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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Persona 4 12

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Aug 18, 2011 15:36 | Go to Persona 4

-> RTS Page for Persona 4 12

I'm bored...Don't mind me. Rena didn't give me PR for CB yet, and I don't know what else to t/l. Not to mention, the anime kinda pushes me. -_-"

RAW: MegaUpload

PS. I'd upload it to MediaFire as well as MegaUpload if MediaFire stops being stupid and let me upload my Persona 4 raw. :S

You're allowed to use this translation for scanlation only if you proofread it and send it back to me for approval before using.

Persona 4
#12 "The Aperture"

Pg. 1
-- 04/30 - Sat --
** The series is back up! **

Nanako - He's back!

Adachi - 'Evening.

Nanako - We-...
Welcome back.

Pg. 2
Adachi - It might seem rare for your dad to have an accompany, but I'm bringing him home, so I just tag along.
Nice seeing you. I'm Adachi Tamotsu, am here till Spring to be Doujima-san's slave.

Doujima - What, Adachi? I'm more considerate than you think.
Adachi - Aww, get the joke, daddy! Ahahaha.

Oh yeah!

You're Amagi Yukiko-san's friend, right?
Amagi-san is back safely now! Spread the news, alright!?
Souji - That's good to hear.
Adachi - Yeah, I feel the same too.

Pg. 3
But we still don't have the clear details on it.
We did visit her just now, but Amagi-san...said she can't remember anything.
Not to mention, it looks almost as though she just disappeared into thin air while she was missing. Even we couldn't solve it yet either. Something seems really fishy about this,

like there's some backside to it...

Doujima - Don't say anything stupid, idiot!
Adachi - Oww!

Doujima - Don't mind him. This guy just made something up himself.

Geez, you're full of trouble...

Pg. 4
Nanako - I'm hungry.
Douji - Ah,
yeah, my belly is rumbling as well.
Adachi - Hahaha,
so you even say "your belly is rumbling" in front of Nanako-chan~

Doujima - Will you just sit down and be quiet?
...No, first, go wash your hands.
Adachi - Got it, got it.
Nanako - You too, dad!
Doujima - Ah.
...Me too, huh?

The 4th and 5th, right?

Pg. 5
If it's 4th and 5th,
Guess I can take two days off.

Nanako - Really!?
Doujima - Anywhere you want to go specifically?

TV - Junes once again is open throughout the Golden Week!
Nanako - I want to go to Junes!

Doujima - Hm? We can go somewhere further out too, you know?
How about we take a trip somewhere on this occasion?

Nanako - Whoa, a trip!

Pg. 6
...You're sure of it?

Doujima - What? You think I'm lying?
Nanako - Because you never made it.

Doujima - No-...Not every year though, right?
How about you? Are you free during those times?
Souji - Yes.

Doujima - Alright, we three together then.
Nanako - Yes, together! Let's all go together!

Pg. 7
I want to bring lunch sets too!
Doujima - Hm? Oh, yeah.
Since we always eat packed food. I can't make lunch set though...
...But guess it'll be alright, since we got this guy with us.

Nanako - Yay, lunch sets!

News - Early this morning, the ATM of Bank of Inaba to the North of Inaba City got smashed with a heavy machinery. All the money were stolen.
A car, found parking at the site, was the car reported to be lost by the local public worker.

Due to approaching security firm, the thieves got away quickly after committing the crime. As for the polices...
Nanako - Dad?

Pg. 8
[05/02 MON]
OK, it's alright...
...I get it.

He wants to talk to you.

He said he can't take the day off.

Pg. 9
Doujima - I'm sorry, but I'll be home late today.
Just lock the door and go to bed first.
And about the days off on the 4th and 5th...

In fact, you youngster can go spend your time alone...I can't make any space, taken the incident I'm in right now.
I don't have the choice but to come out.

Nanako - You lied to me.
You said you'll take the days off.

Pg. 10
Souji - That can't be helped.
Doujima - I'm sorry. It's an emergency...
How is...
Nanako right now?
I'm sorry, but take care of her for me...Bye.

Nanako - I'm fine.

Pg. 11
He was always like this...

Good night.

[05/03 TUES]

Pg. 12
Chie - Oh, good to see that you're home.
I'm free today, so wanna go hang out? Yukiko's coming too.
You want to come too, Nanako-chan?

Nanako - Eh, err...Bu-...But I

Pg. 13
Souji - Let's go together.

Yosuke - Don't you pity Nanako-chan at all, for having to come here when it's Golden Week?

Pg. 14
Nanako - But I love Junes.

Yosuke - Na-...Nanako-chan...!

Nanako - But we were supposed to be out on a trip
and make lunch sets.
Yukiko - You know how to make lunch sets?

Nanako- No.

Chie - Hoh, the cook of the house? That's awesome,

Pg. 15
Nanako - Onii...chan.

Yosuke - Wow, so you know how to cook? Well, you did seem skillful.
Chie - I-I'm actually good at cooking by nature too.
if you asked, I can make you some lunch sets.
Yosuke - No...that ain't happen.
Chie - You already conclude that I can't do it? Fine then, let's compete.

It's already clear from how seriously you're taking it...Also, compete what? I never say that I can cook though?
Oh, but I do have the strange feeling that I'll win anyway though...
Yukiko - Ahaha, I get that.
Chie - Hey, Yukiko!?

Pg. 16
Yousuke - Nanako's the judge then?
Who knows? We two might even cook better than your mom.

Nanako - My mom isn't here anymore. She died in an accident.

Yousuke - Is-Is that so...? Well...
Chie - Hey...Hanamura...

Yousuke - ...Sorry, I wasn't aware of that...
Nanako - It's OK. My mom might be gone, but I still have my dad

Pg. 17
...and oniichan with me.

I'm happy that I can come to Junes today as well.

Yousuke - ...O-OK.

Yukiko - You can come to play with us at anytime too!
Chie - Yeah, let's play together.

Pg. 18
Yousuke - Let's go buy some juice, Nanako-chan!
Nanako - Yes!

Yukiko - She's really mature for her age.
Chie - Turn out we're even more like kids than her.

I'll treat Nanako-chan with something too!

Nanako - What're you doing? Let's go.

Pg. 19
You want to share half of the takoyaki with me?

Doujima - Geez, youngsters these days, how long are you going to take the sick leave for...?
[05/05 THURS]

Pg. 20
Nanako - You're back!
Doujima - ...I'm really sorry, Nanako. I broke our promise again...
Nanako - Listen, Dad. I played with Oniichan and his friends today.

Doujima - I see...thanks to you then.
This isn't exactly an apology from me or anything, but I bought a present for you today. It's the 5th today after all.
Nanako - Junes's shirt! What's it?
== May 5th is Japanese Children Day

What's this? It's so weird.

Ahahaha, I love it!
Doujima - It took me some while to choose, but haha, you like it then?

And I bought one for you too.
I'm not treating you like a kid or anything, but just want to be equal.

Pg. 21
I think you might already have this, but well, just take it.
Souji - ...Such a strange design.

Doujima - Well then...should we have our meals?
Nanako - Yeah!

??? - GWAH...

Kanji - 'da hell...

Pg. 22
Fuck off.

Naoto - ...Is that so?

Pg. 23
Corpse hanging from telephone pole.
The foggy town, Inaba.
I see. This indeed...

is an intriguing case.
** Who may this person who has interest in the incident of Inaba be!? **

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#1. by CC XX ()
Posted on Aug 24, 2011

Wow, Thanks :)
Never thought this serie is going to came back ever again!
Now what's left is waiting patiently for anime to come.
Hopefully they do it right this time.

ปล.ตามอ่านมาตั้งนานเพิ่งรู้ว่าคนแปลเป็นคนไทย >.<
น่าเสียดายที่เจอนี่ช้าไปหน่อย ไม่งั้นคงมีโอกาสได้ร่วมงานกัน :P

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