.

[Oh yeah. I was fighting with Bias, and...]
My wound...!

Pg. 29
[It doesn't...hurt?]

Sophie - You should...be fine now.
Asbel - Sophie...?

Richard - Asbel?
Are you alright?
Y-...Yeah, seems so.

What about you two? You alright?
Richard - I'm pretty much OK,

thanks to you two.
Sophie - I'm fine too...

Asbel - O...K.
That's good...
[I protected them...]

Pg. 30
[I really protected them...]
Good that
you two are safe...

Cheria - [Thanks.]
[You really pleased me.]

Sophie - You're...happy?
Asbel - Eh...

Of course I am!
You're happy that Richard is safe too, aren't you?

Sophie - Happy
to be safe...

Pg. 31
Richard - What...?

Asbel - What's wrong, Richard?
Richard - It's gone...!
My ring...

I think I just dropped it...

Asbel - Something important to you? We'll help you search then.
Sophie, you go that side!

Richard - You two...

Pg. 32
Asbel - Still can't find it...

Richard - Maybe it really did fall down the cliff...
Asbel - Don't give up, Richard!

Sophie - ...Oh?
Asbel - Eh?

Sophie - It's inside the flower.

Richard - Ah...

Thanks, Sophie...

Asbel - Good for you, Richard!

Pg. 33
Richard - I'm sorry...Asbel.

I...really gave you trouble...

Asbel - Don't mind it!
You're my friend, so it's obvious that I'll help you!

Richard - Friend...?

We're friends now, no?

Richard - Friend...?
With me...?

Pg. 34
Sophie - What does friend mean, Asbel?
Asbel - Eh...? Well...

We help each other when we're troubled.
We laugh together when we're happy.

The relationship we have right now is what friends are.
Sophie - Then I'm a friend too?
Asbel - Of course you are!

Richard - Friend...
Asbel - What? Not you too, Richard.

Why does your face look as if you never heard the word before?
Richard - Eh...?

No, it's not
exactly like that...but

Pg. 35
Our status is different.
You might not be concerned about that now, but...
Asbel - Oh, you're the prince, right?

Now that you mentioned, I don't even know who Sophie really is either.
We might not be able to play together forever, but

are you nervous, Richard?

Asbel - Oh yeah!
I have some good idea.

Let's make our "Pledge of Friendship" with this tree!

Richard - Pledge of Friendship?

It's the legend in my town.

Pg. 36
If we carved our names on the tree,
and make a pledge while holding our hands,


the pledge will come true.


You come too,

Sophie - I don't know how to write...

Asbel - We'll write it together then.

Pg. 37

OK, all good now.

Now, put your hand out, you two.

...No matter
what is going to happen,

Richard - we shall always be friends.

Sophie - Always...be friends.

Pg. 38-39

Asbel - The sunrise!

Richard - I'll never forget this scenery
and what happened today for my entire life.

??? - Master Asbel?
Prince Richard!

Pg. 40
Aston - You know
what you just did, right, Asbel?

Asbel - Dad...

Pg. 41
Richard - Lord Lhant,
Asbel saved my life.

Aston - But it's because my foolish son took you out in the first place...

Richard - That's not it.

I was the one who asked for Asbel to show me around.

So please don't punish him because of me.

I'll take all the responsibility.

Pg. 42
Aston - Understood.

...By the way, I just received urgent news from the capital.
It seems that the king's condition has worsen.
Richard - Father!?

Aston - You have to hurry back,
to the capital, Palonia.
Asbel - [Palonia...]

Aston - I might sound arrogant, but allow me to accompany you.
I have the duty to escort that villain, Bias, to the capital as well.
Richard - Father...

Aston - Hubert,
you're coming with me.
Hubert - Eh!?

Pg. 43
I'm going to the capital?
Asbel - Dad, what 'bout me?

Aston - You're grounded for now!
Asbel - Ugh...

No choice for me, huh...?
Just go then, Hubert. Don't need to worry.
Hubert - I-...I'm sorry.
I'll remember to buy the souvenir for you!

Mother - Asbel!

Asbel - Mom.
Mom - Don't make me worried, please.
If something happens to you, I'll...

Pg. 44
Asbel - You worry too much, mom.
Hubert - Mother...?

Mother - Hubert...

Take care of yourself...
Have a safe trip.
Hubert - Yes...mother.

Richard - Asbel.
Asbel - Richard! Thanks for covering up for me just now.

Richard - I'll leave this with you.

Asbel - This ring...

Richard - Show this to the palace guard,
and they'll let you have an audience with me.

Pg. 45
Come to the capital whenever you have an opportunity.
I'll show you around in the palace.

Asbel - Yeah, I'll go for sure.
I'll keep this for you until then.

Richard - ...It's about time.


See you again,

Pg. 46

Hubert - Asbel~

Asbel - Don't forget the souvenir, Hubert!
See you again, Richard!
** The brief parting of friends...Next chapter, the cruel fate is about to fall upon them! **

To be continued in Vol.4, on sale May 27th.

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