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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Persona 4 14

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Sep 13, 2011 16:50 | Go to Persona 4

-> RTS Page for Persona 4 14

One of the scene I feared most in translating...Shadow Kanji's first appearance...>_>"

PS. I guess I'll just change it to how English game call the character, with the first name...I'm more comfortable with that too, tbh...Kuma is an exception though. I don't like the name Teddie, nor do I like the bear pun thing. -.-"

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Persona 4
#14 "Tatsumi Kanji (part 2)"

Pg. 1
[05/17 TUES]
Chie - The target really came to school!?

Target confirmed.
The target is now in school.

Yukiko - The target just reached school shortly before the end of lunchtime with the lunch made by his mother.

Yousuke - Currently, our target is fixing his hair in the restroom.

** Commence, Operation: Stake Tatsumi Kanji Out!! **

Pg. 2
The target nervously looks around. To avoid trouble, we came out of the school ground!

Yukiko - I wonder what their promise is...That boy doesn't seem familiar to me though.
Chie - Yeah, I find it weird myself...
Oh, he's here!

Pg. 3
Naoto - Sorry.
Did I keep you waiting?
Kanji - No,
just came as well...
Naoto - Well, shall we get going?

Yousuke - What...What the...?
They just look like a love couple.

Chie - Hold it right there. They're both boys, 'kay!?
An...Anyway, we'll lose them if we don't follow!

Yousuke - O...OK, let's split up then. Two stake Kanji out. Another two keep a look at the shop.
Chie - Ro-Rogers!! Crap, they're already gone! Let's go, Yousuke!

Pg. 4
Yousuke - Right then, let's pretend we're lovers so they won't find us out.
Chie - Never! We'll be all fine as long as they don't see us, no?
Geez...let's just follow them already!

Souji - Will they...
really be OK, though?

Yukiko - Sorry to keep you waiting.

The shop doesn't seem to have any problem. Let's hope it stays that way.

I wonder if the culprit will really come...
Souji - I don't know.

Pg. 5
Yukiko - I'm scared of him really coming, but...I'll help catch him.
You all had helped me, so how can I not do anything myself too?
...There got to be something I can do...

Oh, sorry.
What am I talking about? Gue-Guess I'm just nervous.
I've never talked to boys around my age alone before, you see...
Chie does have lots of boys as her friends because of what she's like, but...she seems to enjoy being with you and Yousuke most right now.


...enjoy being with you too.

Pg. 6
Chie - So fishy...

Yousuke - Yeah...we do look suspicious, just have to agree.
Chie - Not us. I mean those two.
I can sense something strange around them...

Yousuke - Strange? How so?
Chie - How so? Umm...How should I say it...?
Don't know if it's just me, but...
something doesn't seem right.

Pg. 7
I wonder how are Souji and Yukiko.
Yousuke - Who knows? He might be wooing Yukiko.
Chie - Not happening. He isn't like you. Most importantly, Yukiko doesn't really like that kind of stuff.
...But say, could that guy have some interest in Yukiko?
Yousuke - I wonder. I haven't talk to him much about that kind of stuff...Maybe I should next time.
Chie - Right.

That's quite a pain though.

Kanji - ...Hey you two...whatcha doing?
Yousuke - Oh, don't mind us...


Pg. 8
Yousuke - Oh, nothing. Umm...we're just a silly couple who happened to pass by!
Chie - Said who!
Yousuke - You just have to act straight at that!?
Kanji - You guys are the ones from yesterday...

A-Ahahaha...! Oh c'mon, we just happened to be walking behind you. We're going this way too, so...
Chie - Well...we don't mean to intervene you or think you're weird or anything, though...

Kanji - W-Weird...!?
Yousuke - Wha, Chie! What the heck are you-...

Kanji - Stop right there, dorks!! 'tis not like you think!
H-Hey, that ain't it, get it! HUH!?
You listening to me, jackass! You're completely wrong, got that!!

Chie - Am seriously sorry...

Pg. 9
He found us out...
Yousuke - We can't even find place to hide...
Yukiko - ...Let's just wait for him here then. He might come.
[Defeated Warriors.]

Kanji - Whatcha guys doin' there? Hey, you guys are that silly couple!
Yousuke - Whoa! He really came!!
Chie - No, we are not!

Kanji - 'da hell is with you guys tailin' after me! I just don't get every last one of you!
Souji - "Every last one"?

Sigh...Well, you guys don't seem "bad" or anything, but...
Ah, shoot! Sigh...

Pg. 10
Yousuke - ...Hey, can we ask you something?
Do you notice anything weird around you lately?

Kanji - Huh...weird?

"Weird" you said!?
You called me weird!?

Yousuke - Huh?
No, I didn't mean...

Kanji - Fuck off right now, jackass. 'else I'll beat you up...I'll beat yer black and blue!
Yousuke - Wha...How'd it get to that!?

Pg. 11
I'm serious, scumbags!
Chie - Heeks!
Too much running for a day~

Pg. 12
Souji - Yes, Souji speaking.
Yukiko - Hello? So-Sorry to phone you this late.

Oh, I'm Yukiko.
Listen. Looks like Kanji-kun isn't home yet.

I just phone the textile shop on the inn's business,
and Kanji-kun's mother just told me...
that Kanji-kun just went out somewhere and didn't come back since.

Pg. 13
His mother said he's always like this, but...what do you think?
Souji - That's worrisome.

Yukiko - The "Midnight Channel"
might show something.

Souji - It's starting to rain now.
Maybe we'll see what exactly happens.

Pg. 14
Kanji - Hel'o...all.
It's time for
the "Bad, Bad"

Pg. 15
Today...I shall introduce you to the gathering spot for all who seek for the sublime love
beyond the line of sexuality.
And the one who'll report to you this top secret sneak-in is me...

Yousuke - Who-Who...Whoa!
Hey, hey, hey, hey!!

Pg. 16
Kanji - Tatsumi Kanji-

Yousuke - Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha-Wha
What the heck is this!? You gotta be kidding me!
Shit, just when I thought I hit the right spot, "this" comes out!?
Souji - Cool down.

Kanji - What'll become of me
or rather, of my body, I wonder!?
Yousuke - But does this mean Kanji's actually...
Souji - Don't say it.

Pg. 17
Chie - It really is Tatsumi Kanji...but this is really alright?
We shouldn't have come back and just stick around a bit back then.

Kanji - Now then, let's all

Yukiko - That loincloth...Nice fashion.

Kanji - to this "gathering spot"!!

Chie - ...Sigh.

Pg. 18
[05/18 WED]

??? - Considering everything that happened, maybe Kanji is already in there...
Just what exactly is that "Midnight Channel" anyway...?
At first, it was just a rumored psychic phenomenon of some sort, and when we tried testing it out, it became connected to "another completely different world"...
There must actually be lots of people actually watching it if it got turned into rumors, right?
That "Stare at the TV at midnight on the rainy day" thing.
Who would try that out without some kind of preface to it? That's just stupid.

Still, anyone can watch it if they want, no? And for however many time they want.
If this spreads...
there'd be one crazy uproar.

According to Kuma, those shows were created by those who got kidnapped themselves...
It doesn't just come out off nowhere, but it's shown because of the missing people.

But back when Yukiko was on it, we actually saw her but Yukiko herself ended up having no collection of that though?

Pg. 19
Yukiko - Ummm,
a little off-topic, but...do the culprit...also watch that TV too?
Chie - Probably. I bet he's taking his time and watch those somewhere-...

...You mean he's having fun with it!?
He threw people in there just so he can enjoy himself with that "program"!?

Yousuke - I see. That's possible. Wah!
The mind image of the culprit is becoming more and more corrupted now.
Show me all there is in you, Yukiko-tan~

Pg. 20
Yousuke - Wha...What was that for, Yukiko-san...?
Yukiko - Oh, sorry...
My hand just went on its own. There are lots of weird guest at the inn lately, so...
Chie - Whoa, whoa,
Then if he was watching ever since with Yukiko, you mean he also saw mine too!?

You aren't getting away...culprit! I've stamp my foot right onto your face!

First, we'll rescue Kanji.

Second, we'll beat the culprit up!

Pg. 21
Third, we'll beat the culprit up into one bloody pulp!!
Get it!?

Yukiko - Pfft...

Ch-Chie, the second and the third one is the same.
Chie - Ummm,
I already know that...
** Will they be able to rescue Kanji with this!? **

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