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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code:Breaker 187

+ posted by Ju-da-su as translation on Aug 11, 2012 12:14 | Go to Code:Breaker

-> RTS Page for Code:Breaker 187

As my English is imperfect, if possible, please proofread before using this for scanlation.

code:187 "The Sports Day!!"

Pg. 1
Toki - The pouring sweat!! The gush of passion!!
Those boobs and hips that became apparent!!

And my sexy, selfish body is all tense with the urge to hog more chicks than usual <3

Heike - I got all the enrollment processes done now.

Rui - The lunch's ready too.

Yuuki - I'll take care of the class's T-shirts.

Sakura - [Kibou High Sports Day]
** The ablazed Sports Day to stop the rarekinds' evil deed has begun!! **

Pg. 2
Maeda - 'tis so cool!! Aren't these the premier goods!?
Rui - A single word from the president put the whole Tenpouin Corp.'s factory into full action since the break of dawn just to get these sent to us through a helicopter.
Toki - ...And why do I have to wear this "Truffle-san" T-shirt!?

Aoba - Totally!! What's with this weird thing!!?
Just what's so great about this chubby mushroom!?

Toki - I...I think your one is the only chubby one though!?
Yuuki - Fatty Truffle!

Aoba - [Grrr! You two are going to pay for this!]
Maeda - Aoba...

Students - [Kyaa, who's that cool guy?]
Toki - Prince is back to normal now too, thanks to a certain someone.

Heike-senpai will just take care of analyzing the data inside that USB drive for us.

But if Kagerou really was the one who killed Saechika, then guess we gotta keep our eyes on Mishiru-chan.

Pg. 3
Student - First, President Shibuya has a word for us.
Shibuya - [Erm, ah, of course, I thank you all for coming here today.]

Toki - Just where had that shitty cat been all this time?
Shibuya - [Erm, let's now get to the main point.]

First is our famous "Leader Selection."

Toki - Huh!? What's that?

Yesterday, we had all of you voting for who you want to have as the leaders of the two teams, red team and white team.
[Leader votes box: Student council]
And the result of the votings are...

Pg. 4
The leader for the white team is Ai Ueo-kun.

And for the red team is Ogami Rei-kun.
Ogami - Eh!?

Wh-...What!? Something definitely isn't right here! The leaders are supposed to be from the seniors, no...?
Shibuya - Of course,

you got no other choice since all the students voted for you.
Students - [I'd rather see the battle of love around Sakurakouji-san]
[than having any random guy picked for the leader.]

Ogami - Wai...
Maeda - Don't worry!! We'll be by your side.
??? - Lunch-kun can't go against this many people alone for sure...

Shibuya - Now, everyone...
please run to your leader you want to team up with.

Pg. 5
[White team]
??? - Eh...
[Red team]

??? - Wh-...What!?
Kanda - Every students can choose which team they want to be in...
Maeda - You mean, everyone chose to be with Lunch-kun!? [But we even got hot girls like Sakura and Mishiru-senpai on our team!?]
Why would they...

Students - Fufufu...Ogami-kun,

[We'll seriously beat you up good this time...!!]
Sakura - [Ogami-kun, you're pathetically too weak. I hate you now.]
Students - [After seeing you turned into a bloody pulp, even Sakurakouji-san will become disgusted of you!!]

Toki - You're real pop, huh?

Sakura - Number doesn't matter!!

Pg. 6-7
[We, the red team, will win in this Sports Day]
** Despite of the anxiety they're feeling, they procede to their single victory!! **
[and put the stop to the "Angel's Judgment"!!]

Pg. 8
Cat - Oh?
You're all fired up, aren't you?
Franken - We too shall join in this competition. [The transferring process is all completed.]
Cool - Let's beat them all up.

Toki - You guys!!
Rui - They really were all safe then...!!?

Stop with this "Angel's Judgment" crap already!!
What exactly are you all doing here!?
Cool - Head would've withered if he's here all alone.

Rui - And what about those three!!
Ogami - Calm down, Prince...

Cat - Will tellya if you win.
...But well, the ones to decide the victor

Pg. 9
aren't us, but those humans though.

Sakura - Ugh...

Then if we win any event, you got to decrease that "death" gauge!!
[I won't let them...!!]

[We'll definitely stop them!!]
Shibuya - Our first event is the "sprint". All runners, at the start line...

Sakura - It's starting now!!
??? - Go for it!! Okita!!
Shibuya - Set,

Pg. 10
Students - No way I'm losing to a pipsqueak like you!!

??? - Not a chance, piggy!! Don't you underestimate the speed I've trained in the kendo club...

Shioda-san, the club leader of track and field club, claims the first place!!
??? - How can I even race with him!!

W-...Well, we're talking about the whole school, so we can't dismiss other students too, huh?
But what'll happen if the white team win...

Eh!? Nothing happened...

Pg. 11
Sakura - But why? Since you won...

Lunch - It doesn't matter.
I just want to enjoy the competitions.
Not to mention, the "Death" gauge will fill up to 80,000 counts on its own and those people will be executed, even if we don't do anything.

Sakura - Wha...!?
Lunch - But that troubles you as you want to stop us, no?
So why don't give it your best to win against us?

It increased again.

Aoba - [Hmph] Pathetic. So we just have to win, right?
You can bring out any man...

Pg. 12
and I'll kick all their butts!!
Set, GO!

Sakura - Aoba!!
??? - She's already way ahead of them!! But she's up against a runner who was inter high school competition!
I never knew she can run that fast.

Aoba - [Hmph!! I've just strengthened my muscle to its maximum capacity with my "Vital Acumpuncture". Normal people won't stand a chance against...]

Sakura - Aoba!?

What's wrong, Aoba...!? Are you hurt...?
Aoba - Ugh...

My boobs are too bouncy they hurt when I run...

Pg. 13
Everyone - [WHAT!!?]
Sakura - That's a serious problem.

Aoba - I'm much better at fighting though.

Toki - Damn!! Our team can't even get a single point in any of the race...!!

[It all depends on Yuuki now...!!]

Cat - The "Sound" user, Tenpouin Yuuki-kun, huh.

Pg. 14

??? - H-...He's so fast...!!
Rui - Hey, Yuuki's running at normal speed!?

[with that light and flexible movement...?]

[The physical strength of rarekind is seriously something...!!]

Pg. 15
Rui - YEAH!!
Get him, Yuuki!!
??? - I can't even see him...

Cat - [I knew you'll race with me using the speed of sound.]
too bad,

since your power means nothing when facing with me.

Rui - Yuuki!!

Cat - Haha!!
Idiot!! Get this in your head now, dumbass!!

Pg. 16-17
Yuuki - Gotya.

Cat - He tricked me!!?
[He used his speed to create an afterimage...!!]


Pg. 18
Referee - GOAL!!

Yuuki - It's clear that I'll get the first place. [He was completely off his guard.]

Sakura - YAY!!
Toki - Yuuki!!
We won against the "Cat Guy"!!

Students - What...exactly just happened? [Everything's just too fast.]
Kanda - ...Beats me.

Pg. 19
Cat - Fuck!! Gosh, this is way too annoying!! It'd be so much more fun to kill them!! Just why can't we kill them!?

Lunch - Kouji told me,
when that guy was about to turn evil, Rei even risked his life to stop him.

Ogami - If I die, then you'll just fall to become a murderer...!!

That's why I won't die...
I can't die...

Lunch - "Sound" is important to Rei...
We can't kill him. [Not to mention, this school is a neutral zone. Battling within the school ground is prohibited.]

Cat - Tsk!! So confusing.
Cool - Well, that's fine. The fun just barely started.

Sakura - Lunch-dono!!

Pg. 20
Yuuki won!! You'll decrease the "Death" gauge for us, will you!!

Lunch - Sure.
But it's meaningless now though.

Sakura - What do you mea-...

[Th-...The votes!!]
[The "Death" gauge got increased so much and so fast...!?]
** Their struggles are all in vain!? What is the reason behind the rapid increase in votes!? **

next: With the follow-up news on the TV anime.
to be continued

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