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Code:Breaker 173

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Apr 2, 2012 14:33 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 173

...Like I said, the power of the new cast announcement is totally immense. It'll last for no less than a week, seriously. X3

Anyway, catch up now, so until the next chapter comes, I'll go clean first chapter of KOAH...even though my cleaning and typesetting suck. :p

PS. No, I don't care if the anime version looks bad. The only thing I care is the beautiful cast~ <3

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:173 "The Trump Card of Ogami Rei"

Pg. 0

First time the anime version of Ogami, Sakura and Toki is out to the world!!

And following the role of Ogami (Okamoto Nobuhiko-san) and Sakura (Hikasa Yoko), the role of Toki is settled!! The grand announcement, full of passionate enthusiasm!!

Voice of Toki,
Suzumura Kenichi-san
I'm glad I get to meet this awesome character! I'll do my best to respond to the expectation of all the fans of this series! I'm looking forward to seeing Rei and Toki animated as well!
Past work: TV anime "Aquarion EVOL" (Cayenne), "Gintama" (Okita Sougo); TV Live Action: "Masked Rider Daiou" (Voicing as Ryuutaros) etc.

We also bring you the awesome staffs!!
Director and Story writer: Irie Yasuhiro
Past Work: "Fullmetal Alchemist" (Director)
Character Design and Art Director: Akiya Yukie
Past Work: ".hack//Quantum" (Art Director)
Vice Director: Sakoi Masayuki
Past Work: "NEEDLESS" (Director)
Animation Studio: KINEMA CITRUS
Past Work: ".hack//Quantum"

Anime's Official Teaser Site open on Apr. 4 (Wed)!! Along with a comment from Kamijo-sensei which was never revealed anywhere else before!!
"Homepage URL": http://www.code-breaker.jp/

Pg. 1-2
** There are comrades who we can entrust our back to! That's why we can charge on forward!! **

Pushing on forward to the anime adapation!!

Pg. 3
** Ogami's punch of furry!! **

Toki - [It works!?]
He just punched the rarekind...!!

Yankee - ...That doesn't hurt

one bit!!

Ogami - GWAH...!!

Pg. 4
Aoba - KUWAAAH!!

Elite - GYAAAA!!

Yuuki - N-...

Rui - Yuu...



Yankee - Damn...I intended to take out only one person, and I ended up giving them a furious glare.
Four-eyes - Oh, looks like you've killed quite a lot. That make you the last place in our "Game of Death" then.

Pg. 5
Aoba - Ugh...!! There really is no way of blocking the rarekind power!!?
If I can just get closer to them...

Unknown Force - Do we really have to sit idly for our death like this...?

Toki - [This is bad...Prince has already lost her power because she was overusing it before...All I know now is Ogami's punch does work against them...]
[but how can we make use of that tiny information to fight them back?]

Franken - I am the third one in this "Game of Death".

Cat - How 'bout you give them some condition as well? It's more fun that way.
Franken - Condition...

Such a beauty...
May this be the true divine revelation?
...Alright then.

Pg. 6
Consider this a mercy...
I shall release one of you from all suffering and risk of dying.
I will allow one person to escape from this "Game of Death" before I activate my rarekind power.

??? - [Only one person can get away from here]
[perfectly alive!?]

Unknown Force - Wha...

Me!! Spare me!!
No, it's me!! I don't want to die!!

Toki - Wha...
Those guys can only think of saving themselves...?

Unknown Force - GYA!!

Pg. 7
Saechika - You're already begging for life when you didn't even fight yet? Annoying bunch of...
bunch of flies.
Rui - Saechika's Dark Side!!

Saechika - If we were to choose who'll survive...no, who the escapee who can't fight against the rarekind is, then it's decided.

It's Hachiouji Rui, who has already lost her power.

Rui - ...Th-That's not funny.
I...I'm still fine!!

Toki - Saechika's Dark Side, you're telling us to save Rui first?

Aoba - Enough with the joke!!

Pg. 8
If anyone's going to survive, it got to be Sakura, no!?
Don't associate her with those trash!!

Sakura - Aoba...!! B-...But I'm...

Mishiru - She's a rarekind...
Rarekind power won't kill her.

Let Rei-kun live.
Mishiru doesn't want Rei-kun to die...

Aoba - Bullshit!! You mean that bastard...!!? Everyone except Sakura is trash!!

Cat - The "Code:Names" already broke up among themselves. That's just pathetic.
Well, guess that's who they really are then.

Sakura - "Fussy Lunch"-dono!! Why are you doing this!!?...Please stop it!!
Just what did the power users ever do to you...

Lunch - Hold it.

Pg. 9
I'm eating fried chicken right now, so pipe down a bit.
Sakura - Eh!?

E-...Eating is a good thing,
but there's something else we have to discuss...
[I don't get what "Lunch"-dono is thinking at all...!!]

Lunch - Death brings out the true color of people.

If someone dear to them can live on, it doesn't matter if others have to die.
...Nothing changed ever since December 32.

Sakura - Eh...

Ogami - Well, "Franken"-san, if you're really going to let one of us live,
then guess you're at least a reasonable person.
Aoba - Ogami!!
Mishiru - Rei-kun.

Ogami - ...It's decided then.

Pg. 10-11
Please let Ogami Rei be the only survivor,
since I don't want to die.

Aoba - What...

What are you saying...

Hey, are you saying that you're going to be the only one to survive!? Just how horrible can you...

Ogami - I'm fine as horrible.
I'm evil, after all.

Aoba - Wha...

Franken - ...And since you are the hybrid as well.
I was thinking that I would not want to kill you, my friend, again ever since December 32.

Pg. 12
I shall accept your decision.

Toki - Hey...wait!!
Ogami, why you...

Rui - Toki!!

Pg. 13
Ogami - I don't want you to butt in the most. Get back,

Aoba - Ogami!! Why you...Unforgivable!!
Rui - Rei!! That doesn't mean you can punch Toki though...


Pg. 14
Yuuki - Ugh...!!

Rui - M-...
My power is gone...


Sakura - Ogami!!
[What's going on!!? If we don't do something, everyone'll...]

[everyone'll die, yet why did you...!!]

Pg. 15
Aoba - Wha...!?
[The floor just crumbled on itself...?]

Rui - I...It's hot!! But I don't even see any flame...

Toki - [Hot!?]
Does this mean he...

Pg. 16
Ogami - You can all fall down...
so far off that rarekind power can never reach you.

Toki - [BEL]

[He used that invisible flame]
[to create a large hole on the floor for us to escape without letting the enemy know...!!]

Pg. 17
Franken - So you have deceived me then, Rei-kun?

Ogami - ...And you believe the words of a villain like me?

Franken - Well, ain't this interesting?

Pg. 18
Ogami - Ugh!!

Sakura - "Lunch"-dono!!
[Since when did he!?]

Lunch - Sacrificing yourself.

On that day, you couldn't save a single power user.
Yet you still think you can save every lives all by yourself?

Franken - Your arrogance just never change, huh!!?

Sakura - O...

Ogami - Too bad though.

Pg. 19
Guess I'm not fighting alone like back on that day anymore.

Franken - Ngh...

Sakura - Those steel beams are...!?

Pg. 20
Toki - Curse you, Ogami!! How dare you dare acting all cool without me!!?

Pg. 21
Sakura - Oh yeah!! You float up with the geomagnetism...
to come to help, Ogami, right!!? Toki-kun!!

Toki - Yup, yup <3
The hero of justice has come to your-...

Ogami - You're so slow. [Dork.]

Toki - What the...!!
That's what you say to someone who just saved you!!?

...Ah well,

From here, it'll my stage now...
Prepare yourself, rarekind bastards...!!

Sakura - Toki-kun, what do you mean...?

["Franken"-san is injured!!]

Pg. 22
Ogami - [Joker.]
Toki - ...That word reminds me

that I'm the last and most powerful anti-rarekind trump card of "Eden",
...the Joker!!

If a punch works on you guys, no way these steel beams I flung at you will not hurt you.
Ogami - ...Now is our only time to trump the Joker.
Toki - You heard the man.

Time for our counterattack!!
** The two weave their single thread of hope!! The path of survival against the rarekinds is now open!! **

next: Hard to live, easy to die...!!
to be continued

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