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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Code:Breaker 177

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on May 5, 2012 12:04 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 177

I'm crazy...so meh...-_-"

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:177 "The Whisper Amid the Vast Prairie"

Pg. 1
** A flash of the truth of December 32!! **

People - W-...What? Our power is all gone...

Chibigami - "Lunch"...!!

Pg. 2
Dammit...In the end, I couldn't...
protect any power user...not even a single one.

Sorry...for not siding
with the rare kind

Pg. 3
Chibigami - Killing is bad, you know!!
You shouldn't kill...

Sakura - Rei...


Pg. 4-5
...So, it wasn't me.
It really wasn't me...

[The one who killed many power users and ripped off Ogami's arm, killing him]
[actually wasn't me but "Fussy Lunch"-dono...?]
** What is behind the profound connection between the two!? **


Pg. 6
[But why!?]
Lunch - [Tough guys shouldn't always rely on their power.]
Sakura - [While he said people shouldn't rely on their power, why did he fling his rarekind power at powerless power users to kill them all!?]

"Emperor" also killed several rarekinds with his Flames...
[Is it related to that incredible thing the Founder, Sakurako-dono just said...?]

Yuuki - And how did that become the talk of wiping out the "humans"?
I don't even see any connection.

Sakura - "Lunch"-dono!! Why did you do that...?
Lunch - That day made me realize of one thing.

That's there are evil who are better dead in this world.
So I also made myself evil to kill the evil.

Sakura - Eh...But that's-

Lunch - An eye for an eye.
A tooth for a tooth.

Pg. 7
Evil for

Ogami - Ugh!!

Sakura - Ogami!!
[He lost his power!!]
[Lunch-dono is trying to pluck out his arm again...]

Pg. 8
Cat - So lame!! She missed!!

Ogami - Ugh!!
Sakurako - Mind if I ask you to take care of the two in return?

Pg. 9
Ogami - The Left Sakurakouji-san!!

Sakura - Y-...You saved me...
The Founder, Sakurako-s-...

You're...my true mother...

Aww, that's not it, dear.
Sakura-chan, your only mother is Yuki-san...
I'm just a warrior...the warrior who can't live outside the battlefield.

Ogami - ...I have one favor to ask you.

Pg. 10
Can you take Sakurakouji-san and all the people who lost their powers and run?
I'll hold those rarekinds back.

Sakura - Ogami, what're you saying...
Ogami - Someone got to stop them.
If we all die here, even that tiny potential we hold will become null.
Saechika - [The "Code:Breakers" hold the potential to triumph over the rarekinds...!!]
Ogami - Even if it's just a single one of us, we got to get out of here alive.

Special power might not work on rarekinds, but you have more chance of escaping than someone who has lost his power like me do.

Ogami - You can't, Ogami!! If you do that...

Sakurako - ...You certainly can keep your cool, but
inside, you're ablaze with regret and disappointment of not being able to fight with the rarekinds.

Pg. 11
Ogami - Wha...
What're you...
Sakurako - My, your kiss is gentler than I thought.
[I wouldn't let go if I'm just 100 years younger.]
Don't take me wrong though.

My kiss isn't a normal kiss.
Ogami - ...What's this!?

Sakurako - ...I don't give about your composed thought. It's that thing that's sizzling and heating inside you that decides the future.

Ogami - What...
Sakurako - Take this.

Protect that girl...Protect Sakura for me, Rei-kun.

Pg. 12-13
make your run, Rei-kun!!
Just leave this place to us...!!

Toki - You...!!
[What's this tremendous energy...]

Lunch - You're...the dignified power users.
Four-eyes - Su-...Such immense power...We'd ruin our stomachs if we're to drain it all!!
Cat - ...But someone looks like he's ready to dig it though...

Franken - ...No matter how much power you have, as long as you're a power user, you won't stand a chance against us. Now, make your return to G-...

Sakurako - We'll see about that.

Pg. 14
You are totally off-guard while you're sucking on your mommy's tits, lil' baby.

Cool - That woman's strong.
Four-eyes - Th-...They can still move even while we're sucking out their power!!?
Cat - Nyahaha, this is awesome!!

Let me have one too!!

Kouji - You

Cat - [He blocked my attack even without looking...!!]

Pg. 15
Heike - How speedy!! You must be as fast as light to compete with me on speed.

Yukihina - What?
That's not going to work on a dead man like me.

??? - So strong...This is getting too exciting.
Who'll be the last stander in this 4-on-4 battle...

This is gonna be one best game, eh?

Pg. 16
Kouji - Toki, you better go.

Toki - Huh?...Go? You're telling me to run...?
Fuck that!! I won't move an inch from here until those guys are down...

Ogami!! What're you...


Pg. 17

...And don't you drop dead!!
I'm the one who's going to defeat you...!!

Heike - You better go too, Yukihina-san.

...It's called a "dragging game".
If we let go of our prey, the fun of waiting for when we'll be able to tie them up again will go up sometimes.

Yukihina - I'll pass on that.

You're the one who'll go.

Sakurako - Awww, are you sure of that?
Kouji - You're soft...

Pg. 18
Rarekinds - Well, let's begin...

Power users - with our game...!!

Pg. 19
News - A large cave-in happens under the parliament house.
It seems to be due to the gas tank explosion. The area is currently off-limit...
There are reports that the parliament house is partially damage, but the detail is still unknown...

Pg. 20


Lunch - I'm hungry now.
** The power users are utterly defeated!? Can they all really made it out safe!?

The author is taking a break to collect information in the next issue. Please stay tuned for the return in Issue 25!!

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