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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Code:Breaker 169

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 4, 2012 15:21 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 169

I suck at time management...seriously. Just so friggin' damn suck at it. -_-"

Now, to study and work. -_-"

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:169 "Unleash the Devil Eye"

Pg. 1
Rui - You said that the two of us are warriors created via genetic engineering in order to kill the hybrid,
and that one of us has to kill Rei to prevent December 32...?

Sakurakouji - Pri-...Prince-dono.


Rui - That's so stupid it spoils my booze.
Like hell I'll ever kill Rei, dumbass~.
** Her conviction never shatter!! **

Sakurakouji - Prince-dono!!

Pg. 2
Parrot - You're really OK with that? Ogami Rei tried to assassinate you siblings when you were still kids. He's your nemesis.

Hate Ogami Rei...
for those burnt all over your body which normally
which normally could've been cured by "Shadow"...
Hate him
for taking away your and your parents' lives.
Hate Ogami Rei...

Saechika - O...gami Rei...
He's unforgivable...!!

Sakurakouji - Saechika-dono!!
Puppy - *warf*
Sakurakouji - [Saechika-dono's "Shadow" is expanding...!!]
Rui - You bastard...so you were manipulating Saechika by luring him with that trick?

Pg. 3
Parrot - Saechika's negative thought is what...is what nourishes me best...

Rui - How dare you...!! Stay away from Saechika!!


Pg. 4
[Saechika's ultimate despicable force of psychotic murderers!!]
??? - We won't let you lay your finger on Saechika-sama.
Kukuku...I'll kill you.

Rui - Weren't you fighting with Toki...?

Toki - Stupid!! Outta way, Prince!!

Rui - KYAA!!

Pg. 5
Wha-...What the fuck!? Who the hell are you!!
Sakurakouji - Wa-...Sakurakouji!? Get a grip.

Oh, it's you, Toki!! And what's with those wounds...
Toki - Aah...This is what I got from just having some fun. Sorry for intervening your sibling talk though...
But guess this involves me now though.

Since I've DEFINITELY seen that face before...

Rui - Saechika!!

Pg. 6
Toki - Aaah...that scar around your eye,
I'm 100% sure that you're the one who killed Sis now...!!

Rui - Wha...
[So the Dark Side manipulated Saechika and killed Nenene...?]

Toki - Playtime's over then...
I'll finish all of you off...

??? - We're the one who'll finish you off!!

Pg. 7
Rui - Wha...!?

Pg. 8
Rui - Wh-...Who's that...?
Kouji - ...Thousand Man.
He's the bizarre murderer who sliced his victims into thousands of pieces with "an unknown sharp object", so nicely not even a single drop of blood is spilled, and beautifully decorated the corpses with jewels...

But they said he was already executed by "Eden"...
Rui - He's one of Saechika's men now...

Pg. 9
Toki - Awww, what a pity. You sliced up all you friends to pieces...
So you're one incredible trash despite of that cute look, huh?

Hey now, don't go applauding for me. What are you all happy ab-...

Thousand Man - You.
My prey.
== He's speaking in short segments, so please keep the periods, and no need to fix the grammar in there and in all his lines as well. Thank you.

Pg. 10
Toki - Whoa...

Rui - Wha...!?
[He just sliced up all those metals like a piece of cake...!!]

Toki - Tch!!

Rui - The sharpness is incredible...!!
[That guy...how exactly did he cut those? Just what's his power...]

Toki - Well...

Pg. 11
it's over now...!!
== High Magnetic Field


Pg. 12

Rui - Toki!!
[Wha-...What's with that guy...]

[Magnetism doesn't work on him at all!?]

Toki - Ugh...

HYAHYAHYAHYA!! Is that all you got? No big deal, huh, Mr.Thousand Dressing Man!! [What!? Am I wrong~?]

Rui - Wha...
Toki - You can't win me.

Pg. 13
Oh!? Angry already!?
Why dontcha slice me up to pieces then?
Toki - Huh!? You can't!!?
...Well yeah,

since you'll...die right now.

Rui - Wha...That dumbass!!
Toki, why're you
daring him...

Pg. 14
Rui - He-...
He stopped him!?

Thousand Man - No way...
Stop me.

Toki - I knew it...You power is the power to crystallize your whole body into diamond.

Pg. 15
It's just that magnetism doesn't work on diamond cutter edge, and that's all.
...But right now,

I can generate electricity with my Magnetism
just like how electromagnetic induction of magnets works.

Pg. 16

Pg. 17
Rui - What...?
[He was burnt to ash in a split second...!!]

Toki - ...Your diamond might be beautiful,

Rui - [His electricity is so powerful!!]
Toki - but your soul is all filthy and ugly.

Rui - Toki!!

Toki - Awww <3 Prince, you're already all worried about me?
Did you just fall for...

Pg. 17
Toki - GWOF.

Rui - You!! I know you're taking your time, but don't fool around while you're fighting!!
You made me all worried about you!! If you're so sure that you can win...


Pg. 18
S-...Sorry!! Di-...Did I headbutt you too hard...?
Kouji - ...It would seem that generating electricity with magnetism comes with a great risk.

Rui - Eh!?
Kouji - As you can see,

a single use of his power erodes his optic nerve, causing him to lose his sight.

Rui - Wha...
What'd you say...!?

Toki!! Why are you doing something reckless like that...!!

Kouji - In the battle of special power, compatibility is very important. Magnetism may be powerful, but as the enemy is diamond, the power which resists the entirety of his power, it should surprise no one that he will choose to use it even with that risk in mind.

Rui - Wha...
Toki - Risk...!? I don't give a damn about that.

Pg. 20
Kouji - [Valiance and imprudence are alike yet very different.]

Toki - I'm fine with the imprudence...
Even if it's incomplete, I'll use this power
to climb up from the deepest pit...!!

Rui - Toki...
Toki - I want to see

what my true strength will be like
after I've mastered this power...
** His willpower transcends above all fear!! **

next: In for a penny, in for a pound...!!
to be continued

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