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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 170

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 29, 2012 16:19 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 170

A brief break before I go back to studying...

One interesting I found though. Now that I think back a little, it's just plain hilarious, the way all the scanlators want to do this series right now. Back when I first start translating CB, I remembered Rena asking me to translate it because no one else is translating (caesarpk was really busy after all). And what's happening right now? Everyone wants to do it. If I'm going to be straight, I'd ask "Are you guys nuts or what?" When the series is still new, not even a single soul wants to work on it. When it becomes hits, everyone rushes toward it. This is why I never like WSJ scanlation scene, since a lot of WSJ manga that I read started out like that as well, and just look at the mess right now. I know that it's the matter of stability and your stupid nonexisting e-penis, but seriously, you guys never think of trying to make the series hits by yourself, and just hog onto whatever other people brought up, huh? -_-"

PS. I'm a translator who always wants to bring up new things after all. I graduated from being the translator who only take on popular series of WSJ for years now. The only series that I'm doing that is "popular" is CB, and that's actually because I'm the one who brought it up. I ain't gonna drop it so easily...rather, I might switch, but I'm not going to drop it. -_-"

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:170 "The Angels of December 32"

Pg. 1
Sakurakouji - What's that noise!?...Don't tell me that "Code:Names" and Ogami are already confronting each other...
** The Left Sakura who penetrated into "Eden" alone wanders about!! **

Will the Right Sakura and everyone be alright...?
Aaah~~!! My body is so small I can't move fast enough!!

Hiyori - Hm?

Hey, you!!

You're that rarekind! What are you doing here!!?

Sakurakouji - [Hiyori-dono found me!!]

Pg. 2
Hiyori - Who're you!? You're new to me...You aren't a person of "Eden", aren't you?


Hiyori - ...H-
Hey!! Listen to me...


??? - ...Sakura...

Sakurakouji - ...Eh!?

Pg. 3
Ogami - *huff*
** Ogami stands no chance against Aoba...!? **

Aoba - Pathetic. Can't you fight back at all!?
Well, it's not like I care if you'll get crushed like this though.

Ogami - ...I can't forgive you.

Pg. 4
But Sakurakouji-san will definitely forgive you.
Aoba - Sa-....Sakura...Sakura said that!?

That she forgives me...

Ogami - I burned that woman down to ashes.

Aoba - ...A-
And what...

And what of it!!?

Sakurakouji - Wah!?

Pg. 5
I went unconscious just now...


Aoba - You only bring misfortune to people!!
How 'bout stop sprouting out nonsense and fight back?
I'll never ever forgive you!!

December 32 is no difference...
If it wasn't because of you, all those power users wouldn't have to die!!

Pg. 6
Sakurako - Fufufu...
You're exaggerating though, "Code:Revenger"-san.

Aoba - Who's there!!

Sakurako - Well, but you're still new among the "Code:Names", so guess you only know the superficial truth about December 32.
[One of the Founders of "Eden", Sakurakouji Sakurako the Amazon!!]

Sakurakouji - Yo-...You're...

Pg. 7
Aoba - Hold it.

..."That" isn't someone you can fight with.

Ogami - You again? What brings you here this time!?
Aoba - ..."Eden" is no longer a place you can be in though.
Sakurako - O~h? You sure can say that. It's not like I want to come either.

Hey, Right Sakura-chan. I've come to see you. [Come out of your hiding now.]

Sakurakouji - W-...

Aoba - Sakura...!!

Left Sakura-chan, who sneaked into "Eden", has already come in contact with "them",
so I hurried to get here.

Pg. 8
to tell Ogami Rei-kun and the Right Sakura-chan
of the truth behind December 32...

Pg. 9
Shigure - ...Is that all you've got? The title of the "Forbidden Fruit" of "Eden" is weeping, you know?

Pg. 10
Apple - Ugh...
Yuuki - ...I won't forgive you.

I'll definitely not forgive you.

Shigure - As long as the recurrence of December 32 can be prevented, we never care how many sacrifices we have to make.
That's the will of the current "Eden".

Yuuki - ...Ogami and Nyanmaru have to die so December 32 won't recur...
and you sacrificed the X's just for your own selfish justice?
That's not even funny...

Shigure - Ogami has to die!?...You still think that way?
You're seriously a simpleton.

Pg. 11
...Piss me off. I've never like that character of yours.
But I think you should learn of this now.

...The "Angels".

The ones who "Eden" has to judge,
are in fact...those "Angels".

Pg. 12
Ogami - "Angels"!?

Sakurakouji - But what exactly are...
Sakurako - December 32.

The people who were at the scene on that day are Rei-kun, Sakura-chan, several dead power users,

and those people, the "Angels".

Their existence is rarely spoken of among the power users.
Even in those rare occasions, people are afraid to even mention them, so out of fear..."Eden" gave them the title of the "Angels"...
...That's right,

they're neither humans nor power users,
but the nemesis of power users...

Pg. 13
Aoba - Wait, but that's-
you mean...

Chibigami - ["Angels"!?]

Sakura-chan, are those "Angels" dudes really that strong?
...But I have to keep this a secret? I don't really feel like it though.

Chibigami - Fine. Fine, I'm going.

??? - ...So you finally came, Sakura-chan,

Chibigami - Aww, and here I thought they're going be some awesome guys.
They aren't even someone important...They're just

"Cat Boy"
"Cool Yankee"
"Raggae Four-eyes"



Pg. 14

Lunch - Aren't you going to give me one too, "Warped Kid"?

Chibigami - I'm not a kid!! Can't you see these flames?

Pg. 15
Chibigami - What...
special power doesn't work!?

Lunch - ...Tough guys can't just rely on their power, you know?

Chibigami - "Fussy Lunch"

Pg. 16
Ogami - ...You mean
they're rarekinds...!?

Aoba - Hah!! Are you stupid!? Sakura and President Shibuya are the only two rarekinds existing, aren't they!?
That's why they're called the "rarekinds"!!
There's no way they can be more of them roaming around!!

Sakurakouji - [She's right...They're only two known rarekinds...]
[But on that day...on December 32, those people really did exist!!]

Pg. 17
[And...why is that!? How did things turn out like that!?]
Chibigami - I'm sorry...!!

Sakurako - They REALLY do exist though~

Aoba - Eh!?

No way,

[Those guys are the ones back then,]

Pg. 18-19
Sakurakouji - He~~y. He~~y.
Sakurako - The "Angels"...no, other rarekinds REALLY do exist.

Aoba - Wha...

Pg. 20
Lunch - Good seeing you again, "Warped Kid".
** The stopped time starts moving again. The countdown to the annihilation has begun...!! **

Ogami - ..."Fussy Lunch"...

next: Unveil the truth behind December 32!?
to be continued

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#1. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2012
Don't forget that I've scanned Code:Breaker since it's serialisation from chapter 1 and still scanning it now >/
#2. by PROzess ()
Posted on Mar 30, 2012
Pure-hearted scanlator who are doing it for the love of manga are becoming rare these days.
It's all about e-penis and money~
Well, and then there is my kin, the troller.

Keep up your good work and dun let the other **** bother you :)
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