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Persona 4 15

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Oct 17, 2011 18:03 | Go to Persona 4

-> RTS Page for Persona 4 15

I watched the English version of the game just out of curiosity of what Kuma said when he did that "Kanji" joke...and well, I hate bear pun, so...-_-"

And yeah, Chi-ichi won as Kanji by far...流石声優の下ネタ王~ >_<"

Reserving now, since scanlators fail to follow what I requested of them. (Forgot to say, even though this is reserved now, you still need to send me the proofreaded script for approval before use though...)

Reserved for Sense Scanlation Group.

Raw will be posted after Sense Scanlation's release of the chapter.

Persona 4
#15 "Tatsumi Kanji (part 3)"

Pg. 1
Yousuke - Hey, Kuma.
** What's wrong with Kuma!? **

[05/18 WED]
There's someone in here, no?

Kuma - Oh...
Uh-hmm, looks like someone is here.

Pg. 2
Souji - Looks like? But what's the place?

Kuma - Kuma don't know, kuma...
Yukiko - We think that might be the boy named Kanji-kun though.

Kuma - Dunno, kuma...
Chie - What's wrong? You seems pretty down though?

Kuma - Kuma can sense it but don't know where it came from...

Yousuke - Don't you just think too much?
While you didn't show it, you did say you were worried before too, right?
You did say you were contemplating about who you really are and since when were you here before.

Just don't think too much. You got nothing in your head anyway!!

Pg. 3

Chie - Wh-wh-wh-wh-what have you done, Yousuke? His head fell off! Take some responsibility!!
Yousuke - Eh-Eh-Ehmmm

Hey, Kuma! Answer me!


Pg. 4
Kuma - ...Aah.
My head jack is getting loose now, kuma...
Yousuke - Yo-...You're perfectly fine, I see.

Chie - You're...very depressed, huh?

Yousuke - If you say you don't know where Kanji is, then what'll we do?
We're all in the dark here. How are we supposed to move on...?
Kuma - Mmmmmgh.

Maybe you get some hint of "Kanji-kun", Kuma can focus and sense better.

Pg. 5
Any features of “Kanji-kun”…you can think of?
Yousuke – Of Kanji-kun?...I only heard of the “rumors” people talked about him though.
That he made some “legends” during his junior high.
Yukiko – Legend!?
Chie – I don’t think it’s what you’re thinking though, Yukiko.

Kuma wants some kind of hints
Like “what Kanji-kun is like” and such, kuma…

[05/19 THURS]

Yousuke – Even if he said so…

Pg. 6
“Kanji-kun” doesn’t seem to have many friends either.
Souji – That guy…

Yousuke – Yo, can we have a sec?
Naoto - …What’s it?
Yousuke – Umm, we saw you talking to Tatsumi Kanji a while back, so we’re just wondering what you two were talking about.
Is there anything strange about him?

Oh yeah, Kanji is a member of our club, and we notice that he doesn’t show up lately.
So we’re wondering what’s up with him.
Naoto - …Oh.

Well, alright. You seem in hurry as well, so I’ll answer your question.

Pg. 7
Naoto – Let’s see…If I recall, he started to act strange after I asked him about what’s around him recently, so I just told him directly my feeling
That he’s “strange”…
Then his expression changed so abruptly I was shocked myself.

When I ask him what happened, I felt that his behavior becomes a little unnatural.
Yousuke – You looks pretty much like a weirdo to me though,
With how you dress…Oww.

Naoto – He probably has some kind of “complex”…though I have no proof of that.
Yousuke - …I see. He could’ve just said what’s in his mind if something is bothering him.

Thanks, though. If you have something that worries you, feel free to come talk to us, kay?

Pg. 8
Naoto - …You’re welcome.

Kuma – You found some hints, right, kuma? Hmmm, a complex…?
…Huh? That’s all!? You want Kuma to search with jus that, kuma? You're really a slave driver, kuma…

Yukiko – I went to the textile shop and borrowed Kanji-kun’s handkerchief though.

I asked about Kanji-kun from his mother too, but she said he’s still as rough as usual though.
Chie - I think that’s already quite something though.

Kuma – Alright, Kuma’ll sniff till Kuma drop then!

Pg. 9
*sniff* *sniff* *sniff* *sniff* *sniff*

So sweaty, kuma…

But, oh

Kuma think Kuma just hit on something!

Something’s really here, kuma. Is this it? Is this really it!?

All of you, follow me, kuma!!

Pg. 10
Yousuke – Th-…This is the place? But it’s really hot.
Yukiko – Kuma-san, is this really the place?

Kuma’s scent sensor should never be underestimated!
Chie - Ugh...It's so stuffy here I don't want to go in.

Hey wait,
that doesn’t look like a place we girls can go into though. That’s for boys only, no!?

Yousuke - Is this the time to be worried about that? Let’s get going.

Pg. 11
Chie – We’re going in then…
You sure we don’t have to pay?

Yousuke – Don’t ask me.

Shadow Kanji – Hel’O! You nice boys over there!!
Are you aiming for the further height just like me?
Whoo! Did you come for me then? Oh?

Pg. 12
I really love that answer!
Let me prepare an all-out for you then!!

Welcome to the paradise of men!
Chie – UWAAAAH!!

Pg. 13
Shadow Kanji - With all the nice boys here, this place gets even more heated-up!
To celebrate the nice comings of the boys, we’ve prepared a special stage for tonight!
One nice round of unlimited battle! Who’ll be the last stander, I wonder?

Yousuke – Wa-Wait a sec! I’m not going in there!!
Chie – What’re you saying now! Whooooaaa!!

Now, let your hot blood pouring out!

Yukiko – Souji-kun!!
Souji – Got it!!

Pg. 14
Yukiko – Konohana Sakuya!!

Pg. 15
Souji – Izanagi!!

Pg. 16-17
Kuma – Chie-chan! Behind you, kuma!!

Chie – Wah

Pg. 18

Pg. 19
Yousuke - Hah…those guys are easy-wins.
Chie – You didn’t do anything though…

Kuma – Wha-What’s this luring song, kuma!?

Shadow Kanji – Uhoho, look at what we have here.
Thanks you all for your attention!
We're all inside now.
I’m Kanji!!

Pg. 20
[Girls out! Breaking!? The Blazing Hot Paradise of <Love3!]
And I’m bringing you this report
from this s-tra-n-ge blazing paradise!!

I have yet to have my wonderful meeting. Was it because of this scorching haze, I wonder?
As like the steam rising up for my sweaty body, uh-hmm~
My chest is all rock and stiff~

Pg. 21
Yousuke – Oh shit…This is just too wrong in too many ways…
Chie – Well, Yukiko’s one does have similar feel to this though…
Yukiko – N-No way…you got to be joking me…

This voice…
is this the voice of the viewers from outside!?

Chie – You mean the people’s reaction of the broadcasting of “this”?
Whoa…Kanji-kun'll just earn himself another unwanted "legend" if people are really watching him right now…

Well, that’s probably just his shadow, but bet normal people can’t tell anyway…

Kuma – The shadows are in an uproar too, kuma!

Pg. 22
Shadow Kanji – Will I really reach…what I’m seeking for? Uh-hoo
With that said, let’s head for the climax of love,
and dash on in even deeper…

Get movin’, punk~!!

Yukiko – Kanji-kun!
Kuma - Kanji-kun...is going to completely expose himself, kuma. His one has an even dangerous "feeling" than Yuki-chan's...

Pg. 23
Kuma - since he's "Kanji"
== Feeling = Kanji (different kanji…)

Yukiko - "Feeling" and "Kanji"...
Chie – Whoa, is it coming…?

Yukiko - …Lame.

** Scary Yukiko!! **

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