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Boukoku no Siegfried ~Das Nibelungenlied~ 1


-> RTS Page for Boukoku no Siegfried ~Das Nibelungenlied~ 1

I got to be stupid...-_-"

Anyway, I like to bring up new series, so guess it doesn't matter. Sorry, I'm not good with old language AND German as well. I did try to keep it German (since it's based off the German folklore) though, but since I don't really know how to work with German language.

I'll only be translating this chapter. I don't want to drown myself in German and high and mighty languages. German translator should be better at it than I do. Plus, I only translate this to promote new series which I think is interesting. I don't have room for a new project after all. *shrug*

And as of the raw...I'll scan it right now, but for the other chapters, I'll see if Rena wants to do it or not first. Since this isn't like Kurenai no Okami where I still do have a place to update the raw (in my Thai translation), I'm still unsure of where I should put it if I were to be its raw provider, so... ._."

Boukoku no Siegfried Chapter 1 RAW:
Reader version: MediaFire
Scanlator version: MediaFire
As the reader version is inappropriate for scanlation use (resized, roughly cropped, and spread joined to decrease the file size only), please do not use the reader version for scanlation.

Curse MF for not letting me complete the upload for the scanlation version. :S

PS. If any of you have any criticism, please comment. I expect a lot for this chapter, since I don't know German and am not good with old, noble-sounding English either... ._."
PPS. I lol'd at pg. 56-62...Was that supposed to be a serious gag? >_>"

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

Boukoku no Siegfried ~Das Nibelungenlied~
Chapter 1

Pg. 1
** New series! The tale of the medieval knight!! **
Translation of the German Sign – Song of Nibelungen

Narration - People of 1000 years later, heed to this epic poem of the German medieval warrior,
the tale of "Siegfried" the noble!!

With thousands of heroic epics, his radiance never ceases
like the Berühmte which pierces beyond all lands!

O great warrior with "honor" at heart!

Pg. 2-3
** The famous hero who endlessly fascinates mankind has now descended!! **

He defines
what the "knight" is!!

Pg. 4
The tale begins at this place...
the kingdom atop the mountain range, "Nibelungen"!!

Slave - His Majesty wishes to see me?
Yes, he seems to want something with you.

...I feel sorry for him...

Your Majesty!!
Had you called upon me!!?

Narration - ...The king is the "caged bird",
who lacks even the time to find his own dreams.

** The curtain to the legend is drawn!! **

Pg. 5
[The third of the Nibelungen Royal Brothers - Weise Alberich]
Alberich - I am currently working...

Slave - W-What's that pouch under your eyes, Your Highness...!!?
Alberich - Oh...
I have been working for 5 days without sleeping right now...

Slave - 5 days!!?
You'll damage your health, sir!!!
Is there anything I can help you!!?

??? - Good timing...

Pg. 6
Schilbung - The weak who possesses no fortune
[The second of the Nibelung Royal Brothers - Axt Ritter Schilbung]
Nibelung - shall give your life into working for us "Knights".
[The first of the Nibelung Royal Brothers - Erda Ritter Nibelung]

Narrator - I shall reword my saying...
Nibelung - You may
have half of our treasures.
Schilbung - And we will set you free upon the breaking dawn.
Narrator - In this kingdom,
the "weak" king holds no dream.

Slave - You’ll reward me that much!!?
Nibelung - Yes,
follow me.

That's our treasure.
Slave - Which way, sir...?

Pg. 7-8
Y-...You're giving me...
half...of these?

Nibelung - What's the matter?
You couldn't do it?

Slave - I'm fine, sir!
I'll carry them out no matter how long it'll take!!

Alberich - That's absurd!! You can't do it!!
What they want is "something else"...!!

Slave - If I can get out of the castle, I can
go meet with my wife and son at my village.

Schilbung - That's right!! I forgot to tell you of the time limit.
Slave - Y-Yes!? How much time do I have then!!?

Pg. 9
Schilbung - [It ran out]
Nibelung - [just now!!]

Schilbung - This "Berühmte" is awesome...Finally, we get to "test out" its sharpness!! This is a marvelous "fortune"!!
Nibelung - Fortune is exactly what our "honor" is!!!

Narration - [..."Knight" and "Honor"]

To people of 1000 years later...Power! Wisdom!! Status!!! Warriors who possess all of those are deem
And the word which describes what defines their way of living is

Alberich - [Damn...!]
[A "Knight", huh!!?]

Pg. 10
[People are forbidden to leave the castle.]
[Those who break that law will face death sentences...]

[As soon as they stepped inside the castle, weak peasants must work under the knight brothers,]
[and die.]

[That includes...]
[me too...]

Nibelung - From the other side of the wall...?

Schilbung - ...It stopped...
Maybe it's a refugee of war?
Nibelung - Kukuku...Let's hear their cry of vexation.

Schilung - Hmmm~?

Pg. 11
Alberich - Brothers!! What happened...

Siegfried - ...The gate
was closed,

Pg. 12
so I knocked on it.

Pg. 13
Nibelung - Knock!!?
You destroy the whole wall by knocking!!?
Who are you!!?

Siegfried - I have yet to deliver my name.

My name is the "Stolz Ritter"

Nibelung - A...


Schilbung - Hahahaha!! This is a joke to be passed on for thousands of years!!
A shabby guy like you, a knight!!?

Nibelung - ...And what do you, a knight imposter, have with us?
Siegfried - Yes...

Pg. 14
I heard the rumors that there are noble knights in this castle...
so I came to propose a duel!!

Schilbung - Oh~?
Is that the kind of rumor people have about us?
Nibelung - But that is not how you should speak to your senior.
If you want to have a duel with us...

then divide this pile of treasures into half!
If so, we will pardon you of all your imprudence...!

Siegfried - Divide it into half, right?

Nibelung - Yes...

Pg. 15-16
Alberich - Wh-...

What an incredible strength...!!!

[exactly is he...!?]

Just now,
I really was being a little too rude.
As you've instructed,

Pg. 17
[I've sliced it]
[equally into half.]

Schilbung - ...Big brother,
this man is gefahr...!!
Nibelung - Don't hustle, my brother...!!
Our kingdom, Nibelung, still has that plan to our assured victory!!

Nibelung - ...Oh!! I just remembered, Sir Siegfried!!
There is! One other knight beside us in this country!!

Pg. 18
He lives beneath this castle...
inside "Drache Korridor"!

Alberich - "Drache Korridor"!?

[They're planning to use "that"...]
[to kill this man!!]

Pg. 19
Nibelung - This
is "Drache Korridor".

Siegfried - Which of you shall be my guide then?
Nibelung - Well, we two are rather busy, so...

Alberich will!!!
Alberich - Why me...!!?

Pg. 20
Brothers - Huh?

Alberich - R-...
[That's right...If weak people resist to the strong in this castle]
[it'll mean "death" to them...!!]

Siegfried - I'm counting on you then, A-...Al-...
Alberich - Oww!
Y-Yes...I'm Alberich.
What's with this sheer force...?

Let's go!
Into "Drache Korridor"!!

Pg. 21
Siegfried - ...It's really hard to walk in here...
And what's that noise?
Alberich - Sir Siegfried,

let's go back! If we proceed on,
we might really lose our lives!!

Siegfried - I can't, Alberich.
If I retreat from here...my dream will shatter.

Alberich - ...Your dream?

Pg. 22
Siegfried - My dream
is to become a legend...!!

Alberich - L-...Legend!?
Siegfried - One that will last for eternity...
Having the simple word of "retreat" passed down alone makes me feel ill.

Alberich - [Such vanity...!!]
[He's doing it to create fame for himself...]
[Knights really are all selfish people then...!!?]

I've seen many who hold similar dreams.
Their dreams may differ, but they're all...

Pg. 23
This is what
you get from your dream.

Dream means "death"! Giving up means "life"!!
That's what this era...and this world is.

[In fact,]
[I too...]

Pg. 24
Siegfried - ...What was that...?
Alberich - Right...There's no knight waiting for you ahead!!

[The one who amassed this pile of bones is the owner of that roar...]
[The guardian of immense treasure, enough to build an entire kingdom, for hundreds of years...]
[Fáfnir the Giant Dragon.]

Siegfried - Gut!!!
Alberich - Eh!!?

Why are you still going in!? That knight you were talking of
doesn't exist, you know!?

Siegfried - I'm sure I heard it from somewhere around here...
He isn't here, hm?

Pg. 25
Alberich - I-I-I-Is that...

We better retreat before he takes note of us!!
You can't possibly fight with that giant dragon...

Pg. 26
Why're you sitting down!!?
Have you gone mad, sir!?

Siegfried - As a knight,

There are three occasions
when I will not fight.
"When the enemy is children, elderly...or any innocent powerless people."

"when the enemy is asleep."

Alberich - Ah...aah...
Siegfried - third...

Pg. 27-28
"when the enemy is eating."

Pg. 29
Alberich - Aaah...
It's real...
Those treasures are exactly the same as the rumor!!

Could that means "that rumor" is also true!!?
Siegfried - What rumor?

Alberich - "The Blood of Fáfnir"!!
Rumor has it that whoever slays Fáfnir and bathes with his blood,
will be granted with "immortality"...!!

N-Now I see!!

Since you dream to become an everlasting legend,
you must've seen the Blood of Fáfnir as a convenient tool to reach your dream...!!

Pg. 30
Siegfried – That rumor is new to me.

Alberich - ...Eh?
Siegfried - Not like it matters much...
Now, it seems that he's finished with his meal...

Siegfried - Heed to my words! Fáfnir!!
My name is Siegfried the "Stolz Ritter"!

Alberich – You’re introducing yourself!?
But he isn't going to comprehend...

Fáfnir - *ROOAAAR!!!*
Alberich - I told you!

Pg. 31-32
Siegfried - Silence!!!

Alberich - [He...]
[He's preaching the dragon!?]

Siegfried - Calm down and listen to me...
I've come as I heard the rumor of you!

I would like to propose a duel with you!
"Drache Ritter" Fáfnir!!!

Alberich - A...

A knight!!?
A duel!!?

Fáfnir isn’t someone who’ll understand the concept of knighthood!
He’s a dragon!!

Pg. 33
Siegfried – Appearance is but a vassal.
What matters…is the pride!!

Pg. 34
Pg. 34
Alberich - "Pride"...? But the gap between you and that dragon is too much...!
[The only way he can obtain his victory...]

[is that Berühmte.]

Narration - "Berühmte!!!

It's their life! Their soul!! Their kumpan which they live life with, just like an alluring geliebte!!!
Each of them is unique,
and holds magnificent traits within them!!

Alberich - [With it, he can even fight...]
[on par with the dragon!!!]

Pg. 35
Siegfried - I won't use it.
Can you hold onto this for me...!!?

Alberich - ...Eh?

[What's with this weight!!?]
[Something like this really exists in this world...!?]

S-...Sir Siegfried.
Why are
you leaving your Berühmte with me...?

Pg. 36
Siegfried - How can I use the sword
on an unarmed enemy?

Alberich - Wha-!
What are you saying...!!
Fáfnir has!!
His fangs!
His claws! His spikes!!
And his tail, no!?

Siegfried - I too!!

[have my fists!!]

Pg. 37-38



Alberich - Sir Siegfried!!
At the right!!

[But he should've been able]
[to dodge it with my advice just now...!!]

Above you!
At the left...
B-...Below you...

Pg. 39
Siegfried - I don't need any advice.
This is an 1-on-1 duel!!

If I gain your help...
my name as the knight will wither!!

Alberich - [This is what]
[the real duel is!!!]

Narration - To people of 1000 years later, a "duel"...
is the genuine endless clash of spirits exclusive to the noble knights!!

In this endless battle,
the knights

Pg. 40
are said to be truly
connected through their souls...

Fáfnir - [...You can't have it...]

Pg. 41
Siegfried - This voice...
is Fáfnir's!!?

Fáfnir - [...Long ago...there was once a country on this land...]
[Disasters, plagues, curses and endless wars took away lives of the citizens...]
[leaving me as the only survivor...]

[these treasures are the mementos]
[of my lost clan!!!]

Pg. 42
Siegfried - If you no longer have any clan, then why are you still fighting...?
You had...
already fought more than enough!!

Fáfnir - [What is left of our noble clan...]
[how can I abandon them to the hands of the weak and wicked!!]

[I might become solitude and decrepit with age,]
[but until the day when a noble knight comes to slay me,]
[I shall never die!!!]

Siegfried - Please dodge it!! Sir Siegfried!!

Pg. 43
Alberich - Why are you letting your guard down!?

[With those fangs, even if you have the strongest armor]
[you'll certainly face "death".]

Siegfried - Fáfnir,
you are...

Pg. 44
[such a noble knight...!!]

Alberich - Si-...

Sir Siegfried!!!

Pg. 45-46

Pg. 47
You did it! You really did it!!
I'm glad you're safe...!!
Siegfried - Yeah...

Even if he's a dragon,
the only part he can never refines is the inside of him.

Alberich - H-...He's still...!!

Fáfnir - [...O great knight...]
[what is it...that brings...you to this place...?]

Siegfried - The same reason as you.

Pg. 48
I am the only survivor of the Lost Nation of Niederlande,
and the prince of that nation!!!

Alberich - Th-...The prince...
of the...lost nation...?

Siegfried - My nation was demolished, with nothing left, not even our lands or the mementos of our men...
I am the only thing that's left in that nation...!!

Thus why...

Pg. 49
I will become the legend which will last for eternity,
so the pride of my nation can last for eternity...!!

May it be human or dragon...even if we are different, the thoughts we have for our birthplace is the same...
We can never leave it idle...

Fáfnir - [I thank you...Siegfried...]
[I can now... join with my companions...]

Siegfried - Let me add you and your clan...
along with this duel of honor
as a verse in my legend...

Pg. 50
This is...

Alberich - Your arm is back to normal!!
The legend on the Blood of Fáfnir is really true!!

Please bathe your entire body with it for half an hour now!!
If so, you'll become an "immortal knight"!!

Pg. 51

Why!? Why did you wash it off!?
You could’ve become immortal, you know!!?

Siegfried - ...That's indeed convenient...
...but in exchange,
my "honor"...

Pg. 52
My "pride" will die.

Alberich - Eh...?

Siegfried - Duel while one is immortal is a cowardly act!!
...Also, the immortal body is not needed
for me to become an everlasting legend...!!

Alberich - [S-...So this is what...]
[the true "knight" is...!!]

Pg. 53
Schilbung - Well done, Siegfried...
Nibelung - But...
how careless of you to let go of your sword and wash away that immortal blood!!

Having you exhausted from the battle with Fáfnir is also part of our plan...!!
Schilbung - In the end, you're just a robber who aims for treasures.
Those treasures do not suit you!!

Alberich - You're wrong!
He isn't that type of person who...!!

Nibelung - Bring that sword to us.


Pg. 54
Alberich - [If I oppose...it'll mean "death".]
...Yes sir...

...Please surrender!
Otherwise, you'll die!!

Siegfried - ...That's not going to happen!
My epic is not going to end here...!!
That's because...
my dream is yet to be fulfilled!!

Alberich - [He's still talking of his dream...!?]
[Dream means "death", and giving up means "life"...!!]

[I'm not stupid.]
[Which to choose is already obvious!]

Pg. 55
[I'm really stupid...!!]

Pg. 56
Siegfried - Alberich...!
Alberich - S-...
Sir Siegfried...

I...also have my own dream...!!
It's the dream that can never be
fulfilled due to fear of my brother!!

Siegfried - The Knight Brothers of Nibelung...
For wealth, you slash down people...
and take away the dream of your comrade!!

Pg. 57
Have you
no pride!!!?

Nibelung - Pride, you say!!?
Our honor lies within our fortune!!!

Pg. 58
Siegfried - ...Gut!!

Now I can
draw it without falter!!!


Pg. 59-60
Brothers - It's already over!!!

Pg. 61-62
Siegfried - Your names shall never be...
passed on!!!

Pg. 63
Nibelung - Th-...That man...

is truly gefahr!!

Pg. 64
Alberich - Sir Siegfried!! What about these treasures...!!?

Siegfried – I can’t possibly bright all of those with me.
Farewell then.

Alberich - Ah...!
[I want]
[to go with him...!!]

Siegfried - ...Hey, Alberich.

Pg. 65
I'm not really good around money...
If I can have a companion to help me with that, I'd be glad...

Alberich - ...Sir Siegfried, thanks to you, I'm able to see my dream.

I want to write an "Edda"!!
An edda that can be told on for thousands of years...!!

Pg. 66
Its title is...
"Song of Nibelungen".

Siegfried - ...Gut!!

Narration - To people of 1000 years later, this story tells of the epic poem...
Siegfried - ...But can you stop calling me "sir"?...It tingles me...
Alberich - R-...Right!!!
Narration - of the battle of Siegfried the Stolz Ritter and the fellow noble knights.

** The hero starts on his move. **

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