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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code:Breaker 146

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Oct 10, 2011 18:54 | Go to Code:Breaker

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Translation-wise, I'll definitely catch up with 160 by next Saturday (I'm already half-way through 157...should finish that by tonight). Partly because I want to completely catch up before my university reopens. Don't know about the proofreading side though. -_-"

You're free to use this translation for scanlation providing that you give proper credit to me for the translation and Rena Chan for proofreading.

code:146 "The Origin of Kibou Fest"

Pg. 1
** What awaits them behind the door!? **

Shibuya - Kibou High's old school building...
holds the secret of the relationship between Kibou High and Ogami's "Imperial Blood of Purgatory"...
Of course!!

Over 100 years ago... This high school
was a small school called "Kibou School".

Pg. 2
Sakurakouji - Over 100 years ago!?
Toki - So... This school actually has a long history to it, huh?

Ogami - The timing is the same as when "Eden" was founded...

Like many schools back then, many students came to "Kibou School" to study various subjects, including Western studies,
but there's one thing that differentiates it from the other schools.

All the students of this school are power users. [That was kept secret, of course.]
Sakurakouji - What...!?

Shibuya - Not just educating, this school was the training ground to strengthen special power warriors.

Pg. 3
Toki - Special power warriors...

Sakurakouji - B-...But why...?
For who and for what was that for...!?

Shibuya - ...All the answers

are kept inside here.

Pg. 4

Pg. 5
Toki - Student Council room, huh? ...Looks pretty worn down.
Yuuki - And dusty.
Toki - Hey, don't tell me that we have to find it ourselves in here...

is the will of the "Imperial Blood of Purgatory" of the president of "Kibou School" and all the student council presidents in the past.

Sakurakouji - Eh!? All the student council presidents...?

Rui - What the...?
Yuuki - Incredible.

Toki - You serious...?

Pg. 6-7
Sign - President
49th President
50th President
51st President
52nd Pres

Sakurakouji - They... They all look...
just like Ogami!?

Pg. 8
Shibuya - Before I took over the position, the presidency had been passed down within the family.
This room was kept secured ever since the foundation.
Toki - All... Exactly the same. They clearly are relatives.

Kouji - "The Seeker"...

The members of this bloodline all look the same when they're young, but their looks change over time, like "The Seeker".

Sakurakouji - Oh yeah, come to think of it, his lost state looks the same as Ogami, even though they aren't real siblings.

...In fact, I get the feeling that they look TOO alike...

Kouji - ...While not all are capable of using the seven flames, everyone of this bloodline were powerful power users.

Rui - You seem like you know a lot there, Kouji... That surprises me.
Yuuki - Hey!!

Pg. 9
Look!! Isn't this the "Emperor's" true self?

Sakurakouji - Tha-...That's true!!
Ogami - It's so old that we can't see his face clearly.
Toki - Eh!? ...Then this means

"Emperor" was the one who founded this school!?
Heike - Correct. That's a clean-cut answer, Toki-kun.
Toki - Then tell us sooner!! [Why are you holding that back!?]

Heike - ...It's just like him to come up with a name as plain as "Kibou".
== Kibou = Hope

Sakurakouji - So the adult "Emperor"-dono built this school more than 100 years ago... That's incredible.
Toki - But why did "Emperor" and his family create this academic training ground for power users?

Heike - In order to find accomplices.

Pg. 11
Students here were raised into strong and wise special power warriors. Some were then chosen to participate in a particular ritual. If they meet all the requirements of the ritual, they become accomplices.

This ritual is what the sacred "Kibou Fest" is.

This family had many enemies. To protect the bloodline, seven people were given immense power which can oppose the seven demons. So to say, it's the Power of Love!!

The ritual can still be carried out. Now is the time for you all to Power Up!!
Toki - So that's why you told us to participate in the "Kibou Fest"?

Yuuki - What do we need to do then?
Shibuya - The ritual will be held at night, so stay tuned for the night to come, of course.

Pg. 11
Toki - Sounds great!! I don't care if it's a demon or what, I'll beat them all up and become stronger!!

Ogami - Stronger...!!

Pg. 12
Shibuya - We need seven power users to carry out the ritual. I doubt Heike-kun, Kouji-kun and Yukihina-kun (bet he'll be here by then) need any further Power Up, but we'll have them participate anyway.

I'm sure the seven who are participating will create a profound bond together as accomplices.

Sakurakouji - Accomplices...!!
Toki - ...That ain't funny.

Sorry. There's someone I don't want to call as my accomplice.

Rui - ...Toki.

Pg. 13
Ogami - I don't care. Those who want to come can come.

Heike - We still have time before the ritual. You can take your time to think it over.

Rui - Isn't it the same for you, Heike? You can only loiter around until Yukihina returns, isn't that so?

Shibuya - All right, since it's all set, you guys can have these.
Of course, I sure missed these.

Sakurakouji - ...Eh!?

Rui - You... You can't be serious...
Shibuya - Of course!

Shibuya - This is the custom of the festival.

All power users had passed through these as well.

These have been around since the very first ritual.
It even has the former student council emblem on it.

...That's right.

Pg. 14-15
Everything has been well-kept since the foundation, of course.
Rui - Th-...This is just cosplaying, isn't it...?
Toki - Just in time to be back from my lost state.
Ogami - ...Good thing that it's still during the school festival.
Sakurakouji - I feel as though I'm back in time...!!
Yuuki - Tonight is going to be fun!!
Heike - I haven't felt so psyched for quite a while now.
Shibuya - The costumes for "Kibou Fest".

Pg. 16
Students - What's that!? A stage play!? Fancy dressing? [Wow!! So professional!!]
Who's that handsome blond guy!?
Yo-...You're too much, Sakurakouji-san...!!

D-...Dammit, I bet they'll...

Sakurakouji - The festival isn't over yet... Ogami...
Ogami - Fufufu... You're so stylish and lovely.

Students - Them and their Meiji Play!!
The festival just for the two!?
Fuck it!! You aren't getting away, Ogami!!
[The jealousy---]

Toki - Well, being able to look good no matter what I wear is quite troublesome~
Students - Kyaaa~ That baron is so sweet~

An artist!! A master artist...!!
Toki - Yuuki!!

Pg. 17
Kouji - Rui, you can't hide with that puffing costume.
Students - [Kyaa]
Students - [Doesn't her skirt stick out?]
Students - [Kyaa]
Rui - ...That's mean, Kouji.

Students - [Kyaaa~ The handsome baron! Sakurakouji-san~]
Heike-senpai seems really familiar in his army uniform.
Heike - There's still time before dusk. Should we continue with our "Haunted House"?
President - Of course...

Student - [Stylishkouji-san~]
[He's an artist~ A Nyanmaru artist!]
[Ogami-kun looks just too great in that.]

Shibuya - I made the "Haunted House" so that I can win the TV from the photo contest,
but if I were to use these people for a better benefit, there's actually another way...

We're opening the "Meiji Cafe" here now. C'mon in.
Sign - 50 yen entrance fee
Meiji Cafe [Behind - Haun-ouse]
Heike - You're amazing, President!!
Ogami - Wha...
== Behind the sign for "Meiji Cafe" is the sign for "Haunted House"

Pg. 18
Rui - To Toki, Kouji is the one who killed Nenene. They can't stay together without killing each other?
Saechika - ["Back then", if you didn't get in my way, Nenene and Toki would already be dead.]

Toki - [Huh...!? ...What]
[What are you saying!? Kouji got in your way...?]

[Hey, Kouji!! What's the meaning of this? Explain it to me!!]

Rui - Saechika... You...

Pg. 19
Student - [Bye. See you tomorrow.]

Toki - ...Hey.

Don't you...have something you still need to tell me?

...Not a single word, huh? Now that's something.
If you're going to be that way,

Pg. 20
then I'll make you

spit it out by force...!
** Seek for the old and learn of the new!! What's the truth behind the destiny of the two!? **

The author is taking a break during the next issue to gather more information. Please stay tuned for the return in Issue 41!!

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