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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Code:Breaker 186

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Jul 28, 2012 14:19 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 186

Sorry, was seriously busy for the past three weeks. I've got to that point in the university where I have to treat patients now, so... ._."

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:186 "Rhapsody of Memories"

Pg. 1
Aoba - Are you guys nuts!?
** A little dispute at "Shibuya Mansion"!? The inauspicious eve!? **

Aoba - I know that we're going with the flow...
but you guys serious about participating in tomorrow's Sport Day!?

Toki - We totally are~
Aoba - Stupid!! Idiots!! Look here!!

Pg. 2
The "Death" gauge has been filling up like crazy since the evening.
We better come up with some other plan right now...

Sakura - Why...
Why do they wish for this?
Toki - It's that time when everyone play on their phone after work and tutor, after all. There's no surprise about it.

Aoba - Can't we just use Yuuki's sense of hearing to find the Angels...or your Magnetism to destroy the antenna of the phones to stop the "Angels' Judgment" instead!?
Toki - Already tried, but seem like that area is overflowing with rare kind's power. None of our power work on them.

Yuuki - You talked too much, Aoba. That granny is much better.
[Aoba's lost form]

Aoba - [What!!? You're trying to mess with me just because yours is cuter?]

Heike - But so to speak, it's questionable how those Angels, who are unable to use special powers...
can do something as big as intercepting the phone signal and send their message out at once.

Pg. 3
It's better for us to be cautious and keep an eye on their movement...
There might be something else that we didn't know about yet.

Aoba - Aoba...
Toki - ...Just bear with it.

Those three left this matter to us since they had faith in us. We can't fail on their behalf as well.
Let's come up with some plan while Lunch is still interested in the Sport Day.

We'll put a stop to that screwed "execution" and defeat the rarekinds...
with just the five of us...the "Code:Breakers"!!

Well, that's that. Let's fill ourselves up and get ready for tomorrow...

Pg. 4

Th-...This hotpot is sweet!!
Way too sweet!!
Rui - Eh?
Toki - Hey, Prince!! Why the heck did you put so much sugar in it!!?

Rui - ...Oh, sorry.

I'll go get it fixed right now.
Sakura - Prince-dono, those are the oranges.

...Prince-dono is really absent-minded today. Wonder what's wrong with her.

Ogami - Saechika was...?

Pg. 5
Sakura - ...You still
haven't get over it yet?

Ogami - [Are you stupid!!?]

Please return to your room, please.

Sakura - I was the one who came up with that idea and convinced Lunch-dono.
And it's not just me now. Our classmates are all involved into your game.
That's why you're really mad, aren't you?

Ogami - ...Go away.
I don't even want to see your face right now.

Sakura - ...How you always tries to solve everything all by yourself without relying on anyone is getting on my nerve.
We all wanted to help you,
but you always act so selfishly.

Pg. 6
Well, let's get to bed then. The Sport Day is tomorrow.

Ogami - I said, out...!!
Sakura - Alright, if you don't want to see my face, then just turn to another side and sleep already.
Ogami - What...?

Only strangers can be satisfied just by not seeing each other's face after a fight...
To always look straight at each other even on the frustrated day, the happy day or any normal day
is what it means to be a family.

That's what is "normal" for a family.
We are together like "normal", so we start to trust one another.
I want that to be "normal" to you as well...

Pg. 7
Sakura - Wha...!? What're you doing?
Ogami - So what?

If I want to be alone, then I will be.
Stop clinging onto me as if you're in your mating season already. So annyoing.

Sakura - [WHAT!!?]
Ogami - Go back to your room already.

Showing yourself out now, huh, you fiend...You are challenging my "normal", aren't you?
I won't...

Ogami - Wa-...Let go of me.
You gorilla!!
Sakura - Never!
Ogami - Off!!

Sakura - You...

Pg. 7
"Backs together"!!

Ogami - Wha...
Sakura - If we ever fought, we can just do like this to avoid seeing each other.

Father used to tell me that we can do lots of "Backs Together"...fight a lot and we'll eventually become truly "together".
...I wonder why so.

Ogami - Well...
Sakura - But say, Prince-dono seems really absent-minded today.
Wonder if she just had a fight with someone, like Saechika for example.

Pg. 8
Ogami - ...Please listen to me, Sakurakouji-san.

Toki - Guess this proves that Prince is more hurt than we thought...

Heike - The damage from Saechika must've been big for her.

She neither cries, nor bawls, nor rages...
Rui - [I've already bid my farewell to him.]
[I'm a "Code:Breaker" more than a sister.]
Heike - I wonder how long can a former villain like her keep up with that pretense.
If she continues to keep it to herself, she'll be end up breaking down herself.

Yuuki - Kouji and Yukihina were all gone as well.

Toki - ...Prince is actually a pure missy, after all...[She must've been worried about us.]
...But if

Pg. 10
something big struck her, then maybe she'll change...

Rui - ...Saechika

Pg. 11
Sakura - ...So you really are here, Prince-dono.

This is where you and Saechika used to live...It might be rude for us to barge in...but since I was worried about you,

Rui - There's nothing for you to worry about.
Well, let me get you some tea then.

Sakura - O...OK.

Ogami - Ogami, what're you waiting for...

Pg. 12
Sakura - Wai-...
Ogami, what're you...


Pg. 13
Rui - What...

Pg. 14
Fuck you!!

This is...This house is Saechika's and my...


might be just another evil person to you,
the evil who killed countless people,
but to me...

to me, he's my one and only beloved brother!!

I still couldn't believe it...
I don't even want to!!
I actually...

I actually wanted him to live o-...

Pg. 14
Ogami - ...We know.

Rui - Rei...
what do you mean...

Toki - You heard that? She FINALLY spitted it out, that damn Prince.

Pg. 15
Covering up your thought and keeping everything to yourself ain't good for your health, 'kay?
Heike - I don't need a former villain to be worried about me. It's just gross.
Yuuki - It's fine!! I got lots of Nyanmaru for you too!

Rui - Y-...You guys, why...
Ogami - Are you feeling better now?

...We can't replace Saechika,

we'll always be there to listen to what's in your mind...

Pg. 16
Rui - You guys...

Toki - Aww, but you're so mean, Ogami-kun!! You demon under human's skin!!
Heike - That's a rather harsh treatment, to burn down her house like that.
Yuuki - Yeah,

people can't move on while being trapped in the past either.

Ogami - [We know.]
[Are you feeling better now?]

Rui - [Rei, then you did all that for me...?]

...You really had done it this time, Rei.

...But while I was thinking of destroying this house to move forward for many years already as well, I never bring myself to do it.

Pg. 18
I feel a little...
[All the memories I cherished will always be in my heart after all...]
lighter right now...

Sakura - Ugh...

Rui - Sa-...Sakurakouji!!
Sakura - I-...I just think that I need to at least save this piano out...!!

Ogami - Sh-...She carries a grand piano all by herself...?
Toki - Well, can't expect less from rarekind's brute force.

Pg. 19
Yuuki - Hey, Prince, can you sing some song?

The sound is strange.
Toki - Eh?

What're you doing...

Yuuki - A USB drive!?

Rui - Was that what Saechika left behind...?
Parrot - [Pia...no...]
Toki - But we can't tell what's in it without a computer...

Heike - Let's see.
Toki - GYA!!

Yuuki - He's analyzing it using his optical computer.

Heike - Fufufu, I see. These certainly are great memories.

It's full of data that'll help us in tomorrow's Sport Day.
Toki - Huh!?

Pg. 20
Ladies and gentlemen, the day we've long awaited for has now come.

The Kibou High Sport Day has begun!!
** What will be their combat strategies against the rarekinds!? **

The author will be on a break next week to gather more information. Please stay tuned for our return in Issue 35!!

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