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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Code:Breaker 183

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 1, 2012 05:55 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 183

From now on, I'll only be able to translate during Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so if I can't find any raw that doesn't have the watermark as bold and opaque as mangateer that it made some bubbles so hard to read by Sunday, expect the translation to be delayed until the weekend after Rena released her raw.

I'm too busy during the weekdays, now that I've already in my fifth year in the university, so I don't have the time to come and t/l during the weekdays.

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:183 "The Targeted School"

Pg. 1
Phone - Master, we're in deep trouble!!
The Angel had come to Kibou...

Toki - [Ogami!! You head to the school first.]
[I'll take another way there with Aoba-chan and Mishiru-chan, though we still don't know how much we can trust them.]
** The Angels had opened fire!? Kibou High is in danger!? **
[I'll contact those who aren't here...!!]

Sakura - W-...We're not going by car!?
Ogami - No, train should be faster at this hour.

Sakura - What should I do!! My friends are all at school during this hour...
but I can't contact anyone!!

Pg. 2
[The Angels...!! What are they trying to do]
[with everyone at my school!?]
** Can they intercept the devil as it approaches their friends!? **

Sakura - When we get to the station, just dash as fast as we can there.
Did the Angels really start their attack...?

Pg. 3
Ogami - [Can I really protect them...?]

Sakura - Ogami, you mustn't kill Lunch-dono...or any of the Angels.
...You mustn't hate them no matter what.
If you have the time to do so, then come and love me instead.

Ogami - Hmph, are you stupid!? What are you saying in the time like this...?
Sakura - Wh-...What's so funny!!? This is exactly the time I have to say this.

I don't want you to have any more bitter memories.
I'll never betray you.
So go ahead and love me.

Ogami - Then

Pg. 4
if you want me to love you so much, stand with your hands right now.

Sakura - Wh-...What!?
[If I do that here, it'll trouble everyone...!! And they'll all see my underwear...!!]

[And he puts on that high and mighty attitude again!! I...I'm not giving in to him...!!]
Ogami - [You can't, huh? Huh? You're just all talk, aren't you? What're you waiting for? There's nothing to lose anyway, no?]
Sakura - [He is testing me!!]

[I'll never]

Just watch then, Oga-...

Pg. 5
Ogami - We've arrived now.

Sakura - O-...Ogami!! You!!

Ogami - ...Your dumb face did make me more confident about myself though.

Sakura - What do you mean by that?
Don't play dumb with me!!

Pg. 6
[...It's just as peaceful as ever...]
[That's strange...!! What exactly is going on!?]

Sakura - Let's just try breaking in...
[We'll be right there, everyone!]
Ogami - Hey!!

Kanda - Master!! Sakurakouji-san!!

I finally...got to see you again...!!
Sakura - Kanda-sensei!!

You are safe!! Wh-...Where have you been up till now...?

Kanda - E-..."Eden" locked me up to prevent me from getting in touch with Master...I couldn't even come to school...
But since "Eden" already collapsed, I'm free now...

Pg. 7
But I'm so glad everyone is safe!!
Sakura - Sensei!!

Ogami - And where are the Angles, Kanda?
Kanda - Master,


Pg. 8-9
Lunch - I just moved to this school today.
Name's Ai Ueo.
Nice meeting you all.

Pg. 10
Sakura - "Fussy Lunch"-dono is transferred here!?
Classmates - [Damn, another boy?]
[A new student this late in the year?]
[He's so unique~]
[I mean, his name is Aiueo~]
[I wonder when will my antenna get fixed.]
[I can't use my phone at all~]
== Aiueo is like ABCD in English.

Sakura - Wh-...What's going on!? There got to be some mistake...
Lunch - "Fussy Lunch"...

Pg. 11
is how I was called.
Since that's how my old friend, Ogami Rei,
called me.

Classmate - Whoa!! He's Ogami's friend!?
How long had you knew him!? Since elementary?
But that name's so lame.

And Sakura-chan too.
Classmate - All three of them!?
Then this is their fateful reunion!?

Lunch-kun, do you know that Ogami-kun and Sakura-kun are together?

Lunch - Sakura-chan will come to me soon.

Classmate - [EHHHHHHHH]
Kanda - E-...Everyone!! Take your seats!!
Lunch - And we three will get along together.

Pg. 12
[eradicate humans...]

Ogami - Don't tell me...

Lunch - ...I'm

Pg. 13
sitting next to you.
Classmate - Hey, that's my desk.

Lunch - Give me your textbook.
And your pencil.

You're using...the mechanical one?

I told you the normal wooden one is easier to use.


Pg. 14
Ogami - S-...

Stop it!!

Pg. 15
Lunch - So I really can't eat during class.

Classmate - Aww, Lunch-kun's so funny~
B-...But what's with this love triangle then?

Ogami - What...
are you
up to...

Lunch - It's already lunch.
Let's eat together then,
the three of us.

Classmate - Hey, did you hear!? Ogami-kun's love rival finally shows himself!!
I heard that new student is a really interesting guy as well.
And they're clashing on the school roof!!
Let's go see it!!

Pg. 16
Kanda - [Master can't make any move if it's like this...]
[and I won't be able to protect everyone if something happens...!!]

Sakura - Lunch-dono, what exactly are you after...?
If it got something to do with December 32, then please tell me.

Classmate - What are they talking about? I can't hear a word!!

Heike - ["Lunch"-kun is the victim...]
Sakura - I think I might be able to understand you right now...

Lunch - It's delicious.

Do you know?

Only human can kill other humans without the need for any reason.

Animals only kill the preys it needs in order to sustain life.
Out of all living things, human is the only thing that doesn't need any reason to kill.
No animals nor plants will ever take that action. Only the humans will.

Pg. 18
...Humans are the most
stupid beings of all.

Sakura - What do you mean...
Lunch - And you say all murderers are evil?
I believe there are those who had to turn bad, like people who accidentally killed someone or who can be forgiven.

Sakura - B-...But...
The worst villain

are those who don't know the value of life.
Those fiends aren't worthy of living.

Rei, what do you think?
Ogami - [I hate humans, and never think I can come to like them the same way as you are...]
...What're you trying to get at?

Lunch - I'm here to survey the place.

Sakura - S-...Survey!?
Lunch - ...Right now,

Pg. 18
we're spreading out to different places in order to prepare for our massacre.

Five of us in five different place...are killing more people under my command.

Pg. 19
If you want to stop them, then play one game with me,
Not that Game of Death we played,
but the survival game
of humans.

Sakura - What...?

Th-...That's absurd!! What'll you ever gain from doing such...
Lunch - Ah, it's about time.

One of the place is

Pg. 20
Sakura - Eh!?

** The cruel preemptive attack!? In face of the one who special power is ineffective against, how will Ogami make his move!? **

next: The world's end following the retribution!?
to be continued

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#1. by shuji ()
Posted on Jul 1, 2012
thanx so much!
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