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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Persona 4 13

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Aug 26, 2011 15:41 | Go to Persona 4

-> RTS Page for Persona 4 13

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Persona 4
#13 "Tatsumi Kanji (part 1)"

Pg. 1
Announcer - The group of boys sighted to be rampaging the street, proudly breaking the peace of this town.

The one who seems like a boss suddenly
take assault at the camera!

Kanji - This ain't for show, dumbass!!
** Could this boy be!? **

Pg. 2
[05/14 THUR]
Doujima - That kid...
he did it again.
Nanako - You know him, dad?
Doujima - Well, I know of him through my work, yes.

"Tatsumi Kanji"
He's a troublemaker who always put up a fight. He wiped out all the gangsters in town even though he's only an eighth grader.
Nanako - Wow.
Souji - But didn't he pass the exam and enter the high school somewhere?
Doujima - Ah~ They even try to censor his face, but anyone can clearly see who he is, huh.

That guy's house is a traditional textile shop. If I recall, he took out a biker gang who rampaged the street every night single-handed just because his mother can't sleep.
His motive might be valid, but he was too violent...

Pg. 3
And his mother had to apologize for him.

Nanako - Oh.
The weather at the bottom of the screen said it's going to rain tomorrow.

Have to bring the laundry inside.

Pg. 4
Souji - Tatsumi...


Pg. 5
Yousuke - OK, so,
let the "Special Investigation Team of the Case of Serial Murder in Inaba City Meeting" begins.
Chie - So long!
Yukiko - Why don't we just call it "Investigation Team" then?

Yousuke - Oh, yeah, that! Nice idea, Amagi.
Chie - "Investigation Team"...?
Hmm, it does have a fascinating ring to it...

Yousuke - Either way, about last night...

Pg. 6
...Did you watch it?
Chie - Yeah, I did! It's all blurred, so it's kinda hard to see, but
it's him, right...? It was right after that special program, so I can remember him.
Yousuke - You mean that one about gangsters?
"Tatsumi Kanji"

Yukiko - I was shown like that too...
Eh? But wasn't "girls who are related to the first murder" what the victims all have in common?
Chie - That was what we thought at first...

Yukiko - Wasn't the Midnight Channel show something a little different after I got kidnapped?
Yousuke - Yeah, it suddenly became clear and turned into some kind of variety show.

Now that I think of it, maybe what we really "saw" was that side's Yukiko like what Kuma said.

Pg. 7
Souji - But since the one last night was still blurred...
Chie - it means he wasn't kidnapped yet!
He didn't go in "there" yet!
Souji - Very probable.

Yousuke - But he doesn't look like someone we can easily approach though.
Chie - Say, isn't he very scary...?
Yukiko - He wasn't like that in the past though...
Chie - ...Hm?

You know him, Yukiko?
Yukiko - I haven't talked to him lately, but his house, the textile shop,
had always been providing the souvenirs for us, so I did talk to his mother from times to times.
How about we pay a visit to the textile shop? I'm sure she'll give us an ear.

Pg. 8

Pg. 9
Naoto - I'll take my leave then.
Kanji's mom - I'm sorry for not being of much help.
Naoto - Not at all.
Your information is very interesting. Now, do excuse me.

Yousuke - Who's that...? Such a weird guy.
Chie - That's a new face to me though.

Kanji's mom - Welcome, Yuki-chan. You're still really beautiful as before, just like your mother when she was young.
What can I do for you today? Are you here to shop with your friends?

Yukiko - Yes, something along that line.
Chie - Eh...?

Pg. 10
This scarf...
is vaguely familiar...
Yousuke - Huh? Oh yeah,
I saw it somewhere before...Where was it...?

It's that side!!
Chie - Inside the TV!! Inside that room with all the faceless posters...It's Announcer Yamano's!

Pg. 11
Kanji's mom - You know Yamano-san?
Souji - Just a little...
Umm...then Yamano-san also had this scarf?

Kanji's mom - Yes, she was the one who requested for this to be customly made in set of two, one for female and one for male.
But she said later she really only needs one, so I put another one on the shelf.

Chie - ...No good. He's connected to the first murder after all...
What should we do?
Yousuke - Don't ask me...

??? - Excuse me! Your parcel has arrived!
Kanji's mom - Yes, I'm coming.
Excuse me. I have to go out for a while.
Yukiko - Oh, don't mind.
We're leaving too. See you later.
Kanji's mom - You are? Say hello to your mother for me then.

Pg. 12
Yukiko - Oh...?

It's Kanji-kun.
Yousuke - Huh! What? Take hiding, everyone!

Chie - Umm, I'm sure he can still see us though...
Yousuke - Shh! I can't hear them!

Kanji - To-...
Tomorrow? Fine by me, but...
Huh? School? Yeah, I'll be at school, but...

Pg. 13
Naoto - I'll meet you at the school gate tomorrow after school then.

See you there.
Kanji - Su-...Sure.

He...He said he's interested in me...?
He's a guy, and I'm a guy...
Yet he's...interested in me...?

Pg. 14
Kanji - ...Huh?

...'da hell

are you looking at, jackass!!

Pg. 15
That was so scary~ He looks even more vigorous than in the TV...
Yukiko - The one who was on the Midnight Channel yesterday is really Kanji-kun...
Yousuke - Yeah...just my thought though,

if we talk about that "what they have in common",
his mother would've fit in more though, as she's related to Announcer Yamano who was the first victim and she's a woman,
but how come the one on the TV...ended up being her son?

Souji - So his mother is the one going to be kidnapped?
Yousuke - Yeah, if we go with the reason that she's a woman, but why show Kanji instead of her then...?

Yukiko - Then it's Kanji-kun?
Yousuke - That seems like it according to the Midnight TV...despite of the fact that his mom will fit into the conditions more...
Chie - So both of them!?
Yousuke - Whoa, whoa, is that even possible though...?
Well, either one is still hypothetical though...

Pg. 16
Yukiko - Oh...this is probably the same as with mine. Come to think of it, my mother fits into the condition more than me,
since she received Yamano-san personally...but I was the targeted one.
Chie - So it's the son, not the mother this time too?
But then what exactly is the motive? It's not to silent anyone or revenge anymore.
Yousuke - We're mistaken then...? Maybe it actually wasn't hatred for the first victim nor revenge...? In another word, could that textile shop holds some kind of hint...?
Gosh, I'm all confused now!
Yukiko - But we can't just leave this alone either.
Chie - Umm...Wouldn't it be better to just go ask Tatsumi Kanji directly if anything isn't quite right or whatnot? Despite of how he's scary...

Yousuke - But say, didn't Kanji have some appointment with that weird kid that they'll "meet at the school" or something?
I heard Kanji skipped school the whole time after he entered though...Isn't that strange?

Chie - You're right.
They got some weird air around them, but that really was strange, now that you mentioned.
Kuma - [I'm on?]
Yousuke - I can smell something in the air...
Chie - Smell...? Now you sounds like Kuma...

Yousuke - But we might really get hold of something...
Let's "stake out".
I don't want the culprit to get at Kanji or the textile lady before us either.

Pg. 17
Yousuke - ...Now that we're all done,
can I have your number, Amagi?
Chie - Hey...you're after that, huh?
Yousuke - Don't get the wrong idea. Amagi's the only one I don't have the number of here. Also,

My "A" contact list is lacking.
Chie - Huh...that reminds me. Will you stop phoning in late at night
just to do your dirty talk? Make you sound like a perv.
Yousuke - I...I'm talking to Amagi!

Yukiko - ...Oh yeah, I have to buy some tofu home today.
Yousuke - Whoa...she doesn't even listen to me...
Chie - Alright, alright, see you tomorrow then.

But, I see...
Stakeout? Stalking?

I'm all excited now!

** To save Kanji, Souji's gang starts out their operation!! **

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