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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 171

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 31, 2012 12:17 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 171

You guys better thank the latest anime news, since I initially plan to finish cleaning Kurenai no Okami to Ashikase no Hitsuji first before this, but that news got my motivation shot right up!! SUZU AS TOKI, SQUEEEEEEE~~ X3

Now, I'm waiting for Yuuki. Now, I'm friggin' waiting for Yuuki. NOW, I FRIGGIN' WANT TO KNOW WHO'LL DO MY LOVELY, LITTLE KITTY!! >_<"

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:171 "The Game of Death"

Pg. 1
Sakurakouji - Yo-...You're

who was with us on December 32...!?
Sakurakouji - Hey, everyone!! I've come with these rarekinds to stop this fight!

** The two that don't mix, power users and rarekinds!! The gate of the intertwining fate begins to open up!! **

Pg. 2
Four-eyes - That's right!! Well, but I won't blame you if you can't believe it though.
Cat - You two can't remember about December 32, after all. But we finally can see each other again. So bad~



Aoba - Those guys are all rarekinds!? Are you kidding me?
Aren't they just some scums who trespassed into "Eden"?

Get out of here!!

Pg. 4
[Special power...doesn't work on them!?]

Sakurakouji - The-...They're really...rarekinds...!!

Pg. 5
Rui - Th-...
That sensation just now,
isn't that...

rarekind power!?
Shigure - ...They're here.

The "Angel" has come to put everything to an end...
bringing forth hell as portrayed in the pictures of "Eden"...

Pg. 6
Aoba - No way...
Then they're really the rarekinds...
Ogami - ...So, what are you doing here then, "Fussy Lunch"?

Sakurakouji - Eh!? But these rarekinds said they'll stop this futile battle with the "Code:Names"...

Aoba - !? W-...What!?

A-...A lunch box!?

Pg. 7
Lunch - I'm digging in.

Speaking of rice, Koshihikari from Uonuma is really the best.

Aoba - Huh...why're you eating alone now...

Cat - Wow!! That looks yum!!
Cool - Let me have some too.
Four-eye - Woah guys!! Don't try to snatch the headliner's lunch away from him, please.
The true horror will happen, you know?

Lunch - Rice is tasty.
Just like December 32.

Aoba - Ar...Aren't they all just a bunch of idiots...!?

Pg. 7
Lunch - I got some yummy rice, so come eat with me.
Some guy named Uonuma made it.

Chibigami - We can?
Lunch - We're supposed to keep ourselves hidden, but you're Sakura's friend. That makes you my friend too.

Friends always eat together.

Chibigami - That's way too much, stupid!!
Lunch - Shush!! Rarekinds eat lots, you know?

Chibigami - Wow, 'tis really great!!
Guess I have to go thank this Uonuma guy some day.
Lunch - Rei, you're really a nice guy, huh?
Chibigami - Huh!? You said something?
Lunch - Nothing.

Ogami - ...After that day we first met,
what exactly happened...?

Why do you show yourself before us again?

Pg. 8
Lunch - Like I said, I'm here to kill power users.
Just like on December 32.

Sakurakouji - Wha...!?


[He's here to kill power users...!?]
[And just like on December 32...!!]
Sakurako - [The people who were at the scene on that day are Rei-kun, Sakura-chan, several dead power users...and those people, the "Angels".]

Sakurakouji - [...He really was there.]

Pg. 9
[That rarekind, "Fussy Lunch"-dono was really there]
[on December 32!!]

[And he's the closest to us out of all the other people who are related to December 32]
[since he was our friend...!!]

[He definitely must know everything about December 32...!!]

Sakurakouji - [But, "Lunch"-dono, you came here to kill power users...?]
[I never thought someone as kind as you will do such horrible thing...]

Lunch - Is your answer still the same as on December 32, Rei?

Ogami - Answer?

Pg. 10
Cat - Yahoo!!

I'm first!!
Yankee - Tch.

Sakurakouji - Th-...They drew a lot!?
What're they about to do...?

Cat - Eh?
You didn't know?
Well, we're just

Pg. 11
Valkyries - Just a mere rarekind!!
If special power doesn't work, we can just beat you up to death...

Cat - GYOE~

S-...Stop it~!! Don't punch me. I don't like to get hurt.

Sakurakouji - H-...He's in fear!!
Please, don't do anything more...

Cat - So, instead, I...

Pg. 12-13
really like making others hurt.

Shigure - GWAH!!

Toki - Ugh...!!
Rui - Shit...my power is being drained!!

Kouji - Ugh.

Aoba - Wha...What's this? I feel so drained...!!
Ogami - [This is...]

Pg. 14
[This is just the same as Sakurakouji-san back then...]

[The power which drains away all life force, the origin of special power,]
[The rarekind's absolute offense, the "Death God"!!!]

Valkyries - Ugh...


Hiyori - U...

Pg. 15
Sakurakouji - Th-...That's enough!!
You can't do that. Please stop it!!

Yuuki - ...Ugh.
Toki - Gwah.

Heike - Ugh...

Toki - It's no use...We can't fight back at all...
[If this continues,]

Aoba - GUH.

[all of our lives will be sucked to death...]

Pg. 16
Lunch - That's 5 minutes.

Ogami - Ngh...

Toki - Ugh...

Aoba - Wha-...What was that...

Pg. 17
Cat - Eh!? These guys died even before they lost their power!?
I was being really careful already though~
How come?

Aoba - Wha...
Sakurako - Fufu...this is awesome.

The "Death God" under the "Angel's" cover...I just realized that now after seeing those eyes...
"Code:Names", "Code:Breakers", Founders...The power level doesn't mean anything.

Even the most dignified power users are nothing more than a sitting duck before the rarekinds.
They're really the most marvelous bastards of all.

Sakurakouji - Wha...

Yankee - 5 minutes' over. My turn now.

Cat - Eh!? You still can't get a hold of it?

Pg. 18
This is our "Game of Death".
We'll take turn draining powers according to the lot we drew.
Four-eyes - We have to make sure you're only about to die.
Cat - In this game, the one who kills the most loses.

Aoba - What'd you say...
Hiyori - U-...Uuuh.

Aoba - [If they suck out more of our power, we'll surely]
[die, one by one based on our power level.]

Sakurakouji - "Lunch"-dono, how could you...!! Didn't you say you'll stop the fight!?

Pg. 19
Ogami - Why you...Stop fooling around already!!
What can you ever gain from...

Lunch - I'm eating here.


Sakurakouji - Ogami...!!
[So strong...He only uses a pair of chopsticks!!]

Pg. 20
Lunch - So you're going to side with the power users again?
Yet you're a hybrid between power user and rarekind.

But Sakura will definitely side with us
just like back on December 32.
** The power users are overpowered!! Is the time of their second parting with Sakura drawing near!? **

next: Without the prey, the hunter is null!!
to be continued

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