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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 160

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Feb 5, 2012 01:39 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 160

Seriously, was whatever language the recent English translators translated from (shitty fly's one and that other one) that bad? Or was it you guys messing up yourself? Why the heck is the translation still messed up even with another translator instead of the shitty fly's one? :S

I seriously felt like an idiot. Rena did say that she wants the leechers to have all their eyes bled from all the sucky translation that came out, so I think she's delaying the proofreading on purpose. I have to admit, I actually was desperate about the delay. I had the translations done for ages, but they didn't get published due to delay in proofreading, so naturally, for a manga at CB level, a speed scanlator jumps in. Honestly, I do feel like wasting my time, and yes, that's actually why I start translating to Thai all of the sudden as well. One, I want to at least spare the Thai readers from reading sucky translation, but two, because I already made up my mind to drop the series. Then I went back and rethink of it a little, and I realize that I should've just published the translations unproofreaded. If you guys are going to have your eyes bled anyway, wouldn't it be better to bleed with something of some accuracy? If I just thought this up a little faster, I wouldn't need to have to waste my time now to go back and translate all the wasted chapter to Thai to cover up the English flaws (Since honestly speaking, I have zero motivation to do so. Those are the translations that I have done so long before, but never got used after all. However, I'm not going to let those go in the Thai scanlations though, as a Thai translator who does know how bad those English translations are)

So, with that said, I decided to no longer private the translations. I'll still recommend the scanlator to at least look through the translation before using them for scanlation, and ask me if there's anything that doesn't make sense to you though. Might be good as well, since now I'll be more careful for any English mistakes. Let all of your eyes rot with my halfass English now~ >D

PS. Expect at least 2 more chapters by next week. I have a two-day exam marathon this Monday and Tuesday, so I can't work on more chapters right now, but I surely will get a couple more done by next Saturday (my home internet still doesn't work, so I'll come online again on Saturday...though, maybe I'll come around Tuesday or Wednesday evening as well for Gintama anime and any other leftovers that I couldn't get yet, so if I get some done by then, I'll post those ahead as well...:p ) , so, since now I'm super motivated. Expect the complete catching up by the next two weeks~ :3
PPS. For chapter 159 and below, since I already sent the scripts to Rena since last month, so I don't want to go ahead and publish them just yet. Sorry for the gap~

I do recommend that you proofread the script before using them for scanlation.

code:160 "Dream Player"

Pg. 1
Sakurakouji - Where am I!?

[I rushed to follow Hiyori-dono here, but...]
[Is this place...really the headquarter of "Eden"...?]

** Right Sakurakouji, on the grand adventure after sneaking into "Eden"!! **

Anyway, I have to find some hints...

Aoba - Hilarious!!

Pg. 2
Yuta the Mirror got defeated by those trash!? He's too weak!
Can't you control your team properly, Shigure!!?

To begin with, your underlings...

Shigure - ...Be quiet, Aoba.
You're acting like a dog with all bark.

Aoba - Wha...!? What'd you say!?
Saechika - You two...
You two, stop fighting.

Even if those trash manage to come to "Eden",
our ultimate special power force can just have to finish them off.

Pg. 3
[Shigure's ultimate brain force of the Elite Barcodes...!!]

[Takatsu Aoba's ultimate body force of the Valkyrie.]

Pg. 4
[Kagerou's ultimate shadow force, which is yet to be known...!!]

[Saechika's ultimate despicable force of psychotic murderers.]

Pg. 5
Aoba - Well, let's see whose troop will massacre Ogami's group first...!!
Saechika - Trash who dare to point their blades at us "Eden" shall be annihilated!!

Sakura - [Thi-...This isn't good!!]
[If those incredible forces ever attack them, no one's going to even stand a chance...]

[I have to somehow let Ogami and the left me know!!]

Pg. 6
Toki - Yuuki...!!

Yuuki, you...How did you become that big all of the sudden!?
Just what is going on...?

Yuuki - Big...?

Toki - What're they talking about!!

Rui - Seem...Seem like his mind is still the same...
Heike - ...Yuuki-kun is

Pg. 7
a successful example of a person who has an "unique characteristic" embedded into him at genetic level, even among the Elite Barcodes.

Rui - Has what embedded into him!?
Heike - ...I heard it's a peculiar gene.

Rui - A peculiar gene of a special character...
[...What exactly is that!?...But I'm sure that]

[it's a supreme being,]
Yuuki - ...It just came off.

Rui - [so noble and magnificent, like a deity...]
Yuuki - Something that was dormant inside me just woke up.

Pg. 8
...Back to normal.

They were genetic engineering on humans?...Isn't that quite something?
Rui - Could that be the reason why he doesn't become any stronger in the Kibou Fest?

Heike - Shall I use my Light to scan your Barcode...and return you back to that form then? Let's Scan.
Yuuki - Don't get near me!! I don't really bother with that.

...I'm back to normal, so my power might not be as much as before, but the power of "X-maru" is still ringing inside me...

You think too, right?
It's you guys' power that helped me to...

Pg. 9

Sakura - ...Eh!?

Yuuki - Wha-...What's wrong, "X-maru"!?


Open your eyes!!

Pg. 10
Ogami - Quit it, Yuuki.
They're already dead.

...The origin of special power, the vitality, in another word, their lives,
these "X's" had entrusted their whole lives to you.

Yuuki - Yuta's down now!!
No need to be scared of anything anymore...!!
...Hey, it's all over now...

Ogami - Yuuki!!

Pg. 11
Yuuki - Hands off me!!

...Like I'll
Like I'll allow this...

I was trying to protect them, that's why I...

X - Ugh...
Sakurakouji - That kid's still breathing...

Yuuki - Hey, get...get grip of yourself!!

I'll return your power right now!!

Pg. 12
X - D-...Don't...

It's no use now...
We used too much power to try to gain approval from "Eden", so we're already near to our death...

Yuuki - What're you saying...
X - That's why...we were so desperated, but

Ogami - [The resolve to live]
[My resolve]

X - when we looked at you,
we begin to regret it...

We regret...letting it end this way.
...That's why-

This is the proof of our lives...

You think...You think our resolves are as cool as yours now...?

Yuuki - ...Yeah.

Pg. 13
X - Y-...You
You know?

I wanted to become a soccer player...If I wasn't born in "Eden",
I could've been an awesome striker,
...scoring lots of goals...and


Yuuki - And wearing that blue uniform, right...?

That boy wants to be a scholar.
And that girl, a singer.
A florist,
a game creator,
all of you have your own dreams.

X - How did...you...
Yuuki - I can hear them.

They're ringing inside me,

Pg. 14-15
the sound of all of your lives.

They're singing...
all the dreams you wished to fulfill.

Heike - Making use of ultrasound imaging...?

X - ...Ugh.
Yuuki - ...It's fine now. Nothing to be afraid of anymore,

You'll always be inside me, forever and ever.

Pg. 16
Sakura - ...Yu-

Rui - S-...

Stop it, Yuuki!!

Yuuki - I...

Pg. 17
I curse...
my own weakness for not being able to protect them...!!
I'll never forgive you!! I'll never forgive you for doing this to them...Shigure!!

The sin of life can only be atoned with life.

I'll definitely...kill you with my own hands!!

Pg. 18
Sakura - Yuuki-kun...

[I can't say it...]
[I can't bring myself to say it.]

[I can't bring myself to stop him, when I think of those kids' and Yuuki-kun's feelings...!!]

Toki - Bringing up power users as their disposable goods...?
Are they really doing all these just to judge the evil?

Smells like bullshit...

Wonder what exactly is "Eden" trying to accomplish.

Pg. 19
Ogami - Hey, looks like we're almost there too.
Rui - "Se" "Su"...
Just two more gates till our goal, huh...

It's easier than I thought. Maybe we just overexert ourselves...

Takamagahara Ahead.
Rui - ...Takamagahara?
== In Japanese, it actually said "Koutengen", which is the kunyomi reading of the kanjis of the word "Takamagahara", but as it wouldn't make sense in English, I decided to go with this instead. Regardless, please put this note into the scanlation as well, thank you.

Rui - It isn't "Eden"? Hey, are we in the wrong...?
Heike - *sigh*...This is why stupid ex-trash is always full of trouble.

Tagamagahara is...
Yukihina - Takamagahara is a legendary continent in Japanese folklore.
One theory has it that it's equivalent to the "Garden of Eden" of the West.

Yukihina - Don't call Rui an idiot. She merely lacks education.
Rui - That doesn't help!! Yuki!!

Pg. 20
Toki - If "Eden" is right ahead of us, then let's hitch it.
Bet something formidable is waiting for us ahead as well, huh?

Just throw whatever evil you want at me. This great Toki-sama will crush all of...


Women - Welcome <3
Sign - To Takamagahara
Women - We'll be your guides to Takamagahara~ <3
** What is this mismatching when the air is filled with blood lust!? How are these beautiful army related to Takamagahara!? **

next: A big hamper, a small hamper
to be continued

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#1. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Feb 5, 2012
I guess I'll have to dump a pile of PR on you next week. I've told SSA not to use your scripts unless I give it the okay.

BTW, you still haven't unprivate CB 154 yet...
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