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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code:Breaker 181

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jun 10, 2012 03:51 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 181

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:181 "Strawberry and Lemon"

Pg. 1
** Happiness and embarrassment to the max!! **

Pg. 2
Sakura - Good morning, you all...!!

Toki - 'Morning, Sakura-chan~

Sakura - Prince-dono!! You're feeling better now?
Rui - Yeah!! Sorry to make your worried though. [You can eat to your heart's content now.]
Sakura - That's awesome!!

But both Ogami and I seem to have high blood pressure right now...
Heike - "So hot..."

"Why am I feeling so hot...?" The uncontrollable aching runs down her body, demanding her feminine side to bloom. Clueless and perplexed of the overwhelming feeling she has, she couldn't help but to feel aroused...

Heike - "I shall be the one to make that bud sprouts..."
Ogami - What exactly are you trying to say!?

Pg. 3
Rui - You'll certainly pay if you make Sakurakouji cry...

Ogami - Th-...That thing you have in your mind never happens though. It's just that I can't sleep when there's people around. [And I just barely got used to changing my clothes and sleeping on the bed]

Toki - Well, before this, it was always in "that thing", was it...?
Arrow - [Substitute]
[Place to sleep]
Ogami - So I really didn't do anything wrong.

Toki - But you letting her into the same bed is already something, so
that means Sakura-chan is starting to affect that cool and composed Ogami-kun as well, then.

Ogami - ...Huh!? What're you saying...
Yuuki - True.

While you hate objects, you actually accept that Onigiri guy. That's good enough as a proof.
In the past, you would've burned him without even thinking.

Ogami - That's not...
Toki - Relax. We know you actually want her to give you a kiss too.

Ogami - Stop that...

Pg. 4
Sakura - Ogami!! Let's go to the amusement park to have some good time together. [You still aren't fully healed, so you can't train right now.]
Book - Nyanmaru Land - Perfect Guidebook

Toki - [Just this once, bear with it, OK?]
Yuuki - [Me too! Let me go too~]
Sakura - [We're off now~]
Rui - [Buy us some souvenirs too~]
Ogami - I didn't even agree to go yet...

Rui - Mishiru!!
Mishiru - Saechika...san is

Toki - Eh!?

Pg. 5

Toki - CODE:END!?

Aoba - The source of special power is life force...If you overuse the power, "CODE:END" will occur, right?...As soon as he woke up, it's already...

Yuuki - It's the same as with Hitomi.

Toki - Then Saechika will...

Pg. 6
Rui - ...No need to worry.
I already bid him farewell.


Toki - Prince...you already knew...

Aoba - Shigure and Hiyori haven't return to their normal state yet even after 24 hours.
...Maybe it's because direct contact with the rarekind causes them to lose too much power.
I don't even know if they'll ever get back...

Shigure - ...Go ahead and laugh all you want.
You might not get any punishment from me, but you'll surely get the divine punishment...

Toki - Divine punishment!? That's stupid.
Saechika - ...Toki, before I die, I want to tell you

Pg. 7
of the reason why I killed Nenene back at that time.

Toki - ...Well, guess I'd love to hear it.

Saechika - ...Nenene, who was a "Code:Breaker" at that time,
sought for the way to completely open the "Pandora Box", which is considered as taboo to us.
Someone had ordered her to do so, and secretly without us knowing.
We couldn't permit such action which imposes threat to all power users, so we had to kill her.

Yuuki - And who's that...
"someone" then!?
Saechika - ...Toki,

Pg. 8
be careful of the prime minister...
That man is planning on doing something terrifying with the "Pandora Box".

Toki - M-...My damn father!? He's using Nenene!?

Saechika - ...I'm sure he has other spies too. I tried to make myself known to him, so I can approach him, but it failed.

I bet it has something to do with December 32 and those Angels as well...

...That man is a demon under human's skin...
Be extra careful around him...

Pg. 9
Sakura - Let's...

[On the same ride~]

[Sharing half-half~]


Pg. 10
Sakura - Let's go there next.
Ogami - She's much, much worse than yesterday.

Ogami - Aren't you satisfied yet? Because I'm going back no-...

Sakura - Eat up, Ogami, 'else it'll melt first.
[Sharing half~]
Ogami - ...Sakurakouji-san.

...What is it?
Sakura - I'm working on my commitment.

...You have that glove on right now,
but one day...

Pg. 11
when you stop killing and abandon that glove,
we'll come here and play together again.

Toki - [that means Sakura-chan is starting to affect that cool and composed Ogami-kun as well...]

Ogami - That day
will never come.

Pg. 12
You're annoying. Go away.
Sakura - Wait...Why are you angry now...

Ogami - Stay away!!

...Don't barge into my life again.

Sakura - Wha...

I can't just leave you...!!
Why are you rejecting me...!!?

Isn't that the wall...that wall created from your hatred inside your heart!?
If you can't accept yourself, then you can never accept others...

But if you come to love yourself, you'll certainly be able to love others!!
If you can do that, you'll never be able to kill anyone again, no matter how evil they are!!

Just what are you afraid of...

Pg. 13
Ogami - Then go ahead and give me a kiss.
If you can do that, then I'll change myself.

Sakura - Wh-..
Ogami - You can't, can't you? You can never do that.

I'm fine if you only want to see the good sides of people, but what you're doing is sketchy and cheap.
Toki - [We know you actually want her to give you a kiss too.]
Ogami - That's why people only see us as a boy and a girl sleeping together.
...Do you understand why?

You're full of pride, to think you can change people without getting hurt yourself.

...You've never hate anyone for real.
Don't you dare stepping into...

Pg. 14-15
Sakura - Fu-...

Fufu!! How's that!!
A kiss is really nothing!!

I-...I'll change
you for sure...


lose to you!!

I won't lose...Your cruel pretense...
isn't going to move me...!!

Pg. 16
...This is a war
between you
and me.

I don't think your trauma will go away so easily either, but

if a single kiss can blow that away...
If it'll make you change, I'll do it no matter what...!!

Ogami - ...Why do you
have to take it to that extent?

Sakura - Beats me!!

Ogami - Sorry, I really was being too harsh with you.

Pg. 17
I'll never change.
No...I can't change anymore

Sakura - ...You argued.

This is the first time you're being authentic with yourself while arguing with me.
I always had the feeling that something is off every time we argued before.

The fact that you clash at me with your best already made me really happy.
My first kiss really is worth it.

Ogami - ...Your first kiss...
you mean, that was your...

Pg. 18
Anyway, that was just an accident. Let's go, Sakurakouji-san.
Sakura - You grab the wrong person though, Ogami?

Ogami - Eh?

Let's hurry an-...

Sakura - You're going in the wrong direction, Ogami?
Ogami - Eh?
Sakura - ...Why does he seem so disturbed?

Saechika - [Farewell, my sister...]

[I would love to hear you singing]
[in that house in my last moment...like back at that time,]


Pg. 19
[I have something I need to do for the "Code:Breakers" in their upcoming battle first]
[before I die...]



So you...
you are the spy then.


Pg. 20
Kagerou - Farewell, good bye,
thanks for everything.
** Kagerou is the spy!? Is there no way they can escape from the lurking shadow of the prime minister? **

next: 4th anniversary with info on the anime and color pages.
to be continued

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#1. by RyuzakiRen ()
Posted on Jun 10, 2012
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