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Persona 4 16

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Nov 20, 2011 17:22 | Go to Persona 4

-> RTS Page for Persona 4 16

Alright, I run into a little problem. First, I don't have the scanner with me, so I can't scan the raw of this chapter just yet. Second, I thought I brought chapter 17 with me during my evacuation when I just found out that the one I brought with me isn't chapter 17, but chapter 18. Which means chapter 17 is still inside my house, surrounded in flood (I moved all my magazines to second floor already though, so there shouldn't be any problem with the mags...)

So, the Persona chapters I have with me right now is 18, 28-30 (and chapter 1 anime version+P3 chapter 25 which are in P4 infinity guide that came with November issue). Surely, no one would want me to jump a mile and do chapter 28-30, I assumed. I'm not doing the anime version as well (since it's just chapter 1 reprinted with Souji -> Narukami, and nothing more than that) Honestly speaking, I don't have the raw of P3 chapter 22-24 which were originally in Black Maoh before it merged with Maoh either, so while it's possible for me to do 25, I would refrain from doing so until I get hold of all the past raws.

AKA, don't be surprised if chapter 18 comes before 17. I need to get back home and search for my magazine first before I can get on chapter 17. If worse comes to worst, I'll ask Rena to help scan chapter 17 to fill up the gap.

PS. Luv ya, Kan-chan. You look awesome in the anime~ Gosh, Shadow Kanji in the anime is totally outrageous~ X3

Reserved for Sense Scanlation

Persona 4
#16 "Tatsumi Kanji (part 4)

Pg. 1
** Is this little boy here Kanji!? **

??? - Oh, Kan-chan, you made that yourself? That's really nice.
You're really good at knitting, and drawing too.

You're awesome, Kanji-kun!

Pg. 2
Kanji - I'm done...fixing your purse now.

Girl - ...Th-

Ewww, that's gross~!

Pg. 3
What's that, Kanji? You like knitting?
You knit? That's so girly.
You're so weird!
And you can still call yourself a boy? So unmanly.



Pg. 4

Kanji - ...What?

Pg. 5
What am...

I doing? What good will this ever do...?

Pg. 6
Wait...what...did I want to do again...?
Shadow Kanji - C'mon, stop lying to yourself...
You don't like to lie to anyone nor to yourself, no?
What's wrong with saying out what you want?

Kanji - I...I...

Shadow Kanji - I'm "the thing that you want".

Pg. 7
Kanji - You're not!
Shadow Kanji - I hate girls...
So selfish. Totally full of themselves.
Crying whenever they're angry.


They look at me, disgusted. Say I'm weird, I'm weird...
Then what?...They laugh at me and say,

Pg. 8
"You knitting is just gross",
"You drawing just creeps me out."


What it is to be manly then? What's being a man mean then?
Girls are scary, aren't they...?

Pg. 9
Kanji - They aren't!
Shadow Kanji - Boys are better...
They don't say anything about me being sissy either.
That's right. Boys are more better...

Kanji - The...fuck with that! What the heck is with you?
Don't you pretend to be me to fool around...!

Shadow Kanji - You are me...
and I'm you...
Don't you already know that...?

Pg. 10
Kanji - No...No, no!
Like hell...
you can be!!

Shadow Kanji - Fufu...Fufufufu...
I'm you...YOU!!

Pg. 11

Pg. 12

Pg. 13
I'm the shadow...The true self of one...

I'm always true to myself...

You hindrance can vanish!!

Pg. 14

Pg. 15
Is this...what Kanji-kun really is!?

Yousuke - No, it's not!

It only went nasty and berserking on its own!!

Souji - Are you alright!!?
Kanji - Yo-...You guys...!?

Shadow Kanji - Wh...What the hell...?

Pg. 16
All of you think of me as weird too...
You didn't even accept me deep down either!!

Pg. 17
Yousuke - Jiraiya!

Shadow Kanji - I'll do everything my own way now!

Pg. 18
I ain't losing out to you!!

Kanji - ...Enough.

Pg. 19
That's enough...

Pg. 20
Shadow Kanji - Argh!!

Pg. 21
Kuma - It's over, kuma!
Yousuke - Nice work, buddy!!

Shadow Kanji - ...Ugh.
What a passionate approach...
With this...guess you guys can just be my boyfriends.

Kuma - H-He's getting up again, kuma! He's that strongly rejected, kuma...?
Yousuke - And just look as him...No wonder he has so many people watching.

Pg. 22
Kanji - Anyone will do...
Just take me in...
I don't care who it is.

Kanji - ...No...

Shadow Kanji - Someone, accept me~~~~!

Pg. 23
Kanji - I said,
Yukiko - Ah.

Kanji - It's not like I want to do it.

Pg. 24

** Kanji's awakening!! **

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#1. by setpam25 (Registered User)
Posted on Nov 21, 2011

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