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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Code:Breaker 184

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 13, 2012 15:28 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 184

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:184 "Reaching out for the Mirage"

Pg. 1
...We finally caught up with Saechika who ran away from "Shibuya Mansion", but
his power...his life force just disappeared around this area...
** What Rui, Yuuki and Heike found before them... **

Rui - With this much blood loss, he would've already...

Heike - He's an deplorable villain who had taken lives of the innocent...He deserves it.
And I was trying hard to be kind to a dead man by not judging him myself. Same goes for Shigure and Hiyori...

Yuuki - Shut up, Second!!
Do you have any idea about Fifth's feeling...

Pg. 2
Rui - An eye for an eye.
A tooth for a tooth.
The image of retribution for evil.
As his sister, I'm happy to have met him again, but I also believe that he must be punished.

...I chose to be a "Code:Breaker" over being a sister.
I seriously...can't forgive the evil who can't be judged by law.

Yuuki - Fifth...

5000 points for you, Hachiouji Rui.
Paper - Report Card
Hachiouji Rui
5000 pt.
Heike - Even a former evil like you are starting to talk like a "Code:Breaker" now.

Rui - Heike...
Heike - It's the same as how you felt about Shigure.

Pg. 3
...Even so, they have thoughts for friends and sister.
It's still true that they have their own path of justice.
Saechika - [Everything is for the future of power users...!!]
Saechika - [Take care of Hiyori and Makoto for me.]
Hiyori - [I don't want Shigure to die.]
...That's exactly why humans are so foolish and difficult
...yet most graceful of all animals...

Rui - ...Yeah.
Yuuki - I hate you, Second...It's always logic and logic.

Heike - ...But something isn't right.
There is so much blood, but there's no corpse.

Heike - ...It's as though his corpse got burned down to nothingness with the blue flame.

Rui - !? But then, that means...

Pg. 4
That parrot...it's Saechika's Dark Side...!!

Get grip of yourself!!

Rui - H-...Hey!! Hang in there!! Hey!!
Yuuki - ...It's too late, Fifth.

Heike - ...And this is

a fragment from Kagerou's mask...
As he's also a Flame user, he must've burned Saechika with his blue flame.

Pg. 5
Rui - Mishiru...no, Kagerou killed him!?
Yuuki - Then that spy Saechika was talking about is...

Rui - [Just what...is Saechika trying to achieve...?]

[Piano...does he mean that one that was left in our house...!?]
[Is there something hidden in that piano!?]

Yuuki - Fifth, how much longer are you planning to hide that from Ogami and Nyanmaru?

...I know that you don't want to bother those two as they're busy enough with the thing on December 32...
but now isn't the time to be saying that...

Yuuki - What's it, Fourth? We're busy right now...
Toki - Yuuki!!

Pg. 6-7
All of you, head to Kibou High right now!!
The Angles...
are about to start out something...!!

** Light engulfs the entire school!! Is this the beginning of the Genocide!? **

Students - KYAAAA.



Pg. 8
Kanda - ...Eh!?

Ogami - Fi-...

Pg. 9
Lunch - Jo~king.

Student - Whoa, I was stunned!!
Oh, it's just the fireworks.
Didn't you use too much gunpowder!!?
Eh!? But who made it? Did the teachers prepared that!? The student council?
Whoa, what's that!? Is something about to happen!?

Ogami - What exactly...
are you up to...?
Just how serious are you about it?

Lunch - Should we
really let her sleep on like this?
Arrow - [Note] Sakura isn't good with fireworks.
Kanda - Sakurakouji-san, please wake up...!!

Sakura - D-...Do you mean all that was a joke!? The thing about you killing humans and that survival game too...?

Pg. 10
Lunch - Mentaiko.

You used to really love it.

Did becoming evil made you completely forget about it?

Sakura - Lunch-dono...
Lunch - Play with me.

If you want us to stop killing, then take part in our survival game.
I'll give you a hint on how to stop us if you solved all the problems I gave you.

Sakura - What...!?
Lunch - This game will take up seven days.
You have to come to school everyday for it, as we'll only play the game here.

Kanda - ...My apology, Master. As "Eden" has already collapsed, we can't obtain any help from them...

Pg. 11
Sakura - Is there no other way out...?
[Just how seriously exactly is him with his words...?]
[But this is Lunch-dono we're talking about. He can defeat all power users so easily and even destroyed "Eden".]
[We got to come up with something by ourselves...]

Ogami - Fine, count me in on that game.

Sakura - Ogami!?
Ogami - I was planning on taking all of you down anyway, so that save my sweat.

Get that stupid game started then.

Lunch - Well,

Sakura - Wa-...
Stop it!! You two...

Pg. 12
Lunch - The specialty of Kibou High's school shop, the "Mirage Yakisoba Bread A", limited to only 15 pieces per day.
Go fetch me that.


Kanda - E-...Erm, Lunch-san. You were joking just now, right? I mean, that's just...
Sakura - Got it.

Pg. 13
I'll go get it!!

Ogami - Wh-...Why are you...
Sakura - Ogami, I'll take care of this one

for you...!!
Ogami - Wait...

Wh-...What're you doing!!?
Sakura - If I don't hurry, that bread will be sold out!!
Ogami - That's not what I mean...

Pg. 14
[What the hell is this...!?]
[A war inside the school...!?]

Sakura - Hah!!

Ogami - Wai-...Sakurakouji-san, that's da-...

["MIRAGE!" Yakisoba Bread]
Sakura - It's mine...

Pg. 15
Ogami - Sa-...Sakurakouji-san!!

Sakura - D-...
Don't worry. I'll definitely get it.

It's the same as the "Upside Down Practice"...To overcome hardship together is what a family...what love is.
I won't leave you to go over this alone.
So trust me.

Pg. 16
Ogami - Are you stupid!!?

If you have time to get hurt over something as stupid as this, then use it
to think of how to boil some tea with your butt!!

...Gosh, I know that you're doing this for me, but throwing yourself all over the place to stop him from killing is just...
Classmate - Ogami!!

Student - Move out!! Class 1-B
Classmate - Just leave this to us.
Go take that Yakisoba Bread now...!!
Are you trying to pick fight with us seniors!!?

Pg. 17
That new student is "exceptional", right?
I'm still confused about stuff, but...just do what you have to do.

Students - [Go die, Ogami!]
Ogami - You guys...


so much...

Classmate - Eh...!?
Ogami said thanks...!?

Chibigami - [Thanks, "Giant Guy"]
Uesugi - He sounded like Chibigami-kun just now...

Pg. 18
Classmate - ...And Ogami, what about Sakura? [And it's belly button, not butt.]
Sakura - Us-
Use my butt to boil the tea?
He gave me another incredible task...

Ogami - That girl can just shut up and do as I said.

Classmates - [A soft sadist...!!?]
Whoa...that's another new side of him...

Th...That cool-headed Ogami just scolded Sakura...?

don't know why...but I think
he's less tense than he was before...

Pg. 19
Lunch - Kouji.

Guess what those strong power users said was true.
Sakura - Ar-...Are they all safe...!?

Lunch - ...They told me to watch over Rei if I want my answer.

Sakura - Is...Is that why you're...!?
But what's that answer...

Lunch - "Mirage Yakisoba Bread A"...
Since you cleared it, I'll give you this.

Sakura - Eh!? What's it...

Pg. 20
Lunch - C4...plastic bomb.
That alone can blow up a building or two easily.

Sakura - A...A bomb!? Then you really are trying to destroy our school...
...But why?

Why did you choose this school as your first target?

You think this school is just like any other school?

This Kibou High is the special place
of rare kinds and power users.
** A totally unexpected words came out of Lunch's mouth!! What's the ground-shaking truth hidden behind Kibou High!? **

next: Like the crossing of Rubicon.
to be continued

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