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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 172

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Mar 31, 2012 17:44 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 172

Yes, the power of new cast announcement is IMMENSE! I'm still extremely excited about Suzu voicing in CB, though in the role I totally didn't expect him to voice. I initially thought that if he does come, it'll be Yuuki, since Suzu is good with Kansai Dialect, and it'll be awesome to see him cast in an anime with his sexy Kansai dialect as well (tbh, other than on his casual talk, I've never heard of his Kansai dialect for real in any of the roles he did...instead, I heard non-Kansai people doing the dialect...>.>") Plus, I know he can pull off a carefree type, but...Toki is fine. Toki is good. Anything is good as long as he's in. (^_^)b

Now, I just need to wait if they'll ever put Ishida-san in, and I'll be happy for my life. :'3

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:172 "The Scum's Decision"

Pg. 1
It's the same as December 32.
** Ogami and Sakura are enemies!? **
Rei might side with power users, but Sakura will definitely side with us.

Sakura - Wha...
[On December 32...I was on the rarekinds' side!?]

[That's why Ogami...]
Chibigami - I'm sorry, Sakura-chan...

Sakura - [That's why Ogami and I]
[were trying to kill one another!?]

Pg. 2
Ogami - That's not going to happen...
I don't care what happened on that day, but Sakurakouji-san, the one who wants to stop people from killing the most,
will never side with murderers like you guys.

Sakura - Ogami...

Th-...That's right!! It doesn't matter if the person is good or evil,
the act of killing is absolutely unforgivable...!!

Lunch - That's the big reason.
Sakura - Eh!?

Lunch - It's easy to stop people from killing.
...I already know that.

Pg. 3
Cat - Now, back to the "Game of Death".
Try tasting the rarekind power for the second time.
Whoever kill the most loses, you know?

Rui - That's bullshit, you rarekinds!!
Toki - Don't get so cock-...


Rui - Ugh...

Speaking of egg, dashimaki is really the best.

Toki - Ugh...

[Dammit...!! Those rarekind bastards...I know special powers doesn't work on any of them, but]
[more than that]

Pg. 4
[that guy...that "Lunch" guy...even while he's so aloof from the world, his presence is so sublime...]
[That guy is in control of the whole place...!!]

[My blood...my sweat...everything of me is saying that this is bad.]
[It's as though he's controlling my every drop of blood that I can't even move...]
[Is this what the rarekind is like...!!?]

[This is as though]
[we're butterflies trapped on a spider web!!]

Pg. 5
Shigure - Now that the rarekinds are here, all the power users will be killed just like on December 32...
We have to do something to kill Ogami and Sakura before then.

Yuuki - Wha...
Shigure - The reason why we "Code:Names" were after Ogami's and Sakura's lives was because we know the rarekinds are after them as well.
It's all to save many other power users.

Yuuki - What're you saying!! That doesn't justify killing those two...
Shigure - It does.

Everyone's lives are equal? You're just lining up nice words.
Sacrificing worthless lives of the few for the lives of many...
This is a just decision only a gifted person can make...

Yuuki - Shigure!! You...
Shigure - But we still have a way out. For that, we have to buy as much time as possible...

Cat - Those power users are disputing again. Do they even know their situation?
Yankee - ...How about a little sacrifice.

Pg. 6
Power users, let's make a deal.
Send out one person as your sacrifice.
If so, I'll use my turn to save the rest of you.

Rui - Wh-...What'd you say!?
Toki - Don't fuck with us!! How can we choose...

Shigure - ...Interesting. I'll on for that deal then.
Yuuki - Shigure!?

Shigure - ...No need to even think about it.

Hiyori will be our sacrifice.

Pg. 7
Rui - Wha...
Toki - Shigure!! What're you...

Shigure - Hiyori is the only one who had already lost her power. She'll die for sure if she got hit by the rarekind power again.
If so,

to save the lives of many other, Hiyori can die as a sacrifice right now.

Sakura - Shigure-dono...Wh-...What're you saying...

Yuuki - Fuck that!! Not only the X's, you'll sacrifice Hiyori as well...?
She's your friend who's always by your side, isn't she!!? Yet, how could you...
Do you have any human heart left in you...?

Pg. 8
Hiyori - Just leave it to me!! It's my turn to show off now.
I'm on for that job as the sacrifice!!

Rui - Hiyori!?

Hiyori - It's my chance to make up for all the failures I've made.
Just leave it to this Hiyori-chan!!

Rui - Idiot!! Do you even know what a sacrifice mean!?
Toki - Shigure is telling you to "go die", you know!?

Hiyori - ...Shigure isn't wrong.
He's a great person. To save many lives, he made the just decision which no one could've made.
So I'm willing to be the sacrifice!!

Rui - Wha...

Shigure - At least buy us some time.
That's all an idiot like you can ever do, after all.

Pg. 9
Yankee - Dealt.
I'm on with that.

Rui - Hiyo...

[I can't move...!!]
[I can't get away from the rarekind's web...!!]

Hiyori - Ah...

Pg. 10
Rui - Yuuki!!
[He got out with his speed of sound!!?]

Yuuki - I'll beat the crap out of you!!

Shigure - That idiot.

Yuuki - GWAAAH!!

Hiyori - Wa-...!! Why did you save me...?

Yuuki - Yo-...You got me pissed even more than Shigure did!! You dork!!

Pg. 11
Why don't you say you want to live!!?
There's no reason for you to die!! Idiot!!

Yuuki - Just decision my ass!! I'm not OK with this sacrifice thing...
Why did you say that to Shigure!!

Hiyori - Outta my way!! You stay back!!
I'll be the sacrifice!!

Rui - Hiyori!!
Toki - Is she still in the right mind...?

Yuuki - Wait!! Hiyori...
Hiyori - Thanks though, Yuuki-kun.

...You even save an enemy like me...
But I...
I just

Pg. 12
don't want Shigure to die...

If we keep on fighting with them, everyone will die...
No matter how strong power users are, they'll all die...
But...Shigure's the only one...

Shigure - Get grip of yourself, Hiyori!!
Hiyori - He saved my life...
I know I'm nothing but a burden to him, but...
that's why

Pg. 13
that's why, it's my turn now...
I'll save Shigure at the cost of my life. Everything's good as long as I can buy him some time...!!

Toki - No!! If you touch the rarekind...

your life will be completely drained!!

Rui - HIYORI!!

Hiyori - [Shigure...]

[Even though he has a foul mouth and is very stubborn, but he's actually very kind and caring...]
Shigure - You're pathetic, so just stay inside here.
Hiyori - Roger.
Shigure - I'd be in trouble if they found you.
[Thank you...for always protecting Hiyori...]

[Please, live on...]

Pg. 14

Pg. 15
Shigure - GWAHHH...!!

Hiyori - Shi-...Shigure...
Why...Why did you...

Yankee - You ignored our deal? Fine by me, but weren't you the one who got on it yourself?

Shigure - ...Yeah, Hiyori can just die...
That's the just decision that comes with the lowest risk...

Pg. 16
why...am I...

Hiyori - Shi-...

Lunch - There's no logic behind the thought you have for someone dear to you.
Even if that person is a murderer.
Don't you agree? Sakura.

Sakura - ...Eh!?

Pg. 17
Shigure - ASH WING.

Yuuki - Shigure!? What're you doing...

Shigure - Yuuki,
take care of Makoto...and Hiyori for me.

Hiyori is an idiot...
a stupid turtle who even think she can save me.
That's why...
I'm leaving her to you.

Shigure - ...How ironic.
You're the only one I can ask of in the time like this.

Yuuki - Shigu-...Don't tell me you...

Pg. 18
Shigure - My second power, "Giga Phantom".

"Giga Phantom" is the ability to enlarge one part of my body, and shatter everything in a single blow...!!
If I use my first, even the rarekind who special power is ineffective with can get hurt as well.

I'll buy the time...!!
To take you down with m-...

Pg. 19
Shigure - [Wha...]
[A lost state...]

Yankee - Sure, you can enlarge yourself, but I just need to suck out all your power before your fist even reaches me.
...But have to say

I like your chivalry for putting up a battle of fist with me despite of already aware of that.

Pg. 20

Toki - Ogami!!

Ogami - Don't you lay hands on him...
I'm going to be the one to judge him.
** Save the weak and unnerve the strong!! Having nothing in his hands, does Ogami have any chance of winning!? **

next: First images of the anime with a color double spread.
to be continued

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