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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code:Breaker 182

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jun 21, 2012 17:02 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 182

If you want to blame anyone of the delay, then blame MangaTeer. Chinese raw provider didn't do this chapter, and MangaTeer's watermark is just too opaque, seriously. I can't read quite a few bubbles because the watermark blocked it, so I have to wait for Rena's raw to get the chapter done. :S

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:182 "Until That Day..."

Pg. 1-2
** Clad themselves in darkness to judge the evil and give birth to the light. **

Pg. 3
Sakura - Hm...

...It's morning already? I had such a nice sleep.

** The wolf attacks at the break of dawn!? Sakura-chan is in deep trouble right now!? **


What're you...

Pg. 4
Ogami - [It's just that I can't sleep when there's people around.]

Sakura - Good morning, Ogami.
...Good to see you sleep so well.

Pg. 5
Toki - 'Morning~ Ogami-kun.
You seem much more refreshing than you were yesterday, hm~

Don't tell me you got a kiss from Sakura-chan!?
Or maybe you even got a glimpse of her lower half!!
...As if.

Whoa, don't get mad now, Ogami-kun...

Ogami - Toki...You always seem to have so much fun with yourself.

Toki - Huh!?

He isn't mad?
Just what on Earth...

Pg. 6
Sakura - [One day when you abandon that glove...]

Aoba - You two slept together!?
Are you kidding me!?

Sakura - I'm not. I have to teach Ogami what love is, so I started out with sleeping together with...
Aoba - Men are all apes with nothing but dirty stuff in their head, y'know!! There's no way he'll understand your innocent feeling!!

Sakura - Ape...Guess not though.
Aoba - AAAH!! If it wasn't because of that incident with the Angels, I'll go kill him right now!!

Sakura - But I think he's starting to open up though.
...This morning, [hehehe]
he even accepted the key chain which matches with mine.

Pg. 7
Sa-...Sakura and Ogami in pair!?...No way!! And not me!!? [That's just so lame.]

[I'm not going to let that bastard get any closer to Sakura...!!]
[I'll intervene them no matter what it takes...!!]

Aoba - KYAA!! It's the "Onigiri Guy". I love it~ Can I have one too!?
Sakura - Eh...

But I bought mine to match with O-...
Aoba - The "red one" is rare too. Can I have it?

Sakura - A-...Alright. [If you really insists.]
Then I just need to buy another one.
Aoba - KYAAA, thank you <3

...And I have another favor to ask you.

Pg. 8

Ogami - Erm...what are you doing...?
Aoba - Stay away, fiend.
YAY~ <3

I got to sleep with Sakura~ <3 I clearly got your love now.

I want to be under the same umbrella with you and go to "Nyanmaru Land" with you too~ Let's go? Kay? We're family, right?
Sakura - Eh!? But we just went there yesterday.

Pg. 9
Aoba - Awww, c'mon!! I'll take a good care of the "Onigiri" you gave me, alright? Won't you too, Ogami?
[Pairing with you is just yuck though.]
We're like family!! I'm totally loving this!

Sakura - Yo-...You're right. We three are family now...

How 'bout we go somewhere else together for today then...?

Ogami - ...I'm out of this.

Sakura - Eh!?

...What's wrong?

Pg. 10
Ogami - I'm giving this back.
Guess we really are too different.
You can continue playing family with Aoba-san instead then.

Sakura - [That forced smile]
[is the same as that fake one he gave me when we first...]


Why!? Why did you just...
What do you mean "we're different"!?
Listen to me!!...Ogami!!

Pg. 11
Ogami - Don't touch.

...Don't you touch my glove again.

Sakura - ...You shut down your heart again!?
But I thought you already are starting to open up...

Toki - That's cruel of you, Sakura-chan~

Pg. 12
Sakura - Toki-kun...
Ogami - Acting all good
with both Ogami-kun and Aoba-chan...you really think beting kind to every single person is the true act of kindness?
Miss All Nice Girl?

Sakura - ...Eh?
Toki - ...You might think it's nothing,
but there're people who will disagree with you.

...I bet he also tried to respond to your wish by changing himself in his own way,

you don't even understand how hard it is for him to change.
Ogami - [I'm not going to change.]
[No...I just can't]
Toki - If you want to change him, you'll have to change yourself as well.
...Your "Miss Nice Girl" won't work anymore, don't you think?

Pg. 13
You might be able to sympathize with everyone and anyone, but I believe you're as stupid as to not be able to understand this.

Mishiru - ...That's the wall.

That glove is the wall in Rei-kun's heart...

Aoba - Mishiru!!...You saw everything!?
Sakura - That glove is the wall...!?

"Fussy Lunch" isn't the only one...

"The Seeker"...
everyone he trusted all became bad.

Pg. 14
And he judged both of them personally.
...Do you even
understand how he felt when he did so?

Sakura - [Liar!!]
[You loved the "Seeker", didn't you? If you're sad, then why don't just...]

Ogami - [I'm not...]

Sakura - But...

Mishiru - ...Rei-kun doesn't trust anyone anymore, let alone loving anyone.
The pain of having to hate someone he trusted is so immense it can shatter his heart.
...To create that wall and protect himself is his only choice.

...That glove the "Seeker" gave him

Pg. 15
is what reminds him of the wall...

C:S - [Rei...this glove is a "charm" for you, so you won't harm anyone.]
Hitomi - ["Code:Breakers" have the duty to protect people and judge the evil...]

Sakura - ...You were right. I've never hated anyone before,
and I was conveying my love to you in order to change you.
...But that wasn't enough,

Ogami - I told you not to...

Pg. 16
Sakura - Love me!!

Pg. 17
I swear I'll never become evil...
I'll never betray you in my whole life...!!

I swear...
with my heart...!!

Pg. 18
From now on, I'll turn over the new leaf and only give my love to you,
until that day...when you throw away your glove and break down that wall inside your heart.

Sakura - So don't worry. You can love me all you want.
And one day, you'll take off that glove, touch my heart with your bare hand
and learn...how pleasant it is to love someone.

Is that the result...you came up with from that battle you mentioned?

Pg. 19
Just how...
blissful are you?

Sakura - O...gami...

Ogami - But...

if it's you...
I think I can really believe you.

Sakura - Eh!? That means...
Ogami - But I'm

more possessive, selfish, moody, bothersome and perversive than you think though. Are you OK with that?
Sakura - Eh!?

Pg. 20
I withheld it up till now to synchronize with you, but
...it's a different story if you want me to love you.
If you're fine with that, then guess I "might as well" love you.

Sakura - Huh!?
[Wh-...What's with this...?]

[He just became all high and mighty all of the sudden...?]
Ogami - ...I see.
Sakura - [Di-...Did I]

[just wake up one incredible monster...!?]
Ogami - I'll look forward...
to our battle then.

Pg. 21
Toki - Well, that's quite something.
It's gonna be fun now.

Sakura - B-...But Ogami!! We have something we need to do before that.

Ogami!! Let's go stop Lunch-dono together!!

I know that he turned into a bad person,
but he knows the value of life...
Lunch - [It's death.]
[I'll make them realize the value of life with their death.]
Sakura - I can't understand his action either,
but I believe he did have something in his mind.

Both Hitomi-senpaidono and "Seeker"-dono are dead...
Lunch-dono isn't!! So let's go stop him together!!

Ogami - But...

Sakura - Who's that!?

Pg. 22
Phone - [Incoming Call]

Sakura - Where had she been...

Kanda - Master, we're in deep trouble...!!
The Angels have invaded...
the Kibou...

** The rarekinds already start out their attack!? **
Sakura - Wha...!?
[What's going on...!?]

next: Out of disaster springs fortune...!?
to be continued

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#1. by Ilyia ()
Posted on Jun 21, 2012
I'll proof read it for you Ju Da. To all the typesetters, can you actually wait until the text has been profread?
Level [C] Translator

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