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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Tales of Xillia ~Side;Milla~ 2

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Dec 10, 2011 15:16 | Go to Tales of Xillia ~Side;Milla~

-> RTS Page for Tales of Xillia ~Side;Milla~ 2

Completely unrelated, but for many reasons, I'm starting to think I'm sadistic. Am I wrong to really, really, REALLY love Castor pair in Fate/Zero...? Have been listening to a part they cut out in the anime due to...umm...extremely mature and violent context for more than 10 times while translating, and I actually love it so much...Though half of it is because of seiyuu as always...(In case anyone want to know which, it's this one...Nico Video though...:3 )

On the other note, I finished both sides of ToX now, and am going through FFXIII while waiting for my ToV to arrive. Still, I still feel weird how I got every single DLC from the PSN and never really use them...what a waste...>.>"

PS. Though I actually got all the DLC of ToV already as well though...Don't know why I bought those when I don't think I'll really use them...>_>"

Reserved for Eternal Scanlation Group.

Tales of Xillia ~Side;Milla~
Chapter 2 "The Solid Will"

Pg. 1
** Having lost her power, Milla fell down to below... **

Pg. 2
Milla - [I'm being washed away...]
[I can't fully control my body...!]
[Have I really lost those guy's power...?]

Pg. 3
** Milla the Lord of Spirits is no longer capable of her artes. Will she be able to carry out her mission? **

The 15th anniversary title of the series becomes a serialization!! The tale of the unwavered conviction starts!!

Pg. 4
Jude - You can't swim, Milla? Are you alright?

Milla - I never knew it'll be this hard for me without Undine's power...

Pg. 5
Jude - You really can't use the power of Four Great Spirits anymore?
Milla - Yeah...
Jude - You mean that thing can sucked in even the power of the Four Great Spirits...?
Milla - The Ginn found inside the military facility...the Spear of Kresnik.
That thing holds the power completely beyond what I anticipated.

I'll destroy Ginns, no matter what it takes...!

Jude - But what exactly is "Ginn"? You did mention it back at the laboratory too.
I think it's just incredible that it absorbed the manas in though...

Pg. 6
Milla - It's something that must never fall into people's hands.
That's why I have to rid it from the humans.

Jude - ...Why?

Milla - ...I believe you don't need to know that though.

Jude - ...You still don't trust me, huh?
Milla - Not really.
What'll you do if you see a baby playing with a knife?
Jude - Eh?
I'll take the knife away, I guess.
Milla - It's the same.

To protect this world, I have to destroy the Spear of Kresnik.

Pg. 7
Jude - ...You mean you're going to break into the laboratory again?
But how'll you destroy it without the spirits?

Milla - [Even so,]
[as the protector of all, Maxwell,]
[I have to fulfill my mission.]

Milla - I have to come up with something...

Thanks for helping me out, Jude.
You should go home now while you can.

Jude - Can I really though...after all that...?

Pg. 8
Milla - [This is bad...]
[Maybe if I can go back to my shrine at Ni Acelia, I might be able to find some way out.]
[Resummoning the Four Great Spirits? Or...]

Soldier - You over there!
Milla - Hm.

Soldier - You're the invader!?

Milla - If I say I'm not,
...will you let me pass?

Soldier - Are you making fun of me!?
You're under arrest!

Pg. 9
Milla - [My body won't move as I wanted.]
[Is this also because I lost the Four Great Spirits?]

Pg. 10
Jude - Mi-Milla!
Milla - Jude?

Jude - What's wrong, Milla?
You never fought without the Four Great Spirits before?
Milla - Yes, up till now, I've always relied on the Four Spirits in fighting.
I never knew it'll be this different without their power...

Jude - No-No way...
What should I do...?
I have to do something otherwise Milla will get caught.

Jude - Stay back. I can at least fight!

Soldier - Who're you, kid?
You want to be considered as her conspirator!?
Milla - Ngh.
That's rather reckless of you, Jude.
You should've just gone home.
Jude - It's already too late though.

Pg. 11
Soldier - Resist and I'll show no mercy!

Pg. 12
Take the...invaders...

Jude - I just took out one guard...
What exactly am I doing...? [*huff*]

Pg. 13
Milla - Well done, Jude.
Jude - Well, I learned this for self-defense when I was young.
Milla - But when it comes to real battle, things won't always work the way you want them to.

You are more courageous than I thought.

Thanks for everything.
You helped me a lot, Jude.

Jude - Anyhow, we better leave Yl Fan...umm, this city as soon as possible.
There are many foreigners and ships coming in and out.
If we make it to the "port", we probably can slip out unnoticed.
Milla - Hm, I see.

Pg. 14
...And where is the port?

Jude - ...Y-You don't know, huh...

This way.

Pg. 15
The port is where ships arrive and depart, so it's located near the sea.

Milla - Thanks for all your help. You're very kind.
But would this realy be alright?
Jude - It's fine, though people often said I'm meddlesome.
I did owe you for helping me out as well.

Milla - ...Ac

I would've been long dry if I have Efreet with me...
Jude - A-Are you really OK...?

Milla - Guess they went...Should be OK now.
Jude - We're almost there.

Soldier - Wait there, you two!

Pg. 16
Doctor...? Aren't you Doctor Jude from Talim Hospital?
I never thought you'll commit a capital crime...
Jude - Eh...?

Soldier - ...Jude Mathis, you're now an S-ranked criminal.
As well as that woman.

Jude - What!? I am?
Isn't S-rank the most severe...
Soldier - The military also permits us to use force.
Please don't resist.

Pg. 17
Milla - Jude,
I can't afford being captured here.

Jude - Wa-Wait!
W-We did cause you some trouble,
but a serious crime...!?

Milla - You might be unaware of it, Jude,
but they already believe that you conspired with me.

What...? But...I just!
Soldier - We won't hold back if you resist.

Milla - No argument, then.
Too bad though. I'm fighting back.

Soldier - ...Resistance confirmed. Open fire!

Pg. 18
Milla - Good bye, Jude.
Thanks for helping me out.

You better run too.
Soldier - Now, Doctor,
the more you resist, the heavier your penalty.
Milla - We'll be in trouble if we got caught.
Soldier - She's running away. After her!

Pg. 19
Jude - Bu-But...
But...I just...

Soldier - Stop!
Jude - I...

Milla - That's a farewell to that boy then...

Pg. 20

Pg. 21
Jude - Owwww...
Sailor - Hey, you two!?

Jude - Ah...

Milla - We meet again.

Alvin - Geez, just how long does that captain want to question us? Gimme a break.

Milla - There's no helping it.
Since we don't have any identification.
Alvin - YOU don't.
Milla - But you're...

Pg. 22
Alvin - I'm Alvin.

Milla - Why did you help us, Alvin?
Both of us would've been kicked out of this ship without your help.

Alvin - You guys must be in some real bad situation if you're chased by the army.
If I help you out, then I can request you for some payment, no?

Jude - But I don't really have much money though.
Milla - Me neither.
Alvin - [Both of you...]

Pg. 23
If you have anything valuable, I'll take those instead then?
Jude - We don't.
Look at the situation we were in...

Milla - ...I don't have anything
valuable though.

Jude - Alvin, what do you do for living?
You seems like a soldier...but also somewhat different.
Alvin - Close enough.

I'm a mercenary.
An awesome job where I can save people and get my pay.

Milla - Hm, that's very admirable.

Pg. 24
Alvin - Hey,
this is just between us, kay? Aren't you actually some spy from Adjuhl?
[I won't tell anyone else, promise~]
Jude - Wha...
No, I'm not.

...Why're you asking me that?
Or are you...

Alvin - What? You're suspecting me?
I just thought I might be able to get some blissful job through connections if you are.
That country takes people in according to their ability, not their family after all.

Milla - I see.
Sorry for not being like you expected.
[You can think of it that way too, huh.]

Alvin - Tch, in the end, my help just go to charity, huh...
Can't we arrive to Adjuhl faster?

Pg. 25
Jude - Adjuhl...
We're going aboard then...
And Milla already lost her power...

Milla - Hm...

Alvin, you said mercenary's an awesome work of saving people, correct?
Alvin - Yeah, I did.

Pg. 26
Milla - Can you teach me how to use sword?

Alvin - Huh?

That sword you have on your back,
I assume you're very skillful with sword, no?
Alvin - Well...yeah.

Milla - Right now, I don't have the power of the Four Great Spirits.
I'll have difficulty proceeding on if I don't master sword...

So, I need your help!

Pg. 27
Jude - Milla...
She still doesn't give up...

Alvin - I see.
That might be a good idea too...

You want me to teach you sword,
and I want some payment from you.

How 'bout...we make some money while practicing sword?

Pg. 28
Jude - What do you mean?
This ship is heading for Adjuhl...our neighboring country.
Once we get there, we'll look for some work like hunting out some monsters.
You get to train, and I get the rewards from completing requests. A win-win.
Milla - I see.

You have my word then.
I'll certainly pay you for both helping us and teaching me.

Alvin - OK.
Well, let's get started then.

Milla - Hah.
Alvin - No, no! Lower you waist a bit more.
Milla - Hm!

Pg. 29
Alvin - Whoa, whoa.
Your balance is off now.

Milla - I'm fine.
My sword shows no hesitation!
== Except it's not your sword...That's Alvin's...>.>"

Jude - Hah...An S-ranked...criminal...?
And Milla is practicing sword...
Milla - Hah.
Alvin - [Yeah, like that.]
Milla - Hah.

Jude - What's that?...The water's looking strange.
Are those the bubbles from the waves?

Pg. 30
Jude - Wha...
What's that!!!?

Pg. 31
A monster!

Alvin - What?
Looks like we aren't the only one who's late for the ship.
Milla - Hm,
and none of us got on the peaceful way either.

Alvin - Perfect. How 'bout we have some real battle?
Jude - Eh...!
Milla - Just what I wanted.

Alvin - I'll use this instead.

Pg. 32
Oh, softie~

Jude - Milla!?


Pg. 33
Alvin - She shines best in the real thing, huh?
Jude - But she just barely learn how to use sword. Can see really take on that giant...?
That's too much!


Pg. 34-35

Pg. 36
Alvin - ...Nice.

Milla - Can't soak myself up again, after all.

Jude - Wow...

Alvin - Well, something like that.
Guess you're ready for the real battle now.

Milla - That's sure thing.

Pg. 37
My sword shows no hesitation!
== Once again...that's Alvin's...but oh well...>.>"

** Even without the spirits, her conviction remains unaltered!! **

To be continued in December Issue. On sale on November 15!!

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