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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 180

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jun 2, 2012 15:11 | Go to Code:Breaker

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...Great...so now they're in bed together...plus a frank "I love you" for the first time? .__."

I'm not into romance, but got to admit, I giggled when I t/led those parts. >.>"

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:180 "Thump☆Badump"

Pg. 1
** The darkness inside Ogami's heart runs down so deeply... **


I'll go put some clothes on now!!
Toki - Sakura-chan...!!

Heike - After December 32,

Both Sakurako-san and that rarekind felt extreme sense of guilt for being the trigger of everything that happened.
With that, they threw away everything and vow to take a neutral stance at all circumstances. Both of them also made the decision to never see their child again.
The distant relatives of Sakurako-san, Sakurakouji Goutoku and Yuki, agreed to take care of Sakurakouji-san after them.

Pg. 2
We, the founders, did everything we can for Chibigami, who got killed in the incidence.
"Eden" was disbanded...and we swore to never lay hands on the rarekinds again.

** The finale of their tragic love...but there is a continuation to it!? **

is the rough detail on December 32.

Pg. 3
Yuuki - You fat liar!

Heike, you're a fat liar!!
Toki - Eh!? What do you mean...?

Yuuki - You said Nyanmaru and Ogami were the one who caused the Negation, you fat liar!!
Toki - Oh...now that I think of it.

Yuuki - I don't know what're you up to, but I ain't gonna let you trick me now.
Spit it out...

Heike - As expected of CODE:03, Yuuki-kun!!
Toki - Heeks!!

Wh-...What's with you all the sudden!!?
Heike - It's Heike Magic.
Toki - Huh!? What're you talking about...?

Pg. 4
Heike - Indeed, the Negation did happened. A single drop of blood can generate that much energy already,
so with that many power users and rarekinds dying, there's no way that place will be safe.
[Plus, what I did earlier was with my and the president's blood.]
[Open the Magic Secret.]

The destructive power of the Negation which happened on December 32 was estimated to be beyond anything ever imaginable,
so immense it could wipe out an entire country...or even the whole world.

Toki - "Estimated"?
Heike - If so, then how come there are survivors of the incidence?
...That's because

Sakurakouji-san stopped it
all by herself.

Pg. 5
Toki - S-...

Heike - Back then, that girl...

Pg. 6
The Negation which can destroy the country and take millions of people's life
was sealed into a small box by a single little girl.

Toki - Wha!?
You mean...
["The Pandora Box"!!]

Heike - No one knows what that is and how Sakurakouji-san created it.
However, back then, both the time, the dimension, and even people's memories are all blown out.
That's also why Sakurakouji-san and Ogami-kun lost their memories.

Pg. 7
And that power is still asleep inside that "Pandora Box",
the power which enables its possessor to control the whole world at will.

Toki - T-...That box is really that dangerous!?

And you had me open that box while you're aware of that!?
Heike - That narrow opening won't be enough.

The "Final Key" is required to completely open the "Pandora Box".
However, no one knows what that key is.

Pg. 8
News - Regarding the collapse of the parliament house, Prime Minister Fujiwara refuses to give any comments as of yet...
Fujiwara - ...Well then,

let's move onto plan B.

Pg. 9
Ogami - [I'm different from you.]
[I...hate myself.]

Ogami - So, how many do you want me to make?
Toki - I'm not eating your canned stuff though!!
Ogami - Then what'll you do? Prince is still in bed, you know?
Sakura - Ogami!!

Ogami - Is something the matter? You don't seem well.
Toki - [Hey, Yuuki, who said you can eat those!!?]

Pg. 10
Sakura - Can we go out together for a bit!!?

Ogami - So, where are we going?...It's raining pretty heavy now.

Sakura - One umbrella is enough.

Ogami - ...Ar-...Aren't you getting wet?

Pg. 11
Sakura - It'll be fine if I stick closer to you like this.

Ogami - So, what do you want with me...?
Waitress - Your short cake, ma'am.
Sakura - Can I have an extra plate, please?

Sakura - Here.
Ogami - Eh!? Never mind me.

Sakura - Let's share half and half!! I'll give you the one with bigger piece of strawberry.
Ogami - ...Okay.

Pg. 12
You're giving me this!?

Shopkeeper - [Thank you~]
Ogami - I thank you for your generosity...but if you like it, you can keep it to your-...

Sakura - A match pair.

Ogami - Ju-...

Just what's going on...

Is she trying to lighten up my mood? I can never understand her action...
[And what am I supposed to do with this?]

Let's just hope things will be back to normal by tomorrow...

Pg. 13
Ogami - Wha-...!! (What're) you-...!! (you doing here?)
Sakura - Isn't it obvious? We're sleeping together.

What're you panicking? This is your own bed, so just relax.
Ogami - S-...Sheesh!! Your voice's too loud...


Ogami - Ah...
I...I'm sor-...

Pg. 14-15
Sakura - I love you.
I just love you so, so much.
I want to sleep with you, Ogami.

Ogami - ...Ngh.

you say-...

Pg. 16
I don't know how bad is that trauma that changed
you who taught me of the value of life and how to hug,

Ogami - [My heart can never come to love...]

Sakura - If you said you hate people...and hate yourself,
then I'll love you 100 times more than that.
I've already decided.

"Together under the same umbrella"...
..."Sharing half and half", "a match pair"
And "sleeping together" at night...
Those are what my current parents did for me after I parted with my parents and became alone.


Pg. 17
Days after days...
they had been doing that until I can really sense their love.
Thanks to them, I can live without feeling lonely or hateful anymore.

So I think if I can make you sense my love, then you'll stop hating yourself, hating people and killing the evil.
I love you, Ogami!!
...How's that? Can you sense it now?

Pg. 18
Ogami - You're wasting your time.
You really believe that you can bring back the human's heart inside me with that?
Just how simple-minded can you get, really.

Sakura - I'm not wasting my time...


Ogami - I-...It'll become a big problem if they found us like this, you know!? Can you keep the noise down...

But you really surprised me. First with your hugging attack, and now with a family play...? I totally didn't see this coming.

We better be more cautious though. They'll really misunderstand us if they found us like this...

Sakura - I don't get it.

Pg. 19
This never happened before when I was with father...
But right now, my body feels so hot and I can't stop feeling agitated.
What's...wrong with me, I wonder? [Is this really because of my blood pressure?]

Ogami - ...Eh?


Sakura - Oh, I see.

Pg. 20
You always have that mask face on you, but your body
is actually always so hot and agitated, isn't it?
And now the heat and agitation affect me as well.

What's wrong then?
Why are you feeling all agitated? [Is your blood pressure also high?]

Ogami - ...I

I'M NOT...!!
Sakura - You'll wake everyone up if you're that loud, you know?

Everyone - [Erm, we already]
Toki - Is it coming...Is it about to come then...!?
Rui - My "Shibuya Mansion" is reeking with adult smell...
Yuuki - Welcome back, Prince.
Heike - Fufufu...
Everyone - [heard everything though.]
** The innocent yet evil act of the pure and simple girl!? **

next: Dismay comes with the iron face...!!
to be continued

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#1. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Jun 2, 2012
thanks man
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