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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Code:Breaker 179

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on May 29, 2012 15:46 | Go to Code:Breaker

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I would've had it done yesterday...but got stuck in the wording of one particular line. Special thanks to Rena for helping me with that line. T_T

Proofreaded by Rena Chan

code:179 "The Trauma that Never Goes Away"

Pg. 1
Heike - Once upon a time, there was a girl by the name of Sakurakouji Sakurako.
** The romantic story!! **
She was a rich girl and an elite power user, who's so beautiful, so violent and so masculine.

Sakurako - My sandal strap broke,
so maybe you can be a sandal for me instead?
Man - With pleasure, madam!!

Heike - One day, while she was playing around with her admirers of her wealth,

a poor student approached her.
Shibuya - Greetings, of course, lady. Would you mind moving aside, please?

Man - You're telling Sakurako-san to move!? Watch your mouth...!!
Sakurako - Oh, I don't mind...but,

will you mind if I ask you to defeat me in a fight first?
Man - W-...Whoa!! Her special power is pouring out!!
We can't even get near her...!!

Pg. 2
Shibuya - Please move.

Men - Are you unharmed, Sakurako-san!?
But Sakurako-san's awesome power doesn't work? Who exactly are you...!?

Shibuya - That worm under your foot is suffering.

Of course, that's why I'm asking you to move.

Heike - At that time,
Sakurako-san felt an immense "bang!" inside her heart.

Men - Worm!? Who cares about a worm!!
Apologize to her!!
Sakurako - ...Wha-

Pg. 3
Sakurako - What a strong and generous man...!!
Will you please marry me right now!?
Shibuya - Hm?
Heike - And that

is the beginning of SPECIALLY GREAT love between Sakurako-san and that rare kind!!
** The inseparable lovers!? **

Pg. 4
Sakura - What a wonderful love story!!
Toki - And how the heck is that related to December 32!! [I shouldn't have bothered listening to you at all!!]
Yuuki - This isn't Romeo and Juliet.

Ogami - THAT rare kind...hm.

Heike - It's only the beginning...
but if you're already bored, maybe I can read this to you instead?
Toki - No, don't!! Just continue with that story, please!!

Heike - At that time, the rare kinds had all lived in hiding and was only known by a few people.
That was the first time I saw one as well.
Those two marked the beginning of the interaction between rare kinds and power users.

...As time passed, the two gave birth to a girl.

Pg. 5
That girl is you, Sakurakouji Sakura-san.

Sakura - Then Sakurako-san...really is my biological mother...!!

Sakurako - [Yuki-san is your only mother... I'm just a warrior]

Sakura - ...But then why did she say that to me...
Am I...

an unneeded child...?

Shibuya - N-...

Pg. 6

Both Sakurako-san and y-...your biological father
actually love you.
They love you...very, very much...

Sakura - Pr-...

Heike - But their happy life didn't last long.
...Back then, we still haven't discovered

about the NEGATION.

Pg. 7

It's the unknown dark energy of immense power.

Besides being able to erase special power, by exchanging blood with a power user,
a rare kind can create the power to erase all matter, similar to that of a black hole.

One can say they're the worst and most powerful weapon.
We, the people of "Eden", were very worried about that...so

in order to protect all beings from Negation, the Emperor cut the connection between power users and rare kinds immediately.

Yuuki - Speaking of Romeo and Juliet.
Heike - But

your father and a number of rare kinds resisted, and chose to live with their families.

Pg. 8
Sakura - My father...

Heike - Your father
was a man who valued his family more than anything.

However, the "Emperor" couldn't accept the act of risking the lives of many for the loved few.

After three attempts of persuasion, the "Emperor" lost his temper

and set out to burn any rare kinds who opposed him.

Toki - What...?

Pg. 9
That day later became known as December 32...
On that day, the three of you happened to be together at that place.

Rarekinds - No!!
Don't!! UWAAH!!

Pg. 10
Toki - So that's why "Lunch" killed the power users...
[and Chibigami tried to stop him and got killed?]

Heike - ..."Lunch"-kun was the victim.

Toki - The rare kinds who chose to live with their families, the "Emperor" who tried to protect people, and "Lunch" who tried to stop all of that...
Who is the worst villian then?

Yuuki - None of them are, but the number of people that defines what justice is. 'Else there wouldn't be war.
Sakura - No!!

Pg. 11
Toki - Sakura...chan!?

Sakura - ...Killing is bad.
No matter what reason you have,
no matter how hateful and sad you are,

you can't...


[The body that became cold.]

[The eyes that became still.]
[The voice that became mute.]
Sakura - Answer me.

Sakura - [The heartbeat that became silent.]

Sakura - [Gone.]


Pg. 12-13




Pg. 14
Toki - Shit!! She's releasing her power!?

Ogami - No, she isn't...

Yuuki - Nyanmaru!!
Toki - She's back to-...

Pg. 15
Sakura - ...It's gone.

Even though I'm touching you, your body was cold...
Even though I'm talking to you, you never responded...

Even though you're in my arms,
...but you're not.

I want to play with you. I want to ask how your day was. I don't care even if we fight,
...but you're gone. If you die, then you can't do anything anymore.

Killing isn't good...
It never is...!!

Heike - I was thinking that we'll need Sakurako to return you back to normal as she was the one who cut you in half, but to think that you fused back again with your own power...
Your body must've responded to that intense feeling you have.

Toki - [I'd always found it strange, but...]
[now I understand.]

[Sakura-chan always tried to stop people from killing, no matter how evil that person was or how much danger she'd be in by doing so,]
Sakura - It doesn't matter what the reason is, killing isn't a good thing...
That doesn't even work as a reason...!!
[was all because of the trauma she suffered since December 32.]

Pg. 16
Ogami - ...I think I'm starting to understand you now.
Of how deep that scar in your heart that have always driven you...
to stop me from killing people is.

Sakura - O...gami!?
Ogami - But I...

can never come to love humans.
I can't understand what it means to live like you do.

...I hate humans.
No matter how much I want to love them or believe in them, my heart can never come to love both myself and others.
Humans always turn heinous...no matter how saintly they are.

Sakura - Bu-...
Ogami - That's why

Pg. 17
I will burn down all the evil.
Even if committing such a detestable act of killing will put me on the same level as them,
to hate the evil, to hate myself and to continue facing death forever is my life.

...It's my life.

[What exactly am I seeing inside Ogami?]
[The one who can finally comprehend is me.]

Chibigami - Taking the lives of other beings is bad.
Sakura - [Chibigami-kun used to value life more than anyone.]

Lunch - [Tough guys shouldn't always rely on their power.]
Sakura - ["Lunch"-dono who was our friend]

[has now]
[become like that.]

Pg. 18

Chibigami - I'm sorry, Sakura-chan.
I couldn't save any rare kind or power user.


even stop him and protect anyone at all...
Sakura - [Your pain is much harder to tolerate than mine...]

Pg. 19
[That twisted and ugly scar, still visible beneath where the "Emperor's" arm]
[was forcefully joined to you, is still the same as back when your arm was ripped off.]
[Likewise, the pain in your heart that changed you will never go away.]

Pg. 20
[Since we did so many wonderful things together, I ended up convincing myself]
[that if we continue to do so, Ogami will definitely stop killing and return to becoming a normal boy.]


[how am I supposed to cover up]
[that incurable wound...?]
** Will that pleasant and sincere smile ever return to his face!? **

next: The value of heart and the true demon...!!
to be continued

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#1. by Rena Chan ()
Posted on May 30, 2012
Just want to note this is only a quick proofread with mainly grammar and sentence phrasing fixed, not the same as the normal proofreading procedure Ju-da-su and I usually do, so there might still be some things missing, wrong, funny, weird or whatever.
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