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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code:Breaker 145

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Aug 23, 2011 13:45 | Go to Code:Breaker

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You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:145 "Kibou Fest!!"

Pg. 1
** The school festival is the road of death!? What is the secret behind this festival!? **
Shibuya - ["Kibou Fest"!! The traditional festival which has been celebrated ever since the start of Kibou High more than 100 years ago.]
[Currently, the festival is held in the form of a yearly school festival!!]

But that merely is just a facade!! Of course,
by participating in this school festival, all "Code:Breakers" will be able to power themselves up by severalfold!! **
Heike - It's the special training...!! Special Dangerous Zone~!!

Sakurakouji - We...We can power ourselves up while enjoying the festival...!?
Absolutely wonderful...!!

Toki - That's stupid. What's so fun about this childish festival...?

Pg. 2-3
People - Welcome <3

Takoyaki! Grab them while they're hot~!!

Aww, a lost child!? Poor thing~!!

I hope you win, Sakurakouji-san!!
Sign - School Number 1 Princess
Candidate No.3
Candidate No.2 Sakurakouji Sakura

School's Worst Bastard

** Happiness, joy and embarrassment fill the school festival!! Hidden in the background is the scent of danger!? **

Wow!! That mermaid cosplay looks so real...!!

Rui - Wha...

Girls - So pretty!!
A beautiful cosplayer really makes a difference~~~
She's so cute,
just awesome.
So pretty~~~

Rui - I...

I...I'm not that...
Girls - Eh!?

People - Whoa!

Pg. 4
Sakurakouji - So fun... The festival is so fun...
Ogami - How is this even training at all!?

...Let's get out of here before the "Code:Names" know we're here...

Shibuya - It's about time, I guess?

Pg. 5
Ogami - [My...]
[My power is getting drained...!?]

Rui - Ugh...
I can't breathe...!!

Of course, this is obvious as you're power users.

Kibou High was originally built with material coated with rare serum, to protect the school from special powers.
Even so, "Code:Revenger" managed to slip in really easily.
So this time, I replaced the rare serum all over the school while repairing the building, maximizing its effect!!

Pg. 6
For a power user, being in this school is the same as being exposed to the rare kind's power...
The strain is not only on special power, but vitality as well, which is where it originates from...!!

Toki - Fuck that!! Are you trying to kill us!?

Heike - No,
to heighten your physical strength, you'll train even on high ground where there's low oxygen, correct?
Please consider this the same... In another words,

it's the Version Up!! If you can spend your time normally under the school's stressful condition,
your power = vitality will Power Up once you return to your normal stress-free environment...!!

Pg. 7
Toki - ...Well, that actually makes sense...
Rui - That means Uesugi too...

People - Hey, don't just doze off, Dekasugi!!
Maeda - Say something, will ya? Put some limit on your silence.

Kouji - For the rare kind power of this building to be this powerful...
Aren't you going a little overboard, Shibuya-san?
Rui - Kouji!!

Heike - That shouldn't be a problem, Kouji-san. If this kills them, then there's no way they'll ever become stronger.

Sakurakouji - Why...Why do those two seem perfectly fine...!?
Shibuya - Of course, to avoid the effects of rare kind power, the source of special power, vitality, must be controlled at its faintest.

Ogami - Control the power... The vitality...!?
Shibuya - Of course!!

Pg. 8
Both Kouji-kun and Heike-kun are dignified power users...
Since they can control their power and vitality at will,
they never seem to grow old due to the renewal of their cells.

Sakurakouji - So those two are actually that powerful...
Rui - So that's why Kouji doesn't seem any different from when I first met him. [I thought it was just his looks.]
Toki - Old geezers pretending to look young, huh...?

Heike - I'm seventeen for eternity, Toki-kun.

Ogami - So you mean if I can't even move freely in this condition,
then I can forget about ever controlling the flames and defeating the "Code:Names"
to meet the Four Founders, right?

Sakurakouji - Ogami...
Rui - Outrageous, isn't it? Are you frightened now, Rei?

Pg. 9
Ogami - Yes, I certainly am...
Of the side of me thinking from deep within that I'm going to enjoy it.

Kouji - That's Ogami Rei for you.

Yuuki - I know that if we stay here, we'll power up,
but that's not even related to the school festival. So boring.
Shibuya - There's still that though.

But I'm not telling you what it is until you pass the next task!!

Toki - T-...Task!?
Shibuya - And that is...

Pg. 10
to create the "Haunted House", the game the Student Council is organizing.
Toki - To hell with that!!

Like we'll do that for you!! [Also, the festival has already started, and you didn't get anything prepared yet!?]
Shibuya - So you don't want to know the secret behind this festival?

Toki - Uh

Toki - Fine!! We just need to make the Haunted House, right? I'll show you what the real meaning of scary is like!!
Sakurakouji - But President, can you tell us why are you doing the "Haunted House"?

Shibuya - Of course, that's...

a long story...
Toki - [He just thought of it off the top of his head!]

Pg. 11
Well, pretending to have some good reasons behind his actions is the formidable characteristic of the shitty cat.
Sakurakouji - An...Anyway, let's do it together...

Yuuki - Too much trouble.
Toki - I'm already tired from the rare kind power too.

Ogami - Well, wouldn't that be a good time killer though?
Just once in a while won't hurt.
Sakurakouji - Ogami!!

Paper - Work Delegation
Leaflets | Hachiouji
Black Curtain | Ogami
Decors | Yuuki
Costumes |
Rui - Now that it's decided, start working according to my plan now!!

Rei, you put up the black curtain all around this room.

Yuuki, get on with the decors.

Toki, you do the costumes.
Heike, take care of the tricks.

Sakurakouji, you stamp my leaflets.

Pg. 12
Toki - Hey, what are you doing!!
Yuuki - Making the same thing over and over is damn annoying...
Toki - Like hell I care!! Wanna come and make the costumes then...

Rui - Dumbass!! Work according to my plan!!

Pg. 13
Ogami - Wai-...

Toki - Prince!! Cut it out!! Don't get all irritated at us just because we're not following your plan!!
That's exactly why your minute decision making skill in battle is halfass!!

Rui - Wha...!?

Rui - Go say that to Yuuki then!! That guy was the first one to lose it!!
Hell if someone who depends purely on his talents but have no effort nor tolerance can ever get any stronger!!

Yuuki - Zip it!! Scumbags!!

Pg. 14
If you came up with that, then like we can work with Heike who is goddamn strong but not reliable one bit!!
Heike - Fufufu.
Yuuki - What's so funny!? Don't you giggle, you asshole geezer!!

Sakurakouji - He...Hey, cut it out, everyone!!

Rui+Yuuki - Stop butting in already!!

Sakurakouji - Wha... What was that for? That's so mean!!

Toki - It's all because Ogami said 'lets do it' in the first place!!

Rui - Yeah, Rei!! It's because you said something that stupid!!
Yuuki - Horrible!!
Toki - Are you listening to me, Ogami!?

Pg. 15
Rui - Huh!?
Toki - Wha...

The hell!? Want some of me, bastard!? You're losing it too, huh? Bring it on!
Rui - Got a problem, huh? Out with it then!!
Yuuki - Hybrid? Marguerite? Like hell I care! I'll beat you into a bloody pulp!!

Pg. 16-17
Ogami - You guys can take this stupid stuff seriously...?
Just listening to you makes me want to laugh.

Toki - Ugh...


What're you laughing at!?

Sakurakouji - Ogami...

Toki - That does it!! You're enjoying yourself while watching our argument, huh!?

Pg. 18
Shibuya - Perfect!! Of course, you all passed.

Everyone - Eh!?

Shibuya - You guys pulling out the weaknesses of one another and getting into a fight is more than enough!!
Not to mention,

I never thought Ogami would laugh like that.

Ogami - I was just amused.
Toki - No, you did laugh.

Shibuya - To get into a big fight and truly laugh from your heart is the proof of trust...
The bonds between all of you are very well-developed now.

Sakurakouji - President...
[...He's right.]

Pg. 19
[Ogami would never laugh in front of anyone like this in the past...]

Ogami - ...Yes?

Sakurakouji - ...Nothing.

Shibuya - To gather up your own strength alone isn't sufficient for you to become stronger.
Comrades who you share strong bonds with is also necessary
for you to become stronger...enough to be the "Code:Breakers" who can overcome the "Code:Names".

Sakurakouji - President...!! So this "Haunted House" is so we can realize that!!
Shibuya - Hm!? ...Oh, yes, of course, of course.

Sign - Kibou High's famous Photo Contest
This year's theme is "The Haunted House".
Special Prize
Brand New LCD TV

Toki - Still, why the need to test that during the school festival!?
President - Of course, about that.

Pg. 20
...You think it's just mere coincidence that a rare kind like me works as President of the Student Council and secret School President of Kibou High, where power users gather?
Why do you think the "Kibou Fest" is held every year for more than 100 years?

Everything is connected.
Ogami-kun, your "Imperial Blood of Purgatory" and this Kibou High,

the answer to the connection between them,
lies beyond the door of the student council at the old school grounds.
** The connection between the two!! What's behind that door is beyond anyone's expectations!? **

next: The seal woven with light and darkness!!
to be continued

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