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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Code:Breaker 174

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Apr 7, 2012 12:35 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 174

Sometimes, I do ask myself as well...ARE YOU AN IDIOT!!!??? BACK TO YOUR WORK!! SCRAM!! D<

But regardless, guess I have to say, I'm in love with Rival. Boukoku no Siegfried (Siegfried of the Lost Nation) is also very interesting. I finally got to see more views from the Japanese mangaka about my country's history as well (in Samurai Ragazzi). Honestly speaking, I do feel like translating both Siegfried and that arc in Samurai Ragazzi (though the artist made fun of our great warrior king...Not that I care though, since it's funny...:p ), too bad I'm lacking in time, so much that I have to even scold myself (not like it ever works though...:p). Rival's by far the most worthwhile magazine I'm buying~ X3

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:174 "What Lies Beyond the Conflict"

Pg. 1
Rui - ["Eden's" final anti-rarekind weapon, Joker.]
[I couldn't understand why would there be any need for the final weapon]
[to fight against President Shibuya or Sakura who are completely harmless until now.]

Toki - You're going down, damn "Angels"...
** The ability to oppose the rarekind!! Will they be able to break away from the hardship they're facing!? **
Rui - [So it's all for this moment...]

Pg. 2
[The Joker is the final weapon in time when the "Angels" attack!!]
Toki - Take this!! GAUSS CANNON!!

Yes!! A miracle hit...

Pg. 3
Cat - So, you're the Joker?

Toki - [Wha...]

Cool - Yeah, that glamorous move, there's no mistaken about it...
Franken - Could this also be the will of God?
Cat - I'm all thrilled now!
Four-eyes - Hmmm, marvelous vibes.

Respect, Joker~!!

Pg. 4
Toki - Ngh!!
Gauss Can-...

[This guy...!! He's just as fast as...no, even faster than that shitty cat...!!]

[...In that case,]

[All-round attack!!]
You aren't getting away from these!!

Pg. 5
Four-eyes - Sluggish (LOL)

Ogami - Toki!!

Pg. 6
Four-eyes - OHOHOHOHO!! What's this?
So what if you're a Joker, if you can even catch up with my speed!!?
Is that all that final trump card got? OHOHOHOHO!!

Sakura - [...It's over then?]


[At this rate...all I can do is to watch]
[as all the power users die!?]
Four-Eyes - OHOHOHOHO!!

Pg. 7
Now, back to the "Game of Death". Next up is me, but since you're the only one left before me, let's have a little change in plan then.
...My condition is

Joker, please go kill one of the power users for me.
If you do so, I'll save your life.

Toki - Hah!! What's with that bullshit...
Four-eyes - There is, isn't it? Someone

who you hate so much you just want to kill him again and again till no end.

Toki - Screw that.
I don't have any person who I...

Pg. 8

Four-Eyes - Oh?

Toki - Sa-...
Saechika's Dark Side!!

Toki - What the heck are you...
Saechika - I have no need for the worthless Joker...

I shall kill you before you ever fall into the enemy's hand and leak out any of our secret!!
Toki - GWAH!!

Pg. 9
Cool - An one-on-one battle, hm?
Cat - Those guys!! What're they playing at this late into the game!?
Four-Eyes - Oh my, power users are fighting among themselves now. How interesting.
This is one best eye candy!! Let's watch them for a bit then.

Toki - Guh!!

Rui - Saechika...!!
Yuuki - What does he think he's doing...?

Saechika - Die, Joker!!
Yuuki - Seriously, just how low can he swoop!!

Toki - ...Enough

Pg. 10
with this crap!!

Saechika - Lightning...



Sakura - To-...

Four-eyes - [There is, isn't it?]

Pg. 11
[someone who you hate so much]
[you just want to kill him]
[again and again till no end...]

Toki - OOOO

Pg. 12

Pg. 13
Sakura - To...
Ogami - Toki!?

Lunch - Oh,
that caught me off guard.

Toki - Tch...a miss, huh, you damn "Lunch"...
And here I thought I already got my perfect chance...

Saechika - W-...
Why...Didn't you want to kill me for your revenge...?
Toki - ...Screw that.

Pg. 14
I can kill you anytime I want...
but what good will that ever do for me?
That'll only leave me with the bleak feeling and leave Rui, your sister, with grief, doesn't it?

Rui - Toki!?
Toki - I...

I just made my own selfish decision to give my whole life to my sister,
but in fact, I just want to use my vengeance as an excuse for not being able to protect her.

Toki - ...I was weak.
I couldn't even move forward without getting all hung up on my hatred and my past.

But now,
Nenene - [Treasure yourself...]
Toki - I finally understand the meaning of those words.

Pg. 15
It doesn't matter anymore whether you're alive or dead...
I've lots of people who I can't lose to, who I want to overcome...and who I want to defeat.

Sakura - Toki-ku...
[...Just how much did he need to struggle with it?]

Pg. 16
Toki - Saechika...you better learn to treasure yourself too.
Sakura - [Just how much conflicts did he have to overcome to reach that answer...]
[And those words are so tense, profound and solid, more than anything...]
Toki - You siblings only have one another...It'll be really painful if one of you drop out.

Ogami - ...He just has to complicate his word again.

Saechika - ...You're really glossing your words.

But...that's what the Joker is.

Toki - Eh!?

Pg. 17

Four-eyes - How touchy!! These hot vibes!!
Such an interesting show your put up...

I did tell you
to kill, didn't I?

Toki - Ugh!!
[Shit!! I'm going to lose...]

Saechika - It's about time.

Pg. 18
Yuuki - What's going on...!?

Saechika - You fell for it now, rarekinds...

Pg. 19
I've been using my "Effacement" to weaken the core of this building to make it collapse from the very first minute you showed up...
and while you were all focused on we two playing.

Toki - Wha...
[Saechika attacked me to distract the rarekinds and buy some time!?]

Shigure - [I'll buy the time...!!]

Toki - Saechika!!

Rui - The Shadow...!!
[He's trying to protect us...!!]

Pg. 20
Four-eyes - It's no use.
I can just use my rarekind power to suck away that Shadow shell...

Saechika - Ugh!!

Toki - Saechika!!
Saechika - I won't let any one of the power users to die...

In the name of "Code:Name",
I'll take you rarekinds along with me to my grave!!
** The dignity befitting of the evil!! He has faith in his own moral purpose!! **

next: Rejuvenation to that which withered!!
to be continued

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