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Tales of Xillia ~Side;Milla~ 1

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Sep 28, 2011 18:10 | Go to Tales of Xillia ~Side;Milla~

-> RTS Page for Tales of Xillia ~Side;Milla~ 1

I would've gone for Jude side if the manga art isn't as terrible...Probably the worst out of all the Tales manga I've read...-_-"

Milla's one is a lot nicer...In fact, I think I like it most out of all the ongoing ones...:3

PS. Unofficial romanizations on most parts (Locations mainly) since I can't seem to find the actual romanization. If you know what the actual romanization of those are, please do tell me. >_<"

Reserved for Eternal Scanlation Group.

Tales of Xillia ~Side;Milla~
Chapter 1 "The Spirits' Guidance"

[The world where humans and spirits reside together, Rieze Maxia]

[There exists one being who, upon realizing the undermining strange phenomenon]

[of this peaceful planet,]
[devotes herself to the grandiose mission.]

** The new series! The tale of conviction, Tales of Xillia ~SIDE;MILLA~ **

Pg. 2-3
Milla - The spirits...are dead!

Tales of Xillia ~SIDE;MILLA~
Start of the grand serialization!
Let faith changes the world.
The fateful adventure of the Spirit Lord, Milla Maxwell, and her comrades has now begun!!!

Pg. 4
[The Frontier Village, Ni Acelia]

Townspeople - Oh...? What're you doing?
I'm praying to the spirit to tender his wounds...

Narration - [Humans gaze up to the sky, wishing for their wish to be fulfilled.]

[The spirits grant the wishes of people,]
[while being protected by those wishes.]

Townspeople - I see. Don't worry. He'll surely get better.

They'll grant us our wishes and protect us.
We might not see them, but I'm sure they're watching over us.
Let's continue with our prayer then

to the Spirit Lord, Maxwell...

[That's how spirits and humans live together in this Rieze Maxia.]

Pg. 5
[Ni Acelia - Milla's Shrine]

Pg. 6
Milla - Just now...I can sense many spirits disappearing.
From Il Fan...hm?

Perhaps, this might be due to the power of Ginn...

Efreet - Ginn...You mean that unsavory technology of humans is related to this?
[The Spirit of Fire, Efreet]
[The Spirit of Earth, Gnome]
Gnome - You're on now, Milla!
[The Spirit of Wind, Sylph]
Sylph - Yeah, let's go bust that thing!

Undine - This will be our first visit to Il Fan in 6 years.
[The Spirit of Water, Undine]
Milla - Oh...it's already 6 years?

Let's go to Il Fan.
I have to confirm of this matter
as the protector of all, the Spirit Lord, Maxwell.

Pg. 7
...Yes, Milla Maxwell.

Let's go...

Pg. 8
Narration - No evil in this world can imperil her,
thus the Spirit Lord, Maxwell, becomes the protector of all beings.

[If there really is any...it would be]
[the hearts of people.]

Jude - Have to hurry.

Pg. 9-10
[Capital of La Schugall, Il Fan]

Townspeople - Huh? The lights just went off.
My, I wonder what's wrong.

Jude - Eh...?

Pg. 11
Undine - It seems like many spirits vanished inside this building.
Milla - Yeah, seems like it.

That lattice...
Looks like we can sneak in through that waterway.

Pg. 12
Efreet - That was an easy one.
Milla - Keep down your vigor, Efreet.
They'll find us out.

Jude - Ah...!?
E-Excuse me...

Milla - I won't harm you
...but keep quiet.

Jude - You're heading into the laboratory, right? Who exactly are...

Pg. 13
I...I can't breathe...

Milla - I did ask that you keep quiet...

You're going to be quiet?

Pg. 14
And your cough...
Never mind, I'll let that pass then.
What are you doing?

Jude - Can I speak now?

Milla - ...Yep.

Jude - I was just...
to pick this up
when I found this strange ground.

Milla - OK.
Jude - Eh?

Jude - What're you doing?
The guards are coming, you know?
Milla - If you're done now, you can go home.
Jude - Ah...

Pg. 15
Milla - Such a strange boy...
Our infiltration is delayed because of him...
Well, not that it matters much though.

I never thought it'll be this big.
Undine - [This is La Schugall's military installation, right?]
Milla - So it seems.
They must've been working on something big here.

Undine - So quiet...
Milla - Yeah, and I just can't sense any small spirits nearby.

Instead, I can sense some strange power...
The source which sucks in all the spirits is bounded to be somewhere here.

Why do humans seek for the power to destroy the world...?
It's not like Ginn is necessary to their living.

Pg. 16
Undine - You need to stay alert, Milla.
Milla - I'm in command of you, the Four Great Spirits. What else do I need to fear?

Anyway, enough with the talk. Let's get going!

It's pretty hard to find it, hm?
Is it over there?


Jude - WAAAAAAH...!

Pg. 17
Agria - Ahaha.
Maybe it won't be too long till you drop dead...

Milla - You're that boy from before...
[Who's that girl...?]

Agria - Ahah...

I see.
So you are the real intruder.

Pg. 18
I'm already...bored of that boy,

I'll finish you off first!!

Jude - Run!!

Milla - Hmph.
Looks like we got some strange fate together.
If you want some, then it can't be helped.

Pg. 19
Agria - Ugh...!

I'll screw your face good!!

Pg. 20
Milla - Too bad.

If I can have some time to explain...If you can just listen, I wouldn't need to harm you.

Agria - Don't you underestimate me!!

Pg. 21
Jude - So-So strong...

Pg. 22
Milla - ...I told you to go home.
Is this your home or something?

Jude - No, it's not.


Milla - Is this because of Ginn...?

Pg. 23
The mana...of the person inside got sucked out?

Jude - Ginn...? What's that? I don't get it.
Do you know something?

Milla - You better get out of here.
There's no guarantee that I can save you next time.

Sylph - Milla,
looks like Ginn itself isn't here.
Milla - Ginn...is somewhere else then.
[Why is this human boy...]

Pg. 24
Jude - He-...
Hey, wait for me!

Milla - What now?
You still have something?

Jude - I have nowhere to go to.
I might be able to get out if I'm with Professor, though.
Can I go with you?

Milla - Fufu.
I see!
If that's true, then guess you'll remain safe next time too.
One interesting guy you are!
[You have my consent!]
Jude - She's weird.

I'm Jude Matis.
What's your name?

Pg. 25
Milla - I'm Milla Maxwell.

Jude - But say, it's strange how your name is the same as the Spirit Lord's.
Milla - Not just the name, I AM the Spirit Lord.
Jude - Eh, seriously!? You really mean it...?
Milla - Yeah.

But...what's with that human just now?
She said I'm the "intruder"
...but she doesn't look like a soldier to me either.

Jude - She even attacked me while I'm only a commoner.
Milla - Did she? That's strange.

Jude - My professor came here but didn't return. I was worried about him, so I followed you in here.
After that, I got lost and wandered into that room,
before I came across my professor.
He died...inside the capsule right in front of me...

Pg. 26
Milla - ...I see. They must've sucked off too much of his mana.
Jude - Yeah...
My professor was so elated when he received the direct request from Orda Palace, yet...

Undine - Let's hurry, Milla.
Milla - Hm?
Undine - Due that that ruckus, it won't be long before they took notice of us.
Milla - Yeah,
you're right.

I'll go search that way then.
Jude - Ah.
Wait for me.

Jude - He-Hey, Milla.
Aren't we getting in even further in? We're not heading for the exit?
It's not safe to remain here.
This isn't just any common place...
Milla - I'm aware of the danger, but there's something I have to find in this place.
Sorry, but you're coming with me.

Pg. 27
Jude - Sure.
I was the one who asked for us to stay together after all.

Milla - Fufu.

Gnome - Such a docile boy, just like Milla.
Sylph - Bet he's just as easily picked on as her too.
Efreet - That's really rude, Sylph.
Undine - Will it really be OK to have this undependable boy with us?
Sylph - Well, duh.

Efreet - You're just babbling all you want because he can't hear you, aren't you?
Sylph - Not like I can do anything about it either, can't I?

Pg. 28
Milla - Right!
Let me mess your hair up then, Jude! [Lean your head forward!!]

Jude - ...Eh?

Milla - I read in the book that when humans are sad, give them a pat in the head and it should light them up.
Jude - I'm not a baby though.
[Was that from the book about how to raise a child...?]

Milla - Hm?
You don't like that?

Jude - Ahahahaha.

No, I did feel a little better.
Thanks, Milla.

Pg. 29
Milla - Hmm.
That does light you up then.
Alright, let's get going.

[Spear of Kresnik, Engine]
This is it then.
Jude - What's this...?

Pg. 30
Milla - As I thought,
it's Ginn's weapon.

Jude - This thing make my professor...
Spear of Kresnik?
It's the sorcerer from the Founding Era.

Milla - Hmph.
They named it after Kresnik, I see...Irony of men, huh?
== But if you play ToX2, you'll realize that it's even more of an irony coming from Milla. :p

Pg. 31
Let's do it!
I, Milla Maxwell, will eliminate whatever imposed
threat to both human and spirits!!

Jude - She's commanding the Four Great Spirits...!?
Then Milla's really the Spirit Lord, Maxwell...!?

Pg. 32

that girl from before...!?

Agria - Unforgivable...
You annoying pests!!!

Pg. 33
Jude - What...?
My mana is...

Fool...are you insane...!?

Agria - Aha

Pg. 34
Milla - You'll die too.
Agria - Suffer on...


Jude - This device...
It's directly affecting our brain...

Milla - Jude,
just hang in there...a little...
Jude - Milla...?

Milla - A little change in plan, but everything's still...

Pg. 35
[That thing on the control panel...]
[That must be the key...!]

Jude - You're trying to stop this despite of your state...?
Aren't you suffering too?
Why do you have to go that far...

Milla - I'm the protector of all beings...
Milla Maxwell...

I have to do it...
Jude - Milla...

Pg. 36
Milla - That's
my mission...!

Pg. 37
Jude - Milla...

Milla, below you!!

Milla - Ugh...
I can't move...!?

Pg. 38
Jude - Th-This is bad...

Milla - It'll drag you guys in!!

Efreet - True. We are clusters of mana.
It won't be safe if this continues,
but the same goes for you too.

we better retreat for now.

Milla - Wh-...What!?

Efreet - Just leave it to us.

Milla - N-No, it's not over yet!

Pg. 39

Undine - [Human boy...]

Jude - Wha-What's that...?
Undine - [We are the Four Great Spirits.]

Jude - This voice...is the voice from those...
Undine - [We have a favor to ask you.]
[Please take Milla and run.]

Jude - Take Milla...

Pg. 40
Undine - [That girl will try to destroy this machine no matter what to fulfill her duty, without doubt.]
[However, if this continues, both her life and your life will be in danger.]

Jude - You mean...she's trying to stop this machine?
Efreet - [Yes, she is.]
Jude - But if you use your power right now, you all will...!
Efreet - [That can't be helped.]

Undine - [Let's do it.]

Pg. 41-42
Milla - Ugggh!!!

Jude - Milla! The Four Great Spirits...!
Milla - Jude!
Hang in there. I'm coming!

Pg. 43
Milla - I can't use...the Spirit Arte!?

Jude - Milla...

Pg. 44
** Milla has lost her power!! What exactly has happened!? **

** Who may that man be...!? **

Next issue > Nov Issue. On shelf on Oct 15!!

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